David Duchovny Wants to Do Another 'X-Files' Movie, Talks 'Californication'

Many are not keen on the idea of watching yet another X-Files movie considering the 2008 film The X-Files: I Want to Believe only garnered mixed reviews and didn't prove to be a box office success. However, lead star David Duchovny remains optimistic in doing another installment of the infamous franchise that catapulted him to stardom. "I was happy with it... I have nothing but respect for [X-Files creator] Chris Carter and the writing staff," Duchovny told The Daily Beast, defending last year's movie project. "As far as the X-Files movie I'd like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it's natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we'll see if we get to do it," Duchovny said. If the movie pushes through, the third X-Files film is rumored to hit theaters on December 22, 2012. For now, though, David Duchovny is concentrating on the small screen as sex addict novelist Hank Moody on Showtime's Californication, which is currently on its third season. Californication, which has won several awards including one Emmy Award and one Golden Globe Award, has already been renewed for a fourth season due to its rating spike though Duchovny believes that the show will still continue for another two to three years. "One of the great things about doing cable is that going past seven years is not part of the network's financial model, so I'm not afraid we'll go too long," Duchovny said. "[Californication creator] Tom Kapinos and I have a similar vision of how we'd like to go out." Source Here

Californication: Which Woman Will Hank Choose?

Californication's Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has really done it this time. The charming lothario was already in deep: He's bedded both his teaching assistant (Diane Farr) and a student (Eva Amurri), and he's got the prim-and-proper dean's wife (Embeth Davidtz) all hot and bothered. But now, Hank's soulmate and mother of his child, Karen (Natascha McElhone), has returned from New York, sending Professor Moody into female frenzy. In Sunday's episode (10/9c, Showtime ), Hank will try to do right by Karen and end things with the other women. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Fortunately for us, though, the results are quite hilarious. We chatted up all of Hank's ladies to see just how much worse things are going to get for him before they get better. Karen, the Soulmate Hank has never made it a secret that Karen is the one he wants to spend his life with. So it's no surprise that Karen's sudden desire to move Hank and their daughter, Becca (Madeleine Martin), back to New York would set Hank into action. "The only way he's going to get Karen back is if he cleans the slate and makes himself available," McElhone tells us. "At the moment, his life is so complicated. He's got to downsize a bit and actually give it a go again with her." But how much will Karen tolerate? "I think sometimes she sort of gives him a little bit of space to do his thing, and he realizes he's not actually missing out on that much after all," McElhone says. "I suppose that's quite wise, even though she might catch some terrible contagious disease in the meantime. I think also she probably does make decisions [that] this is the ultimatum, and then the minute she sees him, that resolve falls apart and she ends up back in his arms." That may not always be the case, however. Before the season ends, all of the women will come together in what McElhone describes as Hank's "nightmare... or a perfect dream." But surviving that meeting will prove nothing compared to the other speed bumps ahead. Is there anything he and Karen can't overcome? "When you see the end of the season, that question will be answered," McElhone teases. Jackie, the Student/Stripper Hank may be initially drawn to Jackie for her writing talent, but the way she works a stripper pole is what probably lands him in her bed. Or maybe it's all just a parenting technique? "Hank has this new adolescent daughter, and part of his journey this season is figuring out through these women what's in store for [Becca]," Amurri says. "His fascination is about this girl that's so smart and interesting but she's also stripping. As a father, it's interesting to him. It's a sexual thing, but it's also kind of intellectual. [He's saying], 'Let me figure out this person because pretty soon I'm going to have a daughter this age, and I'm going to need to figure it out with her.'" Amurri (Saved!) says Jackie and Hank's fling is mostly pure fun for her character, but she doesn't just let Hank off the hook that easily. "Jackie doesn't take no for an answer," Amurri says. "It's just a fun game. [She has] a little bit of leverage in that game... because all of a sudden he has stakes and she doesn't." So will it all end terribly for Hank? "It's up to Hank," Amurri teases. "He's the kid in the candy store, and the candy doesn't have to go anywhere. He just has to decide not to eat it anymore." Felicia, the Dean's Wife Even though she's the least likely suspect, Felicia may be the one woman throwing herself at Hank the hardest. "He doesn't really have to do anything," Davditz says. "In fact, the more he says no, the more she has to have him. [She] becomes this ravenous cougar whereas before she was just this uptight English lady." Though she's clearly using Hank to grind (heh) an ax with her adulterous husband (Peter Gallagher), Davditz (Schindler's List, In Treatment) says Felicia also views Hank as an exploration of a life she's never known. "She kind of can't help but be attracted to the dirty and the steamy underbelly, because he's so different from the Dean," Davidtz says. She sort of finds herself wanting to have this delayed adolescence that she never had. She wants to be wild and crazy." Spoiler alert: Hank finally gives into Felicia's come-ons, but you'll be slightly surprised at the circumstances. Their romp will do some damage to Felicia and the Dean's marriage, as they temporarily split. But be on the lookout for a happy ending. "It sort of awakens this thing in her," Davidtz says. "They're not together for a while, but then he makes a drunken return to the house, and there's a drunken Civil War battle on the lawn. Somehow, his tight pantaloons just reignite her for him. You see her falling in lust with her husband and having a shot of recreating it all again." Jill, the Teaching Assistant Jill plays hard to get, but ultimately, her desire to have a baby is what draws her back to Hank, even though he kicked off Season 2 by getting a vasectomy. "I think what Jill sees in Hank mostly is sperm," Farr says. "She's got that quiet sense of desperation that I think many [women] fall prey to in their 30s. You're looking down the road and you know you're three steps out from having a kid. And sadly, too much attention from anyone might just make you bond with them." That motherly desire, however, stands to make Jill the woman with the most to lose. "Jill hits rock bottom, and by the end of the season I'm very angry with Hank," Farr says. "I think everyone has their own feelings of 'Oh, maybe it worked, maybe it didn't,' but Jill is one year further away from having a baby. He's wasted my time." Farr ( Numb3rs , Rescue Me ) likens the Jill-Hank bond to the one that exists between Hank and Karen. But she's not afraid to admit that Jackie is her character's biggest threat. "She definitely feels a certain jealousy about Jackie because Jackie is the only other real possible contender for what Jill's trying to do. She wasn't trying to just have dungeon love like Embeth's character and she's not trying to make a life-long union. The only person that can get in my way is the younger, bigger-boobied version [of Jill]. So that's the one that cuts to the quick." Source Here

