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Joel McHale Is Still Praying at His Community Shrine

  Yesterday, the zombie life of Community was dealt another blow when Hulu announced that it would not be resurrecting the show for a sixth season. At last night's Cinema Society party for the premiere of Deliver Us From Evil , Joel McHale told Vulture that he was a little surprised about the news, but still hopeful: "I dont know how its going to come back, but they have a few days left before it does." (The cast's contracts expire on June 30.) "Well see. I guess we could do a regional-theater version. I have a shrine set up of Community DVDs. I have an Annies Boobs T-shirt that Ive draped over it. Annies moves, excuse me. So who knows?"   Read More...

Community Wont Be Heading to Hulu

  NBC canceled the internet's most beloved television series Community back in May, but there was a glimmer of hope that Hulu might resurrect the Greendale Human Beings . Alas, that glimmer is no more: TVLine reports that Hulu has "abandoned" talks for a potential sixth season for the show, meaning all that "#sixseasonsandamovie" hashtagging has likely been for naught. Sony is still on the hunt for a new home for the series, but the clock is ticking the cast's contracts expire June 30. Somewhere at Netflix, a telephone is ringing ...

Exclusive Video: Community's Ken Jeong Shakes Up Sullivan & Son

  Community may be over, but Ken Jeong is already back on the small screen and shaking things up on Sullivan & Son . Last time viewers saw Jeong's character, Steve's workaholic brother-in-law Jason, he...

Hulu in Talks to Rescue NBC's Community From Cancellation with Sixth Season Pick-Up

Hulu in Talks to Rescue NBC's Community From Cancellation with Sixth Season Pick-Up Could it be? Our dreams for "six seasons and a movie" might not be shot to hell after all! Though nothing has been confirmed, rumor has it that Hulu is in talks to save Community from cancellation.

'Community' May Be Revived for Sixth Season at Hulu

The streaming service is in talks with producers Sony Pictures Television to bring back the canceled NBC comedy. "We, more than any other studios, fight for shows that we believe in," SPT's Jamie Erlicht told THR.   Read More....

'Community' Alumna Gillian Jacobs Joins 'Girls'

The Britta Perry of the NBC cult comedy will recur in the upcoming fourth season of the HBO series.   Read More...

Community Canceled! NBC Gives Joel McHale Comedy the Axe, & Renews Two Other Series

Community Canceled! NBC Gives Joel McHale Comedy the Axe, & Renews Two Other Series FIVE seasons and a movie? Community is officially dunzo, thanks to NBC's latest cancellation spree. See what else got the axe.

"Community is Dead" According to Writer-Producer Chris McKenna; Is the Show Canceled?

It may be time to let go of that whole "six seasons and a movie" dream. Writer-Producer Chris McKenna posts a cryptic tweet about the future of the NBC comedy. Is it the end of the road for Community? Any dreams of "six seasons of a movie" are looking pretty grim ever since Writer-Producer Chris McKenna took to Twitter to share some startling news. "Community is dead," he tweeted in response to a fan's post. He later followed up saying that he may have been exaggerating about the NBC comedy getting the axe, but warned fans to "prepare yourself for non-exaggeration." Would you be devastated to see Community get the boot? Sound off in the comments and stick with us for more TV scoop from Celebified.

Dan Harmon’s Thoughts on Cancellation of Community

As many of you know from my  article yesterday about Community being cancelled,  I am super, mega, seriously upset about this. I felt like the show had reached a whole new stride, and to think it was taken out when it just found its legs again was sad and a stupid choice on the part of the execs at NBC (yeah, I said it). But what many of us have been wondering is what Dan Harmon, the show’s brilliant creator, thinks about it. Well,  Deadline Hollywood  has some answers.   Read more at

‘Community’ and ‘Revolution’ Cancelled by NBC

It looks like it is five seasons and no movie for NBC’s  Community . EW  reports NBC has officially cancelled the beloved cult comedy. It seems the series could survive its now infamous gas leak season, but not steeply declining ratings. However,  Community  might defy death just yet, as Sony TV could try shopping it around to other networks, or perhaps Hulu since the streaming site owns the digital rights. Read More...