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Pictures of Zach on BONES Upcoming Episode The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Zach is back in this episode. Check out pictures of his very cool outfit .

Preview of 'Bones' 4.05: Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

The team find a body without a head and have to seek the help from Zack to find the killer. Read more.

Angela's rekindled flame will not burn out quickly!

by Kristin Dos Santos from eonline Two new characters will be recurring on Bones this season, and according to the exclusive information I have just received from Bones boss Hart Hanson, both of those new characters are third parties who will get between the happy (re)unions of our two favorite Jeffersonian lab couples, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel), and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin). Who are those third parties, and what are their intentions? Well... According to Bones executive producer Hanson, Angela's rekindled (female) flame will not burn out quickly! He told me, "Roxie (Nichole Hiltz) is not a one-off character. We expect to see her a few more times this season. She is a very real complication for Hodgins and Angela." Aaah! continued

Is Emily Deschanel Ready for a Bones-Booth Hookup?

Ever since Brennan and Booth's liplock last season, Bones (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET, FOX) fans have been wondering if (and maybe even hoping that) the couple would take their relationship any further. Apparently, Emily Deschanel feels the same way! We caught up with Deschanel to see if a hookup is in the cards, what she thinks about Zack's development and which celebrity corpse she would love to investiagte next. To read the interview and view the source, click here .

casting for jared booth

i read in spoilerfix that they are now casting for a hottie to play jared booth. they say that he has an eye for brennan. i smell jealousy in the air. two brothers fighting for bones just the drama we would like to see happen between booth and brennan. (:

Ratings: Is Bones Still Crackin'? How Many Got Disturb'd?

America's Got Talent's seemingly endless season continued on Wednesday with another night-topping 11.74 million total viewers. Bones, however, won the 8 o'clock hour in the 18-49 demo, and delivered 8.91 million viewers (dipping 800 thou from its premiere). Top Model gained 350K, hitting 3.84 mil. For more from the source, click here .

Bones Season 4 Episode 5 "The Perfect Pieces In The Purple Pond" Photos

Awesome Bones promo photos from episode 5, "The Perfect Pieces In The Purple Pond." WARNING - SPOILER IN THE PICS - DON'T CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE A SPOILER - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED :) Click me!

Bones Season 4 Cast Promo Photos

Great new cast promo photos for season 4 of Bones. Click me!

Bones-in-the-UK Does More than OK!

Nothing was lost in translation Wednesday night, as Bones ' trip across the pond averaged 9.7 million total viewers, a 17 percent improvement on the Fox series' year-ago season opener and its best premiere audience since it debuted in 2005. Bones was also the night's best performer in the key 18-49 demo. For more from the source, click here .

Bones' Boreanaz Ponders Booth's Past... and His Romantic Future

Will they or won't they? That's the question on the mind of many a Bones fan hoping for a Brennan-Booth hook-up. And maybe they will get one this season -- in one form or another. But first, the duo will jaunt across the pond, where the Fox series filmed tonight's two-hour season opener. "It was a bit chaotic and crazy in London," David Boreanaz, aka Booth, tells "There is definitely a following with the show [so] when I would leave my hotel room or go out for a run, it was a bit nuts. But other than that, it was OK." For more from the source, visit TV Guide .