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'Bones' Preview: Episode 5.21 'The Boy with the Answer'

Justice will hopefully be served as Bones brings back one of its badass villains to bring closure to an old but not forgotten plot. As mentioned previously, the show is tapping once again on the Gravedigger storyline and we see it all unfold in the episode entitled "The Boy with the Answer." To refresh your memory, the Gravedigger was first introduced in the second season of Bones as an antagonist who abducted people, buried them alive and then demanded ransom to reveal their location so they could be saved before they die of suffocation. Brennan and Hodgins experienced the Gravedigger's ruthlessness firsthand as the Gravedigger tried to bury them alive. Booth also got his share of bad luck when Bones revisited the Gravedigger plot in the fourth season where he was kidnapped and left for dead. At the time, fans also learned her identity (Assistant US Attorney Heather Taffet). To Read More Click Here .

Bones Spoilers: A New Direction for the Series

On tomorrow night's episode of Bones, The Gravedigger goes on trial. It's a huge development and fans can get an early look at "The Boy with the Answer" via these episode stills. But many viewers want to look ahead to the May 20 season finale - and, hey, who are we to disappoint them? According to executive producer Hart Hanson, "The Beginning in the End" will be a major step in the evolution Booth and Bones' relationship, one as significant as the controversial events from the 100th episode. "The season finale is a good place and a natural place to change the direction of a series, and [in the] fifth season, you've got to do that," Hanson told TV Guide. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones': Scoop from Emily Deschanel and creator Hart Hanson

Bones fans, brace yourselves. I come bearing gifts from an exceptionally spoiler-ific conference call that star Emily Deschanel and creator Hart Hanson had with reporters this afternoon, in which the pair revealed several nuggets regarding the series’ finale two episodes of the season. But before we get to the spoilers served piping hot, here are a few (relatively safe) tid-bits to nibble on: To Read More Click Here .

Bones Season 5 Episode 22 The Beginning In The End Promo Photos

6 promo pics from the 5th season finale. Click me!

Sneak Peeks - Bones 5.21 "The Boy with the Answer"

The May 13 episode of Bones will revisit the Gravedigger storyline as the culprit goes to trial. We'll also see the return of Brennan's father. We've already posted promo photos for the episode and now FOX has released three sneak peeks, which you can view below. THE TEAM WORKS TO CONVICT THE GRAVEDIGGER ON AN ALL-NEW 'BONES' ON THURSDAY, MAY 13, ON FOX. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, May 6, 2010

* FlashForward (8/7c ABC) Is the universe course-correcting itself? That may - or may not - be the case when Demetri and Banks pursue a killer who seems to be making amends with destiny by targeting individuals who escaped their flash-forward fates (i.e., death). Mark, meanwhile, agrees to help Simon locate his sister, but his cooperation may be put on hold when he learns the brainiac is withholding information; and Nicole discovers Keiko's whereabouts but isn't sure she wants to share that knowledge with Bryce. * Bones (8/7c Fox) Until now, forensic anthropologist and author Kathy Reichs has only been the inspiration for Dr. Temperance Brennan. Of course, this is not to diminish her contribution, but Reichs gets her first writing credit by penning this episode, which delves into the world of witchcraft. The fun starts when Brennan and Booth investigate the discovery of two corpses found in a burned-down cabin, but they need to bone up on their Wicca studies after one of the bodies dates to the 17th-century Salem witch trials. * Sergio (8/7c HBO ) Sergio Vieira de Mello may not have been a household name, but in international humanitarian circles the charming Brazilian-born diplomat was a star. So it was no surprise that de Mello was handpicked by the United Nations to be its representative in Iraq following the 2003 U.S. invasion, a thankless post that would end in tragedy. Based on Samantha Power's biography, Greg Barker's 2009 film, a Grand Jury Prize nominee at Sundance, profiles de Mello's career and contributions to the cause of human rights. * Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (8/7c CBS) Last week Russell needlessly played his hidden immunity idol, one of the few mistakes he's made thus far, and he may come to regret it even more when the castaways learn they will be competing in two immunity challenges and attending back-to-back tribal councils. Another reason Russell may need protection is that his once solid alliance with Parvati is splitting apart and he's scrambling to keep the numbers on his side. Of course, Russell is an idol magnet, so don't count out the possibility of another one coming into his possession. * 30 Rock (9:30/8:30c NBC) Mother's Day rocks the Rock stars with assorted mommy issues. The special day marks the arrival of Liz's mother (Anita Gillette), who reconnects with a former paramour. In addition, Jenna's oddball parent (Jan Hooks) pays a visit, and Tracy's so-called "mom" (Novella Nelson) teaches him a valuable lesson. As for romance juggler Jack, the executive continues to woo his two leading ladies - well-tended Avery (Elizabeth Banks) and modest school crush Nancy - but this time his fussy mother (Elaine Stritch) gets entangled in the messy romantic triangle. Buzz Aldrin, Cheyenne Jackson and Patti LuPone round out the guest-star roster. * The Marriage Ref (10/9c NBC) Jerry Seinfeld settles back into the panelist chair in this new episode. Joining him are Gwyneth Paltrow, who's been busy promoting the anticipated sequel Iron Man 2, and comedian Greg Giraldo. The trio draws on their own experiences with relationships to offer their thoughts on couples' quirky disputes. * PGA Tour Golf (1/noon Golf) At last week's Quail Hollow, Rory McIlroy needed an eagle on the last shot of the second round to make the cut - and he went on to set a course record with a 10-under final round to best Phil Mickelson by four strokes. Winning two days prior to his 21st birthday, McIlroy became the youngest Tour winner since Tiger Woods, who failed to make the cut for just the sixth time in his career. At this week's Players Championship, he looks to make it two in a row over Mickelson and Woods, who just happen to be the Top 2 players in the world. Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday, 5/6

