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'Community' Ratings: Did the Social Media Campaigns Work?

For four days now, we've found ourselves living in the darkest timeline, following the news that NBC has yet to find a place for 'Community' on their midseason schedule . Though the Peacock insists that the cult comedy will return at some point, fans have taken to social media to register their disapproval of the scheduling snub, starting petitions and defacing their avatars with evil goatees . Even AOL TV's resident 'Community' skeptic, Mo Ryan, is on the "Save Community" bandwagon (read her open letter to NBC here ). But did all of the righteous indignation result in a ratings bump for the perennially on-the-bubble show when it aired another hilarious episode last night? Kind of ...

Dean Pelton's Commercial Shoot Drives Everyone Mad on 'Community' (VIDEO)

'Community' (Thu., 8PM ET on NBC) didn't do itself any favors in being accessible and straightforward with its comedy this week, as Dean Pelton slowly unraveled from reality while filming a new commercial for Greendale. That said, for those who subscribe to the show's particular brand of humor, Abed's documentary video chronicling the over-budget and over-time video shoot was a genius blend of absurdity and sheer confusion. Sometimes, like last week, 'Community' keeps it real and gives us character piece. And then other times, we get what basically amounts to a cartoon version of reality, like this week.

'Community': Abed turns the cameras on Greendale

With all the hubbub about "Community" being left off of NBC's mid-season schedule with no explanation and the fear (reportedly unfounded) that the show is getting the ax, we have some good news.An all new episode of the show will be airing and we've got a little preview for you. This week, the Dean (Jim Rash) asks the study group to be part of a commercial for Greendale Community College. Abed (Danny Pudi) decides that this is going to make the Dean lose his marbles and turns the camera on him.Also, we want to point out that "Community" is one of our favorite shows and though it's not being canceled, it's really important that you all watch it live if you can. We can complain all we want on Twitter and Facebook, write letters and emails to NBC or send them assorted stuffed animal versions of Annie's Boobs, but in the end, it's the ratings...