Set, Spike, Score! - James Marsters Signs Onto Caprica - Featured

We were already pretty excited for the January 22, 2010 premiere of Caprica on Syfy (or you can Watch the Caprica Pilot Online Now ) - and now here's yet another reason to look forward to this Battlestar Galactica prequel series. Whedonverse fan favorite James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel 's Spike) has signed on for at least 3 episodes of the series. From EW: "Marsters will play a dangerous terrorist leader by the name of Barnabus Greeley in a minimum of three episodes. Driven by desires both moralistic and carnal, Barnabus is as lethal as he is unpredictable." How awesome is this?! Source

Video Interview: Comic-Con Red Carpet with Joss Whedon Part 1

Saturday night of Comic-Con, at the Entertainment Weekly / Syfy party, my world came crashing down. I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon and I'm generally obsessed with Firefly . I haven't had the time to make a fan vid about it yet, but believe me, I will. So, imagine my utter despair as Joss Whedon told me that Firefly is over. "No one's ever given me the slightest hope," he said when asked about the franchise. I might be naive, but that's not the answer I was expecting. Comic books, straight to dvd, nothing? I couldn't be all sad though. I mean, there I was, standing right in front of one of my idols, chatting with him about some of my favorite TV shows of all time. Was I happy? No, I was ecstatic! Whedon even discussed Glee briefly with us, which isn't in the video. Evidently, he's a huge fan of the new series. Whedon tells us he promised his wife he wouldn't go to the screening at Comic-Con but just couldn't resist temptation. So, for those of you unaware, Whedon's recommendations for last year: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fail guys. I mean, you couldn't help Joss out and tune in?). Whedon's recommendations for this year: Glee . Don't let him down. Other than that, Joss Whedon tells us what's in the works for Dr. Horrible and Buffy, including his take on the (second) Feature Length Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Source & Video

Wizard Wars: The Magical Battle Continues! Vote in Round 3 - Featured

Round 3 voting is now closed. The Wizard Wars rage on with the 4th and final round of voting, so join in the battle! Wizard Wars: The Final Dual is On! Vote in Round 4 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has put us all into a wizard frenzy, so let's continue to enjoy the madness with ROUND 3 of SideReel's Wizard Wars! After an exciting Round 2 , it has been determined that Harry Potter is not a winning wizard in Reelers' minds when it comes to fighting with the big kids, and of course the Buffy The Vampire Slayer candidate is always the biggest badass to our Reeler fans! We're down to 4 wizards to continue the battle in Round 3, so check out who's fighting who below in the Round 3 battle bracket (click on the image to enlarge). Choose one wizard for the win from each pairing, then the winner from each pairing will go on to the 4th and final round to determine the ultimate wizard winner! Round 3 voting will run Monday (7/20) through Wednesday afternoon (7/22).

Wizard Wars: The Magical Battle is On! Vote in Round 2 - Featured

Round 2 voting is now closed. The Wizard Wars rage on with Round 3 of voting, so join in the battle! Wizard Wars: The Magical Battle Continues! Vote in Round 3 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has put us all into a wizard frenzy, so let's continue to enjoy the madness with Round 2 of SideReel's Wizard Wars! Due to so many nominations for Round 1 , we stuck with a list format, but with some big number gaps in the Round 1 voting, we've narrowed the big list down to the 4 most voted Harry Potter wizards and the 4 most voted non-Potter wizards. Check out the battle bracket (click on the image to enlarge), then comment below with your choices. Choose one wizard for the win from each pairing on the Potter side, then one from each pairing on the non-Potter side. The winner from each pairing will then go on to Round 3 to continue the battle! Round 2 voting will run Friday afternoon (7/17) through Monday afternoon (7/20).