Hope everyone had a fun filled Cinco de Mayo yesterday! Luckily, if you're looking to wind down and take things easy tonight (with all of those tacos and tequila weighing you down from last night's festivities), there's an abundance of options airing on TV to keep you busy . We're rapidly approaching some season finales next Thursday (including Supernatural , Vampire Diaries and Private Practice ), so I'm thinking tonight's shows might be ending on some crazy cliffhangers... Check out what's new tonight: 8/7c Community on NBC - With East Coast Live tweeting from these castmembers ! FlashForward on ABC Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on CBS Vampire Diaries on The CW Bones on Fox 8:30/7:30c Parks & Recreation on NBC 9/8c The Office on NBC Grey's Anatomy on ABC CSI on CBS Supernatural on The CW Fringe on Fox 9:30/8:30c 30 Rock on NBC 10/9c The Marriage Ref on NBC Private Practice on ABC The Mentalist on CBS The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @sidereelRachel to find out what I think about tonight's TV and more! What will you be watching?

'Bones' star Emily Deschanel finds 'The Perfect Family'

"Bones" star Emily Deschanel has landed a new gig during her hiatus: An indie film, "The Perfect Family." The film also stars Kathleen Turner, Jason Ritter, Michael McGrady and Richard Chamberlin, per Variety. It begins shooting this month. Deschanel plays Turner's pregnant lesbian daughter who struggles to come out to her Catholic mother. In recent years Deschanel has mainly focused on her FOX series, but previously appeared in movies such as "Glory Road" and "Cold Mountain." Source Here

David Boreanaz cheated on his wife!!!

on’t know what is in the water these days in Hollywood, but another week brings another revelation of infidelity. This time, its actor David Boreanaz, who has admitted to cheating on his wife of nearly 9 years, Jaime Bergman. The Bones star and his wife have two kids, son Jaden, 8, and infant daughter Bardot, who is just eight months old. I feel terrible for anyone who comes to the awful realization that their spouse is cheating on them. But for it to come to light while you are at home with your 8-month old? Wow. That basically means that either while they were trying to get pregnant, during the pregnancy, or after the baby was born–or God forbid, all three–he was seeing another woman. But while this story is both sad and unfortunate, the crazy part is in who is alleged mistress was–and how the affair came to light.Boreanaz tells People that he is going public with the affair because his former mistress hired an attorney and threatened to expose him. The actor explained that he had an affair and that the woman he had seen asked him for money, and he felt as if he was being “blackmailed” or subject to “some kind of extortion”. The attorney who contacted Boreanaz was none other than Gloria Allred, who represented Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan woman who was one of the more prominent mistresses in the Tiger Woods scandal. So who is this mystery woman? TMZ is saying it is not Uchitel. Radaronline is saying that it is Uchitel. Who to believe? Could it be one of the other women in Tiger’s life? Stay tuned.

TV Ratings Report: CBS Dramas Win Out

While an old drama on ABC (Grey's Anatomy) continues to drop, and a new drama essentially awaits cancellation (FlashForward), CBS keeps humming along on Thursday nights... * 8 p.m. Survivor: 12.6 million viewers Bones: 9.1 million FlashForward: 5.1 million Community: 4.6 million/Parks and Recreation: 4.3 million The Vampire Diaries: 3.4 million * 9 p.m. CSI: 13.5 million Grey's Anatomy: 10.3 million The Office: 7.1 million/30 Rock: 5.7 million Fringe: 5.6 million, Supernatural: 2.4 million * 10 p.m. The Mentalist: 14.7 million Private Practice: 7.8 million The Marriage Ref: 4.4 million Source Here