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'Bones' promo pic serves up food for thought: First Look!

What are we to make of Fox's just-revealed season 6 Bones promo art? Should we deduce that the show goes great with lo mein? (It does I've tried it.) Should we infer that after digesting any given episode we'll be hungry for more in just an hour? (That's true, too am I right?) Or should we simply think to ourselves, Isn't it cute that they all have so much fun while solving grisly murders!? Yes, that's what I'm going with. But don't let me stop you from offering up your own interpretations below. Source Here

Photos - Bones 6.01 ''The Mastodon in the Room''

The sixth season of Bones will be airing on Thursday, September 23. When we last left off, most of the group had scattered. Bones and Daisy headed off to their research trip, Booth went to Afghanistan and Angela and Hodgins were Paris-bound. When the group reuinites in the premiere, about a year will have passed. And Bones is in for a surprise, because Booth is returning with a new girlfriend. What will that mean for Bones’ To Read More Click Here .

BONES Season 6 Episode 1 The Mastodon In The Room Promo Photos

9 promo pics from the 6th season premiere. Spoilers! Click me!

Bones Season 6 Cast Promo Photos

First batch of cast promo photos promoting season 6. Click me!

Bones Season 6 Poster: Chemistry Keeps Them Together

The season premiere promo we posted yesterday hints at awkward tension between Booth and Brennan on Bones, and with good reason. He fell in love ... in Afghanistan. With another. This poster for the sixth season should provide some reason for hope, though. Not only does the tagline promise that "chemistry keeps them together," but look at the body language! They're so getting it on. The skeletal hands really look good on Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, too. Bones returns September 23. Check out the poster below and comment ... Source Here

BONES Season 6 Trailer

Check out the first photo and trailer for Season 6 of BONES which premieres Thursday, September 23 at 8pm on FOX. This new Bones episode is titled The Mastodon in the Room. We learned back at Comic Con that Booth would be getting a new girlfriend this season and according to EW, this new girlfriend (played by Katheryn Winnick) is a war-correspondent who meets Booth during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Source & Preview

Bones' First Look: Brennan comes face-to-face with Booth's new girlfriend!

Bones fans expecting a knock-down, drag-out catfight this season between Booth’s new girlfriend (played by Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick) and soul mate Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are out of luck. “We are not playing a jealous triangle,” insists executive producer Stephen Nathan. “I can tell you that categorically. This isn’t high school. It won’t be two women fighting over the same man. There’s no outward tension.” Regardless, Winnick - whose war-correspondent character met Booth during his tour of duty in Afghanistan - was warned to brace for a backlash when she debuts in the Sept. 23 premiere. “We told her, ‘You’re going to be resoundingly hated [at first],’” says Nathan, “‘but then you’ll be loved.’” Thoughts? Are you already hating on Winnick? Or are you taking a wait-and-see approach? Sound off below! Source here

'Bones': New promo teases Season 6 reunions

No, there's still no new footage from the upcoming season of "Bones," but we can feel it's just around the corner -- the premiere is September 23, so it pretty much has to be. To whet our appetites for all the romantic drama, FOX has released a new promo recapping the events of last season, particularly those pertaining to the three core couples, Booth and Brennan, Angela and Hodgins and Daisy and Sweets. To Read More Click Here .

Bones: David Alan Grier to Woo Brennan?

David Alan Grier has been tapped to guest-star as a Bill Nye the Science Guy type on Bones, has learned exclusively. Grier will play Professor Bunsen Jude the Science Dude, a quirky host of a children's TV program. As we first reported, he comes to the Jeffersonian Institute hoping to get Brennan (Emily Deschanel) on his show as a guest scientist. When Brennan scoffs at Jude's offer because she doesn't consider him a serious scientist, Jude volunteers to work with the "squinterns" to help solve a murder case. Brennan agrees to appear on Jude's show if he is successful. To Read More Click here .

Antonio Sabato, Jr. To Bring Some Jersey to Bones

So what if the Bones powers that be couldn't get The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore to cameo in their upcoming Jersey-themed installment. Big whoop. In my opinion, they've landed someone even hotter. Antonio Sabato, Jr. has just been cast as a guido bouncer at a Jersey Shore club that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) visit to question someone involved with a murder. Expect the club to be filled with plenty of gold chains and big hair, making Brennan and Booth stand out like sore thumbs. I will be on set for this fun episode to give you even more scoop in an upcoming issue of TV Guide Magazine. Source Here