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Ratings: Grey's Ails on an Overall Lousy Night - Featured

This Thursday, every single network show - save for one! - dropped (if not plunged) from its previous outing. Here's how the breakdown breaks down: * 8 pm/ET Survivor topped the hour with an audience of 11.38 million total viewers, down 240K week-to-week. Bones sewed up second with 8.22 mil, down 500 thou. My Name Is Earl was the night's lone gainer, inching up 200K to 5.5 mil. Lead-out Parks & Recreation , however, dropped 11 percent, to 5.24 mil. Smallville barely managed 3 mil, plunging 19 percent from its last fresh outing. * 9 pm CSI (14.45 mil, -970K) drew the biggest audience, while Grey's Anatomy (13.2 mil, down 16 percent) topped the demos. Both The Office (7.21 mil) and 30 Rock (6.35 mil) slipped 12 percent. Supernatural sank 16 percent, delivering 2.76 mil. * 10 pm Private Practice took No. 1 with 9.23 million viewers, down 12 percent. Southland scored second, freefalling 16 percent to 8 mil, while Harper's Island (7.48 mil) saw another 690 thou get snuffed. Source Here

Watch a sneak preview of Bones "The Girl in the Mask"

When the head of Sachi Nakamura, the sister of Booth's friend, is discovered in Washington, DC, her brother Ken, a detective from Tokyo, flies in to aid the search for his sister's killer. The investigation leads to an elite escort service, and the team must race against the clock when Sachi's roommate is missing as well. Watch the sneak preview here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Monday, April 20, 2009 - Featured

* Gossip Girl (8 pm/ET The CW ) This show returns with fresh episodes just as Serena returns from her adventure in Spain. Also back on the scene: Nate's wealthy grandfather, who makes a secret pact with Blair. And while it may be too late for the rest of us to celebrate Passover, it's not too late in the Waldorfs' world, so they host a Seder for their newest family members. Among the catering staff: a displeased Dan, who didn't realize he'd be serving his friends when he got a job to earn money for college. * Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) Boneheads, rejoice! This week we get two episodes of the series: one tonight, and another at its regularly scheduled time on Thursday (8 pm/ET). The first one focuses on the loss of a colleague from another department at the Jeffersonian, though Brennan is skeptical of the official cause of death. Later in the week, Booth helps a friend and fellow law-enforcement officer from Japan when the guy's sister goes missing in Washington, D.C. * Dancing with the Stars (8 pm/ET ABC) It's time for an event that has proved to be one of the highlights of past seasons: the group dance! This round, that number will have a 1960s theme, so it's sure to be groovy. And for a new fun twist, the contestants got to design this week's costumes for their regular performances. We got some hints at what this may look like last week, as LT promised that Edyta would be more "covered up," Shawn was looking into leotards, and Ty was suggesting the use of denim. * Chuck (8 pm/ET NBC) A vogue agent turns rogue agent tonight. Chic superspy Sarah defies government protocol and operates outside the rules - for Chuck's sake. Here, Sarah and Chuck take a quantum leap, going AWOL in a stealthy quest to rescue Chuck's father (Scott Bakula) from Fulcrum forces. They'll go undercover and possibly under the covers, as they inch closer to one another while free from the governmental surveillance that usually eyes them. Meanwhile, the grunting and perpetually mirthless Casey works to pinpoint their secret location. There's more at Buy More: Morgan turns into a Nerd Herd outcast after unwittingly getting snooty Emmett promoted. Chevy Chase guest stars. * Medium (10:01 pm/ET NBC) Allison takes a stalk on the wild side in Part 1 of a two-parter. Allison always has a vision quest, but tonight her visions turn especially nightmarish when they center on her stalker: Lucas Harvey, a twisted zealot who's devoted to ending Allison's paranormal work for good. Allison's chilling dreams then come to life when Harvey makes an actual appearance, putting Allison and her family in grave danger. Meanwhile, Joe struggles over crucial decisions that could save his company. The conclusion airs next week. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of BONES "The Double Death of The Dearly Departed" airing Monday April 20

Watch a sneak peek of BONES "The Double Death of The Dearly Departed" airing Monday April 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Preview of 'Bones' 4.22: Booth Steals a Body From Funeral

" Bones " preview for the April 20 episode is released, and this would be the first part of the double week airing. Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a not-so-dearly departed co-worker in "Double Death of the Dearly Departed". When a Jeffersonian coworker from the Egyptology department dies of heart failure, the whole team attends the wake. However, upon viewing the corpse, Brennan insists the death was no accident, and enlists Booth to help her steal the body so she and Cam can get a closer look. A bizarre mystery develops surrounding the victim's cause of death, and the suspects are as cryptic as the baffling death itself. Meanwhile, Cam gets a lesson in parenting when she tries to get her newly adopted teenage daughter Michelle to stop smoking. The next "Bones" will air in its usual Thursdays slot, April 23. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, April 16, 2009

