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Bones' Boreanaz Ponders Booth's Past... and His Romantic Future

Will they or won't they? That's the question on the mind of many a Bones fan hoping for a Brennan-Booth hook-up. And maybe they will get one this season -- in one form or another. But first, the duo will jaunt across the pond, where the Fox series filmed tonight's two-hour season opener. "It was a bit chaotic and crazy in London," David Boreanaz, aka Booth, tells "There is definitely a following with the show [so] when I would leave my hotel room or go out for a run, it was a bit nuts. But other than that, it was OK." For more from the source, visit TV Guide .

Bones Exclusive: Inside Zack's Killer Comeback!

Sure, he was nabbed in the season finale for being, well, the apprentice of a serial killer. But don't scratch Zack from the Jeffersonian's team of crime solvers just yet. As series creator Hart Hanson told me a while back, Eric Millegan will continue to appear on Fox's Bones, even though his alter ego now is behind bars. David Boreanaz tells, "Zack's not really going anywhere. We will see him again throughout Season 4, in certain circumstances." For more from the source, click here .

Bones is in The UK - Check out the pictures

Check out the pictures of the season premiere of Bones Yanks in The UK .

Bones jumps the shark but still has style

From dailyherald "Bones" returns for its fourth season Wednesday and immediately jumps the shark, then continues on its effortless way gliding like a graceful water-skier along the shore, oblivious to any and all dangers. No TV series should make it look as easy as "Bones" does, but it does. "Bones" stars the lovely Emily Deschanel and the hunky David Boreanaz as Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth. Thrown together as a crime-solving team - matching the scientist Brennan as a "logical empiricist" with the detective Booth as an "intuitive humanist," as Brennan herself puts it pithily in Wednesday's season premiere - they've developed a mutual respect, but more than that a simmering sexual tension that fuels the show's drama..... Continued

Zack's Stance [spoiler alert]

as many have read in the seventh episode of the fourth season we'll be catching up with our poor Zack at the asylum where he currently resides, but some new information has surfaced on that as well: apparently, it seems the incarcerated Zack -- whom Sweets visits often -- is blaming Gormogon for his murderous actions. Zack apparently understands that what he did was wrong and he's sorry that he fell for the line of B.S. Gormogon fed him, but he stands by the fact that he was just following what he believed to be right at the time.

Spoilers Anonymous "Bones"

A couple of things to hold you over:-) Booth and Bones will be naked in bed together this season. An episode will feature Zach at the asylum where he currently resides. Sweets will get a new girlfriend. Source: Watch with Kristin Brennan will be seeing a couple of guys when the season opens, though neither of them seriously. Both will make his jealousy over both situations quite obvious. Source: Korbi TV

FOX Premiere Scoop: Bones, House, and Sarah Connor Chronicles

Some of our favorite Fox show premieres are coming up soon, so take a "mega minute" with TV Guide's Matt Mitovich to see how he's rating the upcoming premieres of Bones , House , and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . Mega Minute: "Earth-Shattering" Bones Sex and More! Bones premieres Wednesday, September 3rd House premieres Tuesday, September 16th Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres Monday, September 8th Check out more fall premiere dates on SideReel's Fall TV Schedule ! Photo courtesy of

Zack officially slated for a return

According to spoilerfix Zack will definitley be making the Haniball Lectar-esque return that had been predicted since his incarceration in the season four episode The Perfect Pieces In The Purple Pond [episode 4.07]

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Stars of 'Bones' film season 4 premiere episode in England

GREENWICH, England... Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are stuck in a Mini Cooper, just steps from where East meets West. The little red car has just been in an "accident" and is facing oncoming traffic near the Greenwich Royal Observatory, the location on the bank of the Thames River from where all times zones are measured. The stars of "Bones" have come to England to film the premiere episode of the Fox drama's fourth season, and they've brought all their characters' emotional baggage with them. So inevitably, Deschanel's Dr. Temperance (Bones) Brennan and Boreanaz's Special Agent Seeley Booth are not just arguing about how to drive on the left side of the road, but also about how they feel about each other. "She says I'm not an adaptable character," says Boreanaz, explaining that one of the themes running through the double episode is Booth "fighting to become part of the system here in England - the traditions and what not - though as the show progresses, he slowly starts to understand them and embraces them." "Booth at first hates it, but then he kind of turns around. I don't have as strong feelings either way. I kind of adapt. I start using British words, stuff like calling trucks 'lorries,"' says Deschanel, explaining that Brennan, a more sophisticated world traveller, has an easier time of it working overseas. In the season premiere, "Yanks in the UK," which airs Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. EDT, the forensic anthropologist and the FBI agent initially come to England to link up with their British peers. Brennan is invited to give a lecture at Oxford. Booth is talking to detectives at Scotland Yard. During their visit, an heiress is found dead and her American father wants U.S. experts involved in investigating the crime. So the disparate duo get to work. That work rubs them up against British counterparts, not just on the job but also in situations that might spark romance. This could clearly complicate their unresolved feelings about each other, which so far haven't progressed beyond the under-the-mistletoe kiss exchanged in last season's Christmas episode. However, this season it's rumoured there will be much more intimate contact. During their scene in the Mini, Brennan tells Booth he should be happy that she "didn't sleep" with Ian Wexler (Andrew Buchan), a British forensic anthropologist. Clearly upset, Booth tells Brennan she's special, then crashes the car while trying to avoid a double-decker bus. "That's when our show is the best, when people have to reveal their feelings in some way. But we never get sentimental," says Deschanel, as she waits on the pavement for the scene to continue filming. Although "Bones" is often considered a procedural crime drama, Boreanaz stresses the attraction for him has always been the "Hepburn and Tracy kind of thing - the witty, stylish, fond but confrontational relationship of Brennan and Booth. "I think going into season 4, this should be the mark of what our show is. You put these two characters in a misplaced environment. That's where they operate best. That's what brings out the best in their relationship," he explains. The idea of filming for 12 days in England was a fairly spontaneous one, following a suggestion made by executive producer-creator Hart Hanson. His idea tied in with Fox's desire to fully re-engage audience interest after the impact of the Screen Writers' strike on last season's schedule. The overseas location provides all sorts of backdrops not available on the Fox Studio lot in Los Angeles or nearby L.A. locations - the usual filming venue for the series, which is normally set in Washington, D.C. "We are getting very good production value. We've shot in places you can't believe. We shot in front of the Bank of England. We are going to shoot right near Tower Bridge. I thought it would be just a distant thing, but it's this close"