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'Bones': The Situation sadly not appearing in 'Jersey Shore' episode

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino won't be appearing as a deceased guido in the "Jersey Shore" episode of "Bones" after all. As first reported by EW and confirmed to Zap2it by FOX, negotiations with the MTV star proved too difficult so the series is going another route. FOX tells us that an actor for the role has yet to be cast. And we're pretty thrilled. A spoof of the over-gelled East Coasters is a great idea, but reality star cameos are rarely as good in execution as they are in theory. "The episode will still be our little tribute to 'Jersey Shore'" executive producer Stephen Nathan tells EW, "and it will do what many people in America would like to see themselves -- which is one of those people dead." We're sure he's joking, but there's always a little truth in humor, eh? Source Here

Lisa LoCicero to Guest Star on Bones' Jersey Shore Episode

Think Jersey Shore and General Hospital with a little Real Housewives sprinkled in... then mixed together Bones style. The third episode of the coming season (which premieres September 23), features Brennan and Booth investigating a fitness guru's death. The case of Ritchie “The V” Genaro brings soap opera star Lisa LoCicero on board as Janine Genaro, the mother of the deceased. “Think Victoria Gotti meets Real Housewives Of New Jersey,” a source says of LoCicero’s character. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' video: Booth's new lover stirs jealousy on and OFF camera

Emily Deschanel is nothing if not refreshingly honest. Asked what it was like meeting David Boreanaz new Bones love interest Katheryn Winnick, Deschanel confessed to feeling a twinge of jealousy. It's a little weird, she told me at Fox's press tour bash on the Santa Monica Pier last night. I had to stand right next to them making out today. He's my guy. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable.'' My Q&A with both Deschanel and Boreanaz is just one click away. Enjoy! To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' Creator Wants The Situation to Guest Star

When I first heard that Mike "The Situation" Sorrention would be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Bones, I wanted to jump through my computer screen and slap series creator Hart Hanson. Hard. But then I kept reading. Turns out, there's some silver lining. Ausiello Files reports that Sorrentino may be playing a murder victim on the show. Hanson states, "A guido is killed and Booth and Brennan enter that world to find out what happens. We're not sure if it'll happen or not. Talks are ongoing." The wheels in my head are already spinning. How will Hanson kill off the orange-skinned, ab fab beacon of Guidohood? Clearly UV rays and alcohol poisoning aren't savage and expedient enough, but in light of the role Sorrentino would be slated to play, I wouldn't be surprised if the murder scene takes place in some smelly, sweaty gym locker room. To Read More Click Here .

Scoop on House, Bones and Glee!

Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan, whose wife is obsessed with Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey, tells me Bones has ordered up an episode that sends Booth and Brennan to the Jersey Shore - complete with characters straight out of the current crop of Jersey reality shows. Says Nathan, "Jersey is a pretty big phenomenon at the moment, so we were curious what it would be like if we murdered someone down there." Snooki and Danielle Staub, call your agents. Sounds like there could be a part for you! Lisa Edelstein says an early House episode will find her character, Dr. Cuddy, entrusting House with caring for her 3-year-old child. "We just started shooting this," says Lisa. "House realizes he's taken on a lot by dating a woman with a baby. She trusts him with the child because she knows he's a brilliant doctor and not an evil guy, so he's not going to kill the baby." Off camera, Lisa says, Hugh Laurie is great with the child actor. "Hugh's got three kids in real life so he is very good at making funny faces. Children really latch on to him." But it's an entirely different scenario between Dr. House and Cuddy's tot. "House has a hard time connecting with the baby. He finds the child almost alien." To Read More Click Here .

Bones Scoop on New Serial Killer and More!

I was the first to tell you that Bones, in Season 6, will be introducing its third recurring serial killer (after Gormogon and Gravedigger). Now I have exciting new details to share about this baddie. He'll be a sniper - just like Booth was before he teamed up with Brennan! "You have to be incredibly cold and calculated to be a sniper," says Emily Deschanel, who is already mourning the loss of one squintern whom series creator Hart Hanson says will be taken out by the sniper. "I don't want anyone to die." The fourth episode of the new season sounds like a strange one - and of particular interest to fans of the supernatural. "It will appear to Brennan that she is solving her own murder," Hanson says. "She is looking at a body and slowly realizes it's her, which leads her to rethink her entire life." This is no dream, insists Hanson. "She'll try to keep it hidden from Booth for as long as she can, and will ultimately change how she approaches him." To Read More Click Here .

Comic-Con video: 'Bones' stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel (lightly) spoil the new season!

Timing is everything. My exclusive interview with Bones David Boreneaz and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con took place mere hours after the duo shot the highly-anticipated moment in the season 6 premiere where Booth and Brennan come face-to-face after almost a year apart. Suffice it to say we had lots to discuss. The pair also weighed in on that controversial airport scene in May's finale, the new girl in Booth's life, and whether or not this is the season B and B stop being polite and start having sex. Enjoy! Source & Video

Bones Goodies From Comic Con

Interview Clip Panel Photos Cast Signing Autographs For Fans

Comic-Con - Bones Panel

Of all the panels held on Friday, I was the most psyched about Bones (and True Blood, but still Bones). Creator Hart Hanson and star David Boreanaz were on hand to talk about the upcoming sixth season of the FOX show. They revealed a few spoilers during the panel, so we've clearly marked those in the post below. The moderator from TV Guide started the panel by revealing *SPOILER ALERT* that one of the cast members would die. Eek! Hart refused to provide any further details about it, but said it would be "exciting". *SPOILER DONE* To Read More Click Here .

'Bones': Meet Booth's new [spoiler alert]!

It looks like Booth found time to mix a little pleasure with his business during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Bones has tapped Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick (CSI, House, Criminal Minds) to play the sure-to-be-controversial role of Ashley, a war correspondent with whom Booth, ahem, bonded with during his year overseas. Without giving too much away, Ashley ends up following Booth back to D.C. where things get, well, complicated. Winnick is scheduled to appear in roughly five episodes, beginning with the Sept. 23 season premiere. Thoughts? Waiting to watch the actual episodes before rushing to judgment? Do you think Emily Deschanel could take Winnick in a cage match? Got questions for EP Hart Hanson and/or David Boreanaz when I see them at Comic-Con? Hit the comments! Source Here