* MLB Baseball (12:30 pm/ET MLB) Sound the trumpets, release the doves, and be in awe as the new Yankee Stadium opens its doors for the Bronx Bombers' long-awaited home opener. Alongside analysts Jim Kaat and Harold Reynolds, MLB Network reintroduces none other than 19-time Emmy winner Bob Costas for his first play-by-play since the 2000 ALCS, played across the street in what was The House That Ruth Built. That was the last World Championship season for the Yanks, so maybe Costas is the cosmic influence Joe Girardi's bunch needs to find October happiness. The Blue Jays and Twins play in the network's regular Thursday Night Baseball game. * CSI : Crime Scene Investigation (9 pm/ET CBS) It's not a crossover episode but Battlestar Galactica fans should enjoy this quirky hour, which gives a generous nod to the sci-fi series. BSG's Kate Vernon guest stars, and it's directed by Galactica helmer Michael Nankin and written by former Battlestar scribes David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. The action takes place at a sci-fi convention, where a producer is murdered. Fortunately, Hodges and Wendy are at the showcase and investigate, which allows the underused Wallace Langham and Liz Vassey to shine in numerous fantasy sequences. * Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) Nowadays Booth and Brennan may be lying on Sweets' psychiatric couch, so to speak, but tonight they get a visit from their old therapist, Dr. Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry). Wyatt, whom we haven't seen since 2007, helps Sweets with a book he's writing on our intrepid crime solvers, and he also pitches in when the team investigates a gruesome discovery in the death-metal music scene. * American Chopper (9 pm/ET TLC) Teutul family conflict has always been the norm at Orange County Choppers, but the blowup between Sr. and Jr. in last week's Season 6 opener took things to a whole other level. Tensions between the father and son continue to escalate tonight, and the shop's entire foundations are seriously shaken. On a lighter note, the rest of the crew clowns around while building a motorcycle inspired by the circus. And a Woodstock-themed bike is built in celebration of the legendary music festival's 40th anniversary. * 30 Rock (9:31 pm/ET NBC) Liz Lemon is sometimes tart - yet always palatable - but she's turning slightly sour tonight. The squeeze is on Lemon when she's saddled with a suspension from work. A lost soul without all the TGS chaos and rolling Rock rowdyism, Liz seeks a way to bide her time. Meanwhile, there's some reel-world anxiety when film bigwigs mull over pulling the plug on Jenna's Janis Joplin movie. In a desperate response, Jack and Jenna try (just a little bit harder) to stir up buzzworthy publicity. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of BONES' Season 4 Episode 21 "Mayhem on a Cross"

When a real human skeleton is found being used as a stage prop for a death metal band in Norway, authorities determine the victim was an American citizen. The Jeffersonian team tracks the skeletal remains to an underground U.S. death metal band and identifies the victim as a bassist named Mayhem from a band called Spew. As Booth and Brennan venture into the unfamiliar world of death metal music to search for the killer and a motive, they learn about their own team’s surprising musical preferences and gain new insight into Sweets’ past. Meanwhile, when Sweets asks Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) for input on the book he’s writing about Booth and Brennan, Dr. Wyatt lends Sweets an interesting perspective on the pair’s unique relationship in the Mayhem on a Cross episode of Bones airing Thursday, April 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of BONES' Season 4 Episode 20 "The Cinderella in the Cardboard"

When the image of the Virgin Mary is spotted on a bale of compressed cardboard at a recycling plant, Booth and Brennan are on the scene. They discover the image is no miracle, but rather an outline of dried human blood. Upon closer inspection, they find a flattened body inside the compressed cardboard, and must find out who the victim is and who may have wanted her dead. When they discover the victim had been planning the perfect wedding for years – even before she even had a boyfriend – and was finally engaged to be married, they trace her last steps and find that her fiancé was not the only man in her life. With a trail of men from a cell-phone dating service in tow, Booth and Brennan try to understand the duplicitous woman’s dealings. Meanwhile, the pair grow suspicious when they spot Sweets’ girlfriend Daisy trying on a wedding dress with another man, and Hodgins and Angela come to terms with the status of their relationship in The Cinderella in the Cardboard episode of Bones airing Wednesday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of BONES' Season 4 Episode 19 "The Science in the Physicist"

Booth and Brennan are on the case when shattered, pulverized human remains are found in a garbage bag at a photo shoot. When the team discovers a meteorite shard lodged in the victim's ear, they are led to the Collar Institute of Science, a famous center for physics research in D.C. After questioning scientists at the institute, they discover the remains are those of Dr. Diane Sidman, a leading scientist and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Collar Institute, who was also engaged to the Collar's founder. When they discover Dr. Sidman had been working on an extremely controversial project, Brennan and Booth investigate a multitude of death threats directed at her. As the team tries to decipher the cause of her death, Booth and Brennan are on the search for the killer, but their scientific method leads them into a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Angela's father (guest star Gibbons) comes to town to seek revenge on Hodgins, and Sweets attempts to mediate the situation in The Science in the Physicist episode of BONES airing Thursday, April 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

Ratings: ER Serves Up Most-Watched Drama Finale Since 1996

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Survivor returned with a season-low 11.2 million total viewers, thanks in part to NBC's ER retrospective, which drew 10.56 mil. Bones placed third with 9 mil, a dip of 570K from its previous outing. ABC's comedies were not laughing, as both In the Motherhood (5 mil) and Samantha Who? (4.8 mil) plunged 26 percent. Smallville (3.8 mil) saw a 50K uptick. * 9 pm ER 's two-hour (and rather awesome) series finale was the night's most-watched program, averaging 16.2 million viewers and even flirting with 18 mil at the 10 0'clock mark. That tally represents the largest audience for the final episode of a drama series since Murder, She Wrote circa 1996. (Be sure to check out Trish's fantastic recap of the ER ender.) CSI 's William Friedkin-directed 200th episode placed second at 9 pm, drawing a season low of 14.38 mil. Facing stiff competition, Hell's Kitchen (7 mil) saw one-third of its audience get flambeed. Supernatural gained 110 thou, hitting 3.28 mil. * 10 pm Placing second behind ER, Eleventh Hour returned to an audience of 10.38 mil, down 12 percent from its last fresh episode. Source here