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First Look: Bones' David Boreanaz Directs Gravedigger's Demise

For his third time behind the camera on Bones, star David Boreanaz has been entrusted with a pivotal installment of the Fox hit. The episode, airing January 27, opens with murderous Gravedigger Heather Taffet being transported to court. Before she makes it inside, she is targeted by a sniper, which kicks off a multi-episode arc. Read More...

BONES “The Body in the Bag” Season 6 Episode 10 Photos

Check out photos from BONES Season 6 Episode 10 titled "The Body in the Bag" which airs on Thursday January 20 at 8pm on FOX.  Episode Synopsis: BONES "The Body in the Bag" Season 6 Episode 10 – An unidentifiable body is discovered in the shower of an upscale home belonging to a young female socialite. With the help of nosey bones expert and Jeffersonian "squint" Clark Edison (guest star Byrd), skeletal reconstruction and evidence in the drain reveal that the victim was a young girl employed by a counterfeit handbag distributor. The team learns that the victim supplied counterfeit purses to her socialite acquaintance, and after interrogating the self-centered socialite and sifting through footage on a hidden camera, they discover evidence linking them to the murderer. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins discuss their future home and where they want to raise a family, and Booth opens up to Hannah (guest star Winnick) about Brennan’s feelings for him in the all-new "The Body in the Bag" episode of BONES airing Thursday, Jan. 20 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  Read More...

BONES “The Bullet in the Brain” Season 6 Episode 11 Photos

Check out photos from BONES Season 6 Episode 11 titled "The Bullet in the Brain" which airs on Thursday January 27 at 8pm on FOX.  Episode Synopsis: BONES "The Bullet in the Brain" Season 6 Episode 11 – Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) try to piece together the exact location and identity of the sniper who fired at "The Gravedigger" in "The Bullet in the Brain" episode of BONES airing Thursday, Jan. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  Read More...

Bones Preview: Booth & Bones Take on Counterfeit Merchandise

Bones returns with all new episodes on January 20 and moves into its new time at 9:00 p.m.  When the show returns, Booth and Bones investigate the death of a young girl connected to a counterfeit handbag ring.  Booth also tells Hannah about Bones' feelings for him, which makes things uncomfortable between the two women.  Below are promo photos, a trailer and a synopsis from FOX. THE SIMPLE LIFE GETS COMPLICATED ON AN ALL-NEW "BONES" ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, ON FOX Read More...

Sneak Peak of Bones Season 6, Episode 10: "The Body in the Bag"

Now that Brennan has admitted she loves Booth and doesn't want to have regrets, we've been chomping at the bit to see where that will take the Booth/Hannah/Brennan triangle in the next episode, "The Body in the Bag." In the eppy, Booth, Brennan, and squintern Clark Edison investigate a body found in a socialite's shower. Clark helps ID the victim — an employee of a counterfeit handbag distributor — through skeletal reconstruction... and other evidence left in the drain.  To Read More  Click Here.

BONES: Stephen Nathan on Booth-Brennan-Sweets Dynamic and What’s to Come for Hodgins-Angela

Are BONES’ Hodgins and Angela about to hit a rough patch? Almost immediately after the news of Angela’s pregnancy broke, fans were warned that it might not be the easiest experience for the couple. And while viewers haven’t seen much of the pregnancy play out on screen so far, it appears the storyline will move [...]

'Bones' Isn't Back Yet, But 'Bones' Spoilers Are

It's been a long, dark December with no Bones  to watch. The many-week hiatus has been especially hard, considering the last few scenes we saw before  Bones left our televisions. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and the first glimmerings are arriving, thanks to some new spoilers. The "Ask Ausiello" blog is back, and it has returned with many, many spoilers. A few of those spoilers even refer to our favorite squints. Thanks to them, we can expect some totally non-crime-related excitement in store for 2011. The first of the spoilers refers to the rumored proposal expected at some point in the near future. According to Ausiello, there will be not one but  two proposals made on  Bones .  To Read more Click Here.

Bones Return Promo: Something Big, Something Old ...

Some bones should stay buried . When Bones returns to Fox on Thursday, January 20, something big is in the air. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something ... so very wrong. We'll let you see the specific teases for yourself, but this Australian promo for the second half of season six hints at some potentially huge developments: Source & Promo

Bones in the New Year: Character Resolutions for 2011 - Wetpaint

Everyone makes resolutions for New Year's, so why not the main characters on   Bones ? We’ve got a few suggestions — emphasis on   suggestions ; we don’t mean to offend the more sensitive souls! — for the folks of our fave show. To Read More  Click Here.

How Much Do the Bones Actors Make? - Wetpaint

It has to be a whole lot of fun working on Bones. You get to play with creepy, slimy things, hang out in the Royal Diner when filming scenes, and probably make a good chunk of change to boot. Who wouldn't want to be on this show? So, how much do these lucky actors make? The first thing you need to consider is that they are on a popular show. The slow economy has hit the television world much the same as it has the rest of the country, so even actors on popular TV shows aren't making what they were "back in the day." Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't doing well! To Read More Click Here.