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Bones Booth and Baby?!

Yes, the much-discussed sex scene between Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seeley Booth is going to happen in the Bones season-four finale. No, it is not a hallucination. We just chatted up Bones bosses Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, and as S.N jokes, "We did some research and found out that sex is very closely related to having children. We were shocked ourselves." So what does the sex mean for our fave twosome, and which beloved character is returning for the season finale? Here's what we know: You longtime fans will be delighted to know that the writer-producers of Bones are taking this step forward seriously. As Hart says, "I think the audience will be very satisfied with the sex scene, and the way that it sets up the next season and the way things unfold between Bones and Booth." So why the change of Hart after years of putting the kibosh on B&B? He tells us, "The fact is, when we started Bones, we knew that we would never have to face the day of reckoning of when to have Booth and Brennan consummate their affair, because no show ever goes that long. And now here we are. We have to pay the piper. I think it was about six months ago that Stephen and I just quietly between the two of us started talking about how we were going to contend with that huge, hanging sword of Damocles issue of their sex life." And for the record, the baby issue is key to the decision, at least on Brennan's side. Stephen explains, "It started with the idea of Brennan-who has been so adamant about not wanting a child for so long-finally realizing that it might be good for her to have a progeny to have someone as brilliant as she in the world when she leaves. So she is thinking about having a child, and she realizes that Booth is genetically an excellent match for her." Another hint that this knot of storylines leads to a wee B&B Jr.? When asked about future appearances by Booth's beloved son Parker, Hart says, "Yes, we will see Parker. Of course, Booth's family life, including his son, fit into our consequences coming up in season five." As for the actual sex, they haven't shot the scene yet, but we have solemn promises that it is not the product of Booth's currently fevered imagination.

'Bones' 4.17 Preview: High School Pregnancy Is a Trend

Directed to a high school, Booth and Brennan must investigate the murder of a young girl named Ashley who was pregnant when she died. Read more.

David Boreanaz answers your 'Bones' questions (or has a good time skirting them)

If you think Seeley Booth, David Boreanaz's character on Bones, has been goofy this season, you should sit down with the actor after he's been doing press all day and be his last interview -- which we were yesterday. We had more than 200 reader questions submitted for Boreanaz, who also directs tonight's episode, "The Bones That Foam" (Fox, 8 p.m. ET). Of course, he didn't have time to answer all of them. But we got in as many as we could before we had to part ways. (NOTE: If you want an actor to give you spoilers on his show, which many of you did, you need him to be drinking something stronger than a Sprite. Sorry!) To Read The Full Interview Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, March 12, 2009 - Featured

* Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) The Jeffersonian team certainly take their chances, but could they be so reckless as to lose a corpse? Of course, that doesn't mean they've misplaced the body of a shady car salesman; it's just that when the dead man's bones start to disintegrate, the team only have 24 hours to find out how he died - and who killed him. David Boreanaz, who plays FBI agent Seeley Booth, pulls double duty by getting behind the camera to direct his first episode of the series. * The Office (9 pm/ET NBC) Michael pulls a wily Willy Wonka scheme tonight. Taking a cue from the fictitious chocolatier, Michael suggests placing "golden tickets" inside paper packages as discounts for clients. But all that glitters isn't gold: Michael's idea backfires, as is common, and office problems spread. On the flip side, Kevin's love life might be as good as gold when the piteous office drone sets out to woo a woman. Here's hoping it's the sweet lady from the corporate complex he met at last week's lonely-hearts party. They make such a golden couple. * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) What with Derek's meltdown, Bailey's war with the chief and Izzie's very disturbing symptoms, the hot docs seem worse off than the economy. Don't expect smiley faces on Derek or Izzie tonight. (Too bad they never got together: We could have dubbed them "Dizzie.") However, there is hope for Bailey. Paging Adele Webber, stat! On the love front, there's hope for Owen-Cristina and Mark-Lexie. Maybe Callie-Arizona, too. True, Arizona rejected Callie, but she does call her "Calliope." * ER (10 pm/ET NBC) Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, no one can accuse Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) of having had an easy ride since becoming a doctor. He's been stabbed by a patient in the ER; his recovery left him addicted to painkillers; his son died soon after birth; and now his donor kidney is hung up in transit. All he needs is to run into a former mentor who was very hard on him as an intern. Cue Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle). We hope Benton's presence signals a change for the better for Carter because, honestly, he deserves a break. * Bridget's Sexiest Beaches (10 pm/ET Travel) Former Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt may have moved out of the Playboy Mansion, but she's still living the sweet life as host of this new travel series, which has her exploring the hottest seaside destinations around the globe. In the opener, Hef's former gal pal goes Down Under for a look at Australia's beautiful southeast coastline. Looks like life really is a beach for this beach bunny. Source here

Watch a sneak peek of Season 4 Episode 16, ''The Bones That Foam''

A bungee-jumping couple plunges off a bridge on their wedding day only to come face-to-face with a corpse lying at the bottom of a gorge. With the horrified couple's wedding day ruined, Booth and Brennan hike down the rocky creek bed to examine the corpse and determine that the victim was already dead before he was thrown off of the bridge, thus ruling out suicide. Back at the lab, they notice an unknown substance oozing from the body, throwing the lab into an immediate lockdown. As the victim's bones continue to foam, the team realizes they have only 24 hours to determine the cause of death before the bones disintegrate completely. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan identify the victim as a car salesman whose wheeling and dealing may have brought him many an unsatisfied customer in The Bones That Foam episode of Bones airing Thursday, March 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Episode Directed by David Boreanaz. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source Here

'Bones' star David Boreanaz brought in for PopWatch reader questioning!

Fox's Bones returns Thursday, March 12, with a run of 11 straight new episodes, the first of which puts David Boreanaz (Special Agent Seeley Booth) in the director's chair. (The episode is called "The Bones That Foam" -- already promising. Watch a clip below.) On March 11, Boreanaz will find himself in the hot seat when he sits down with PopWatch to answer your questions about the show. Source here

The Top 50 Sexiest Men! - Featured

According to AIM, the list of the top 50 sexiest males contains some of our very own TV stars we have come to know and love. Some on the list are Wentworth Miller of Prison Break , David Boreanaz of Bones , Tom Welling of Smallville , Matthew Fox of Lost , and Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes . Others include Christian Bale from The Dark Knight , Brad Pitt of Burn After Reading , David Beckham; a soccer superstar, and Channing Tatum from Step Up . Check out the photo gallery

Emily And David Talks Sex! With Steamy Photo Shoot!

In Link Below Are To Scans f The Magazing Article Click On The Photos In The Link To Enlarge.

Major health crisis' looming for Booth

Is the long-awaited nookie for Booth and Brennan in the season finale of Bones just a lovely parting gift for David Boreanaz's character? Probably not, but it sounds like the wisecracking detective will stare death in the face later this season. "He will be going through a major health crisis," reveals executive producer Stephen Nathan, "which will cause him to hallucinate." Yikes. But whatever Booth's ultimate fate (the fact that he's the star of the show probably bodes well for him), at least viewers won't be imagining his sweet, sweet lovemaking with his partner. "The last episode [of the season] Booth and Brennan are in bed together," Nathan confirms. "And we can't have them in bed naked without having sex." And the morning after? Will there be catastrophic Moonlighting-esque awkwardness? Thankfully, no. "That's all going to be resolved within that episode," Nathan promises, "because we also have to resolve the fact that Brennan wants to have a child." Source here

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