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Preview of Bones Season 6, Episode 13: "The Daredevil in the Mold"

That shiny ring better be for Brennan.

Will Zack Addy and Avalon Harmonia Return to Bones? Hart Hanson Weighs In

There are so many characters we are dying (okay, poor choice of words) to see back on Bones: Gordon Gordon (played by Stephen Fry), Zack Addy (Eric Millegan), Avalon Harmonia (Cyndi Lauper), and on and on. But the show’s higher-ups have been tight-lipped about their possible return. At least until now.In an interview with Give Me My Remote, Bones creator Hart Hanson finally ‘fessed up to which characters are going to get more than a one-night stand."Stephen Fry is busy," Hart admitted....

Crime TV News: The Bones Spin-Off Series & New Characters on NCIS! – 01/31/11

Crime TV fans! SideReel Yael's got the scoop on the upcoming Bones spin-off, The Locator. Stay tuned for an April episode of Bones in which Brennan and Booth go to Florida to meet the potential new title character, which will set the groundwork for the spin-off! Also, for all you LOLA fans dying for updates on the show, find out which cast member from the original Law & Order will be crossing over to help fill the gaps left from the dismissal of three LOLA stars. And lastly, check out which new female characters are gracing NCIS with their presence! For all the deets, watch the news in the link below! Crime TV News: 1/31/11

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 2/3

Big Bang Theory is back with a BANG tonight! Also, check out a new Jersey Shore, Bones, and of course, all your favorite NBC comedies, from Community to Outsourced! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Wipeout  on ABC The Big Bang Theory  on CBS Vampire Diaries  on The CW American Idol  on FOX Community  on NBC 8:30/7:30c $#*! My Dad Says  on CBS Perfect Couples  on NBC 9/8c Grey's Anatomy  on ABC CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  on CBS Nikita  on The CW Bones  on FOX The Office  on NBC Royal Pains  on USA Network 9:30/8:30c Parks & Recreation  on NBC 10/9c Private Practice  on ABC The Mentalist  on CBS 30 Rock  on NBC Archer  on FX Network Jersey Shore  on MTV Fairly Legal  on NBC 10:30/9:30c Outsourced  on NBC What will you be watching?

BONES “The Sin in the Sisterhood” Season 6 Episode 12 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of BONES Season 6 Episode 12 titled "The Sin in the Sisterhood" which airs on Thursday February 3 at 8pm on FOX  Episode Synopsis: BONES "The Sin in the Sisterhood" Season 6 Episode 12 – A body disguised as a scarecrow is found with a bullet wound in a remote cornfield, and the team is forced to work against the clock to avoid a storm and potential complications that would affect the evidence. Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim’s three wives, who are also sisters, and learn that jealousy between the sisters and their desire for their husband’s attention had caused a major rift in the family. Booth and Brennan also question one relative who disapproved of the victim’s polygamy. Meanwhile, Cam loses confidence in her relationship with her on-call doctor boyfriend (guest star Gold), but they both realize they need to make their relationship a priority in the all-new "The Sin in the Sisterhood" episode of BONES airing Thursday, Feb. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM) ET/PT on FOX. Read More...

Bones Sneak Peeks: Big Love + Murder = Bones

A new episode of Bones will be airing on February 3.  The team stumbles upon a body in a cornfield.  As it turns out, he's the husband of not one, not two...but three wives.  Throw in a storm and rain that threatens to destroy the evidence in the field and the team is facing some hurdles.  So Booth and Brennan head off to question some of his wives, where Brennan is her usual blunt self.  But are multiple wives and their potential jealously the reason for the murder?  Or is there another reason? Meanwhile, Cam's dating a very busy doctor.  She approaches Booth for advice on how to handle the situation, but Booth seems to think things will work out. Read More...

Sneak Peek! Cam and Brennan Relieve Their Sexual Frustration in Season 6, Episode 12: "The Sin in the Sisterhood"

Well that's one way to do it... Original Air Date: February 3, 2011, 9/8c

Bones Spoilers: The Fate of Hannah

Will Booth and Hannah break up in the coming weeks ... or will the show really throw us for a loop and have them get engaged (two proposals are supposedly coming)? February 10 has been called the tipping point for Hannah and Booth, but the producers have either been very secretive about her fate or legitimately don't know yet. Katheryn Winnick will be making her final appearance as Hannah within the next two months. Whether she's felled by the sniper or they simply break up is not known. Read More...

Bones Sneak Peek: Cam Has Relationship Problems (Feb. 3)

After last week's terrific Gravedigger/sniper episode of Bones , the team will go back to focusing on a case of the week.  On February 3, Booth and Brennan will investigate the death of a man found in a cornfield, and race around the clock to ensure that the evidence isn't destroyed by an incoming storm.  They end up discovering that the victim is a polygamist with three wives.  Naturally, Booth thinks that jealousy among the sister wives is a pretty good motive for murder, and sets his sights on the family. Read More...

'Bones' Creator Hart Hanson Talks "Sick, Twisted Minds" and Spin-offs in Exclusive Interview

Bones  has a lot going on right about now. Snipers, relationships, babies... All that excitement tends to bring up a lot of questions. And who better to answer those questions than Hart Hanson, the creator and executive producer of  Bones ? We had a chance to ask Hanson our questions, and he gave us some pretty good responses. Keep reading to find out about the future of  Bones  (Micah! Avalon Harmonia! Squinterns!), casting and that potential spin-off series.  Read More...