'Californication' 3.02 Preview: Ed Westwick Gives Hank Trouble

Hank Moody continues to use his charm to escape from getting into trouble. Next week on "Californication", the newly anointed, and decidedly reluctant, professor grapples with teaching an undergrad creative writing course. A brutally honest assessment of a student's work lands Hank in hot water. In order to placate the Dean and maintain his position, Hank visits the student to make amends. Damage controlled, Hank ends up giving gorgeous and talented writing student Jackie a ride to her surprising place of employment. Meanwhile, Charlie overly concerns himself with roommate Marcy's dating life to disastrous results. Ed Westwick guest stars as the student, Peter Gallagher as the Dean and Eva Amurri as Jackie. "The Land of Rape and Honey" airs on Sunday, October 4 on Showtime . Extended sneak peek of the episode is available at the show's official site. Source & Preview

Behind The Scenes of Californication

Showtime just released this very cool behind the scenes video from the upcoming Season 3 of "Californication" by director Scott Winant and starring David Duchovny ( The X Files: I Want to Believe ), Natascha McElhone ( Heaven and Earth ) and Madeleine Martin ( Law & Order ). read more

Californication Season 3 Promo Video

Californication sneak peek video clip from season 3. Click me!

Californication Season 3 Promo Poster

First promo poster for season 3. Click me!

First Sneak Peek to 'Californication' Season 3

A glimpse of "Californication" season 3 has been shared by Showtime . Lead character Hank Moody is now taking a foray into the school world where he becomes a college teacher and a new idol for the young girls. No date has been given by the cable network for the premiere but TV Guide said that it will return quite late this year. A confirmed guest star in the new cycle will be Rick Springfield who is going to play as what he knows best, a rock icon. Another one is " Gossip Girl " star Ed Westwick who will be a student with fascination on vampire lit. On related news, the second season of "Californication" will arrive in DVD via Paramount Home Entertainment on August 11. Split into two discs, it will be on sale for suggested price of $42.99. At the end of the second season Hank completes his biography of Lew Ashby, Mia departs L.A. for her cross-country book tour and Sonja gives birth to a baby who is decidedly not Hank's. Karen decides to take a job in New York City. But when Becca and Damien patch things up and she decides she wants to remain in L.A., Hank decides to stay behind for his daughter. Source & Sneak Peek