Wizard Wars: SideReel's Magical Battle Begins! Vote in Round 1 - Featured

Round 1 voting is now closed. The Wizard Wars rage on with Round 2 of voting, so join in the battle! Wizard Wars: The Magical Battle is On! Vote in Round 2 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is finally here making fans all over the world hum that magical, mysterious tune that sends a tingle down our wizard-lovin' spines! So in honor of the down-right thrilling 6th movie premiere, SideReel's Wizard Wars are ON! You and your fellow Reelers nominated a bunch of wizards and witches , so listed below are your nominations from which only one can become the wizardly victor! For Round 1, comment with your one favorite wizard or witch from the list below who you think would beat out all the others. The war will continue to rage in Round 2 with only the top 20 witches/wizards from Round 1. Round 1 voting will run today, Wednesday (7/15) through Friday afternoon (7/17). The 2nd and final round will then begin to determine the ultimate wizard winner! Harry Potter Nominations: Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Neville Longbottom Voldemort Tom Riddle Sirius Black Bellatrix LaStrange Severus Snape Remus Lupin Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Minerva Mogonagall Grindelwald Fred & George Weasley Ginny Weasley Lucius Malfoy Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody Luna Lovegood Hagrid Non-Potter Nominations: Dark Willow - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tara - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ethan Rayne - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Merlin - Merlin Gius - Merlin Sarah Bailey - The Craft Nancy - The Craft Gandalf - Lord of the Rings Saruman the White - Lord of the Rings The White Witch - The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - Legend of the Seeker Richard Cypher - Legend of the Seeker Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty Ursula - The Little Mermaid Sabrina Spellman - Sabrina the Teenage Witch Prue Halliwell - Charmed Piper Halliwell - Charmed Phoebe Halliwell - Charmed Wyatt Halliwell - Charmed Chris Halliwell - Charmed Samantha Stephens - Bewitched Darken Rahl - The Sword of Truth Willow the dwarf - Willow (1988) Winnie Sanderson - Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson - Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson - Hocus Pocus The Wizard - The Wizard of Oz The Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz Yin Cid - Fantasia Mickey Mouse - Fantasia Harry Dresden - The Dresden Files Caleb Danvers - The Covenant Alex Russo - Wizards of Waverly Place Justin Russo - Wizards of Waverly Place Max Russo - Wizards of Waverly Place Mad Madam Mim - The Sword in the Stone Miss Price - Bedknobs and Broomsticks Elphaba - Wicked Mustrum Ridcully - Discworld Ponder Stibbons - Discworld Rincewind - Discworld Granny Weatherwax - Discworld Tiffany Aching - Discworld Puc of Crydee - Riftwar Saga Madame Raz - She-Ra Orko - He-Man Morgause - Arthurian legend Morgan La Fey - Arthurian legend The Lady of the Lake - Arthurian legend Sally and Gillian Owens - Practical Magic Maryann Forrester - True Blood Azkadelia and DG - Tin Man Hecate - MacBeth John Constantine - Hellblazer Marnie Piper - Halloweentown

Buffy vs Edward from Twilight Remixed

I found this and it's simply too good to keep to myself. This is one adorable spoof! Hope you will enjoy... Trailer for Buffy vs. Edward Cullen

Joss Whedon Talks New Buffy Movie Unsurprisingly, he won't be involved spoke to Joss Whedon about the second series of Dollhouse , and asked him about the recently annouced movie about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As you'd expect, Whedon was not enthused but as gentlemanly as ever. "I believe [the producers] did ultimately reach out to my agent after the news broke," Whedon says. "I think that's something better left untouched by me. So, I wish them luck." Since approximately no one wants to see a Buffy movie that Whedon is not involved in, and since most of the fanbase is sufficiently clued up to check whether he's involved or not, we can't imagine that luck doing much good. Head on over to for more on Dollhouse, which after a rocky start is shaping up well for the second season. Source Here

Joss Whedon on 'Dollhouse' -- 'Back with such a vengeance'

