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Brenda Has a Meltdown on 'Confessions: Animal Hoarding' (VIDEO)

Brenda loves rabbits. So much so, in fact, that she shares her trailer with 130 rabbits. However, living with so many rabbits has put a huge strain on her relationships with friends and family. So, on 'Confessions: Animal Hoarding' (Wed., 10PM ET on ANIMAL) Brenda turned to The Humane Society of the United States for help. Discussing the needs of Brenda and the rabbits, the Humane Society's Cynthia Armstrong said her organization would be able to help find the rabbits find new homes and the veterinarian care they need. It would also help Brenda start a new life for herself. However, it turns out that Brenda doesn't want to give up all her rabbits -- she was hoping to keep 50 or so. It also seems that she's only there because everyone else wants her to be.

'Confessions: Animal Hoarding' Subject Talks About Her Addiction (VIDEO)

Yolanda Banks had roughly 40 dogs and cats living in her home at one time. Her family didn't like it, and her house was a mess. She was a prime candidate for intervention, and will be profiled on 'Confessions: Animal Hoarding,' which is back Wednesday nights on Animal Planet. Banks spoke about her experience on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC). Clips showed Banks' family trying to deal with the animals, mostly the cats, and her son saying he wished the animals would just go away. "I had family start passing away and the animals were there to fill the voids," Banks explained. "When you don't have a comfort level, the animals fill those voids."