'Californication' Creator Tom Kapinos Shoots Down 'Dawson's Creek' Days

The drama on Dawson's Creek didn't just overflow from television screens at the time, but it also occurred behind the scenes. Tom Kapinos, who is best known for his latest work on Showtime 's Californication, discussed his horrid past on the hit 90s show. Kapinos was at an LA Times Envelope Emmy screenwriting series panel when he talked about his days on Dawson's Creek. He was supposed to speak about his new series starring David Duchovny, when he pointed out that his previous work was practically the inspiration for Californication. "The idea came out of my own misery of working on Dawson's Creek," Tom Kapinos explained. "I came out here to write screenplays, and I ended up on Dawson's Creek, which was very lucrative and fun, but it was not what I wanted to do." Thinking back on his time as an executive producer on the James Van Der Beek starrer, Kapinos revealed that it was difficult working on that show due to the actors. To him, "the experience was miserable." The Californication creator went on to say that being on Dawson's was like a "four year boot-camp." He did survive, learning things the hard way everyday he went out to work on set. "It was like going to TV grad school and learning how to run a television show," he said. "Anybody on that show who could make a decision was allowed to run it at some point. I inherited the very awkward college years, and I almost ran the show into the ground. But I learned everything that I needed to know about how to run a show." When asked by a panel moderator about what made Dawson's such a chore, Kapinos simply answered: "The four monstrous actors at the core of it." The comment wasn't directly an insult to either Katie Holmes or Van Der Beek, because Kapinos went on to explain. "They were very young, and they got very famous, and they made life miserable for any writer or producer on the show," he said. Source here

'Gossip Girl' Actor Heads to 'Californication'

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick will briefly head to cable as he guest stars on Showtime 's dark comedy-drama, Californication. The David Duchovny-led series will be returning for its third season this fall, which will find Hank Moody (Duchovny) taking a teaching job at a university. According to the press release, Hank will "attempt to shape the minds of the next generation of scribes while trying to hold down a regular job and keep wild child daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin) on the straight and narrow." Westwick, who plays bad boy Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, will play a character named Balt, "a student of Hank's with a fascination for vampire lit the second episode of the 12-episode third season." The question is: Will Balt be "californicating" with any of the series regulars? Given the racy nature of the show, it's not impossible. The Gossip Girl actor is just one of several new additions to the new season of Californication. Pop star and '80s teen idol Rick Springfield, Eva Amurri and Embeth Davidtz also join previously announced guests Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone), Peter Gallagher ( The O.C. ) and Diane Farr ( Numb3rs ) on the show. Springfield, who known for his decades-long recurring role on General Hospital, will play himself in at least one episode. On the other hand, Amurri, who is credited for The Education of Charlie Banks, Saved!, and The Banger Sisters, plays a student, while Davidtz, who played one of the patients on HBO's In Treatment last season, will appear as Felicia Koons, wife of the school's dean (Gallagher) in 10 episodes. Meanwhile, fans can catch Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass on the remaining episodes of Gossip Girl's sophomore season every Monday at 8pm on The CW . If you want to know the latest scoop on the season 2 finale, you can read some spoilers in this article. Source Here

Gossip Guy Engages in a Bit of Californication - Featured

Ed Westwick (aka Gossip Girl 's I'm Chuck Bass) is the latest familiar face to be tapped for a guest-starring turn on Californication. The Showtime series returns for a third season this fall, with David Duchovny's Hank Moody trying his hand as a university professor. Westwick will play Balt, a student of Hank's -- and one with a hunger for vampire lit. The British actor will first appear in this season's second episode. Other recently announced Californication guest stars include Embeth Davidtz ( Mansfield Park ), playing the wife of Peter Gallagher's college dean; Susan Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri, as another student of Hank's; and rocker/soap star Rick Springfield, who will serve up an exaggerated version of himself in at least one episode. Diane Farr and Kathleen Turner also will put in appearances. Source: - Gossip Guy Engages in a Bit of Californication