Joss Whedon is two weeks into breaking stories for Dollhouse 's second season, and we're happy to report that he sounds like a happy man even without that season 1 budget. Whedon wrapped his top-secret horror film The Cabin in the Woods on May 29 and hit the Dollhouse writers' room on June 1. "I just wanted to die of tiredness," he tells exclusively. "About two hours after starting to talk to the writers about story, I was back with such a vengeance, and so energized and so pumped because we really understand the show now. We understand what works, and what didn't work so well or what we weren't so thrilled about. We don't have the onus of trying to be a big hit sitting on our shoulders. We can just be ourselves. And so the stories we're breaking are pure, and exciting, and everybody's on-board in the room, and it's never flowed better." What does that mean for Season 2? "I'm really proud of the second half of season 1, and we're just expanding on that in a huge way: Finding out the different things that Eliza Dushku can be, at the same time as extending our mythology," Whedon says. "Really, just every meeting is like, 'What's the most fun we can have with this actor?' about the whole cast. All I can say -- 'cause I'm gonna be Mr. Un-Spoiler -- is that we're having a crazy amount of fun, and usually, that tends to translate onto the screen." Speaking slightly spoilery, Whedon tells us that season 2 won't pick up right with "We've got to find Alpha!" but a little bit later. Alan Tudyk has a role on ABC's midseason series V, but Whedon hopes he'll be able to use the character sparingly: "Alpha will always be a part of the equation." Whedon's also hoping to work out a similar loan with the producers of ABC's Happy Town, who nabbed Amy Acker, aka Dr. Saunders/Whiskey. For more insider scoops, keep reading after the jump. More scoop: Whedon says that Echo's last word in the finale, "Caroline," was the beginning of her season 2 quest. "Echo wants to find not just Caroline, but what's going on behind everything. She doesn't have all of the skills. [Laughs] But she does have this weird super power of becoming a different person all the time, so she might start using that more specifically to find out who Caroline was and what happened to her and why this place exists." So she still has all those past imprints in her? "Well, they're supposed to have wiped them out of there. But we'll see how well that went..." Other burning questions: Summer Glau hasn't signed on for any episodes of Dollhouse yet. "We're still breaking the episodes," Whedon says, "but we didn't honestly go into the season going, 'Now how can we figure out how to service Summer?' when we already have a huge ensemble. I adore Summer and she's phenomenal, but I have to service the cast I have first. If something comes up that's good enough, my God, I'd hound her. But the rumors of her becoming a big part of the show are greatly exaggerated." And, sorry, but don't hold your breath that Whedon might become involved in the big-screen Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot. "I believe [the producers] did ultimately reach out to my agent after the news broke," Whedon says. "I think that's something better left untouched by me. So, I wish them luck." (They'll need it: In a poll, only three percent of readers planned on seeing the film if Whedon wasn't attached.) Does hearing Whedon sound so pumped for Dollhouse's second season renew your faith in the series? That season 1 finale was good TV. Catch it here if you missed it. Source

Blood Bath: SideReel's Ultimate Vampire Face-Off (Completed) - Featured

Voting is closed and will no longer be counted!! Check out the final bracket below: Since True Blood is now back on HBO for its second season at 9PM, SideReel has vampires on our minds. We started to wonder...what would happen if some of the most known vampires from both TV and film faced off against one another in a battle? Who would emerge victorious? That's for you to decide! Help us out by voting in our Ultimate Vampire Face-Off! Round 1 begins now and will end tomorrow (Saturday) at 2PM PST. Update: Round 2 voting has now begun. Please choose your new 4 winners. Update 2: Round 3 voting has started! Choose your victors between Angelus vs. Spike (epic!) and Dracula vs. Lestat. Update 3: It's the final Showdown! We're left with 4th seed Spike (defeating Angelus 120-88) versus 2nd seed Dracula (defeating Lestat 115-82). Vote for your ultimate vampire! Winner declared tomorrow at 2PM PST. Final Update: Spike wins in a landslide victory. Not even the legendary Dracula is a match for everyone's favorite platinum haired vamp from the Buffyverse! Click to view full size image You can see that we've seeded the two sides of vampires as those from TV and those from film. To vote, please comment with the names of the 8 vampires that you believe would emerge victorious in the first 8 match-ups. The bracket will be updated tomorrow afternoon and you can begin voting in Round 2 at that point. Update 1: Round 1 voting has concluded. Major surprises: Edward Cullen not invincible...defeated by Tom Cruise's Lestat. Did not see that one coming! Please place your votes for Round 2 through 2PM tomorrow! Update 2: Round 2 voting has concluded. Some strong contenders have been weeded out including Underworld's Selene and True Blood 's Eric. Vote for your Round 3 winners now! Update 3: Round 3 voting has concluded. Vote now in the Final Showdown! Final Update: Spike Wins! Thanks for voting and participating, everyone! It's time for a Blood Bath! Digg SideReel's Vampire Face-off

Could Megan Fox be the new Buffy?

Unless you've been living under a giant rock recently, you know that Megan Fox is hot property in Hollywood these days. The Transformers hottie is so much in demand that any studio looking to make a film about... Read more here