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'The Mentalist' teams up with 'Breaking Bad's' Dean Norris

"The Mentalist" will be getting a little help from Hank Schrader later this season -- or at least from the man who plays him.Dean Norris, who plays DEA agent Hank on "Breaking Bad," will guest-star on the CBS series later this fall, Zap2it has learned. He's set to film his episode next week, and it will likely air sometime in November.Norris will be playing the head of a narcotics task force -- seems appropriate, no? -- who crosses paths with Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Co. during a murder investigation. "The Mentalist" will be the second CBS crime drama to feature Norris this season. He's also appearing on "CSI: NY" in October as an internal affairs detective."Breaking Bad," meanwhile, has just two more episodes left in its fourth season....

Gus Fires Walt and Threatens His Family, on 'Breaking Bad' (VIDEO)

High school chemistry teacher Walt got into the drugs business in the first place because he wanted to take care of his wife and kids. Last night on 'Breaking Bad' (Sun., 10PM ET on AMC), however, his illegal activities put their lives in danger. Gus has finally had enough of Walt and his brother in law Hank. He drags Walt out into the desert with a bag over his head and fires him. He also says he'll take care of the errant Hank: "You have failed. Now it's left to me to deal with him." When Walt protests, Gus delivers this chilling threat: "If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter."

BREAKING BAD “Crawl Space” Season 4 Episode 11

BREAKING BAD  "Crawl Space" Season 4 Episode 11 airs Sunday September 25 at 10pm on AMC. Synopsis:  Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret and Gus. Skyler’s efforts to solve Ted’s financial problems hit a wall. Show Summary: In Season 4, the game has changed: Walter White has lost his family and is on the verge of being caught; Jesse wants back in the business. Read More...

Breaking Bad Trailer: "Crawl Space"

Breaking Bad has the best kind of challenge ahead of it: Next Sunday, the AMC drama must follow what we deemed to be a perfect episode . How will it do so? Via an installment titled "Crawl Space," which will focus on Skyler struggling to straighten out Ted and his financial problems; while Walt will actually come face-to-face once more with Gus. What will go down? We can only imagine. Check out the official preview now:

Steven Bauer — Breaking Bad's Wiseguy

SPOILER ALERT! Please stop reading if you haven't watched last night's episode! The Cuban-born tough guy, whose primetime rap sheet stretches back to The Rockford Files and Hill Street Blues (when he was billed under his original surname Esteban "Rocky" Echevarria) brought a high-caliber verisimilitude to the part ...

Gus Meets With the Cartel to Avoid War on 'Breaking Bad' (VIDEO)

With the cartel breathing down his neck and interfering with his operation, Gus coordinates a meet and greet with them so he can try and reach an amicable peace on 'Breaking Bad' (Sun., 10PM ET on AMC), bringing Jesse and Mike along. After some hesitation and posturing, the cartel warms up to Gus and even agrees to share in a drink with him. Appropriately cautious, though, they wait until he drinks first before partaking themselves. But when Gus disappears to purge the contents of his stomach, the various members of the cartel start dropping like flies. It may not be a peaceful settlement of differences in the traditional sense, but it's certainly one way to address the impasse.

BREAKING BAD “Salud” Season 4 Episode 10

BREAKING BAD  "Salud" Season 4 Episode 10 which airs Sunday September 18 at 10pm on AMC. Synopsis:  Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret  and Gus; Skyler’s efforts to solve Ted’s financial problems  hit a wall. Read More...

SideReel Review - Drive starring Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan - by SideReel's Yael Tygiel

Drive is a film about a Hollywood stunt car driver ( Ryan Gosling ) who provides another type of driving service in his free time until he gets tangled up with the wrong people. He then does everything in his power, which boils down to beating up a lot of people, to protect his single mom neighbor, Irene ( Carey Mulligan ). For me, this highly anticipated film was a letdown. Forgiving the lame 80’s style font for the credits, as well as the 80’s influenced soundtrack (including a surprising ballad from Julie Andrews?), the film didn’t seem to have focus. I fear that director Nicolas Winding Refn's vision must be something special that I simply don't understand, because the romantic scenes were Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan staring silently, blank-faced into each other’s eyes. At times sudden gratuitous violence would interrupt their longing looks - that's not a complaint. The cinematographer's attempt at creating a dark mysterious feel fell short, and at inappropriate times the theater audience burst into laughter.  The rest of the cast consists of the bad guys: two Jewish Gangsters, Bernie (Albert Brooks) & Nino (Ron Perlman), and Breaking Bad 's Bryan Cranston as the unlucky Shannon. Oh thats right, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks was also in the film… for a total of about 4 minutes!  The heist and twists were obvious. The plot was thin. The dialogue was lacking. The romance was invisible, but the cars & driving, albeit minimal, wasn't bad.  Drive is rated R. -Yael Tygiel

Breaking Bad Sneak Preview: Where is Walter?

A brutal, extended, grueling fight between former friends and partners broke out on Breaking Bad this week . Will we ever see Walt and Jesse in the same room again? Not next Sunday, based on the following promo for "Salud." The episode will center around Walt missing his son's 16th birthday party, along with Jesse in Mexico, attempting to remain alive and teach cartel members how to cook the blue. We can't begin to predict what will happen. Just watch the official AMC trailer for yourself:

The Cartel Sends a Strong Message to Gus on 'Breaking Bad' (VIDEO)

Last week, it was curious that the writers were suddenly peeling back some of the layers to Gus' character on 'Breaking Bad' (Sun., 10PM ET on AMC). An extended flashback scene showed what happened when he tried to get into business with the drug cartel in Mexico. This week, it became clear as that background information made the current situation not only more clear, but more intense for us as well. Gus is still a very gutsy and bold player, as evidenced by his walking out into a storm of gunfire when the cartel tried to send a message to his distribution center by shooting one of his men.