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'Bones' Episode 11.13 Photos: A Disturbing Investigation Leads to a Serial Killer

Official episodic photos for Bones season 11 episode 13, "The Monster in the Closet," airing Thursday, April 28. From FOX: "The Jeffersonian investigates the decomposing body of a social worker in the park, but evidence suggests the killer lived with the body for months before dumping it. Things get even more complicated when they determine another set of remains has similar details, which link the victims to a serial murderer who had sinister interactions with his victims? bodies. Booth and Aubrey consult with behavioral analyst Karen Delfs (guest star Sara Rue) to help with clues to the killer?s identity, while Cam tries to determine what (and who) she wants in her romantic life."   Read More...

'Bones' clip: Angela reveals the truth about Hodgins' condition

The Royal Diner may have great fries, but its wheelchair accessibility could use a little work. In this exclusive clip from Thursdays Bones, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) meet up with Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) for lunch, which begins with a...   Read More...

Bones Boss 'Defends' Serial-Liar Hodgins, Dismisses Miraculous Twist: 'We're Not Downton Abbey'

It was one step forward and two steps back for paralyzed Hodgins in Thursdays midseason premiere of Bones. After enjoying a surge of phantom pain-fueled optimism, Angelas bitter half was brought back down to Earth when, in the episodes closing minutes, he learned he would never walk again. In the following Q&A, co-showrunner Michael Peterson []

Bones Boss: Hodgins Is a "Volcano" in Paralysis Aftermath

  Hodgins ( TJ Thyne ) is going to have an expectedly hard time getting used to being paralyzed. The Jeffersonian's "bug guy" will return to work in Thursday's spring premiere of the series with a smile on his face and a lot of optimism, but the cheer will dissipate as the challenges of having to use a ...   Read More...

'Bones' Season 11 Spring Premiere: Hodgins' Diagnosis and 4 More Things You Need to Know

Though the four month hiatus may have felt like years to viewers, in TV time only a week has passed since the third worst injury (numbers one and two being the deaths of Sweets and Vincent Nigel Murray) in Bones history was revealed. We last saw Bones' Dr. Jack Hodgins dead-eyed and collapsed on the Jeffersonian floor as his hysterical baby-crazy wife screams for help. Moments later in the hospital waiting room we learned that a hematoma was choking Jack's nerves, rendering our favorite entomologist paralyzed from the waist down. Holy spinal tap, Batman, is there even a chance that this could end well? ...   Read More...

Bones Sneak Peek: Is a Paralyzed Hodgins Rushing His Return to Work?

Bones Hodgins isnt letting a life-changing accident come between him and his beloved bugs when the Fox crime drama (finally) returns this Thursday at 8/7c. Despite his doctors orders, the now paralyzed entomologist pays a visit to his friends at the Jeffersonian. Andas youll see in TVLines exclusive video, hequickly finds himself jumping back into []

'Bones' Episode 11.12 Photos: Brennan Loses Her Cool While Investigating the Murder of a Men's Rights Organization Founder

Official episodic photos for Bones season 11 episode 12, "The Murder of the Meninist," airing Thursday, April 21. From FOX: "The team investigates a body found in a car crash, the remains of which belong to a founder of a men?s rights organization who may have been the victim of domestic abuse. As Brennan learns more about the tenets of the victim?s organization, which claims middle-aged white men are oppressed and feminists are man-haters, Brennan uncharacteristically loses her cool during an interrogation and assaults the organization?s co-founder. Meanwhile, Angela and the team struggle to deal with Hodgins post-wheelchair bitterness and Booth is convinced Brennan is a jinx for the Philadelphia Flyers."   Read More...

Bones Sneak Peek: Booth and Brennan Are Finally Back on the Case

Bones is (almost) back, and Brennan is packing heat? In this exclusive promo touting the Fox series midseason returnon April 14 at 8/7c, the doc pulls out a surprising weapon when Booth is held at knife-point by guest star Jim Beaver. The above clip also features Brennan punching the daylights out of a perp and, []

'Bones' Season 11 Spring Premiere Episode Photos: Booth and Brennan Investigate the Murder of a Public Defender

Official episodic photos for Bones season 11 episode 11, "The Death in the Defense," airing Thursday, April 14. From FOX: "Picking up after the explosive fall finale, Hodgins is eight weeks into his rehabilitation for his paralysis and forced to navigate life in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a public defender who had multiple defendants from previous cases with motives to kill her." ...  Read More...

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz React to Bones' Final Season, Getting the 'Ending It Deserves'

If youre bumming about Bones recently announced final season, try to find somesolaceinstarsEmily Deschanel and David Boreanazs upbeat take on the news. This is for the fans! Thank you to everyone at Fox and of course [network co-chairmen] Dana [Walden] and Gary [Newman] for all your support, Boreanaz said in a statment. Thank you to []