Larry David: There's a "Good Chance" Curb Your Enthusiasm Will Return

The chances for an eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. "I'm leaning towards it, so I would say there's a good chance," series creator and star Larry David told at the Paley Festival Sunday night. Inside the event, David clarified an eighth season of his HBO comedy is "not definite yet, but we're working on it." While fans wait for a final answer on the future of Curb, they can prepare for the show's upcoming basic-cable debut on TV Guide Network in June. The decade-long series' seventh season marked the first reunion of the cast of Seinfeld and the season finale brought in Curb's best ratings in five years. Bob Einstein - who has played Marty Funkhouser for the past three seasons - says the show's most recent season helped reinvigorate the series. "I thought that this year was a real upper," he said. "It brought a lot of excitement back to everything and I think it would kind of sad and stupid to stop now. There's no reason to." Do you think Curb Your Enthusiasm should return for another season? Source Here

Larry David to Be Honored by Writers Guild of America

Larry David will receive the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel award for TV from the Writers Guild of America, Variety reports. The co-creator of Seinfeld and creator/star of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be honored at the WGA awards' Feb. 20 ceremony. David follows past honorees including The Sopranos creator David Chase and current guild President John Wells of ER fame. "For a writer who's made a career out of creating hit television shows about 'nothing,' Larry David is really something among writers," Wells said. Curb Your Enthusiasm will make its TV Guide Network debut Monday, March 10 at 10/9c on TV Guide Network. Source Here

30 Rock, The Good Wife Lead SAG Nominations

The Good Wife made a good showing with Screen Actors Guild voters, picking up two nominations Thursday morning, including one for best drama ensemble. It will vie for the title against defending champ Mad Men, The Closer, Dexter and True Blood. Fresh off her Golden Globe nomination for The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies snagged a SAG drama actress nod as well. Her competition includes last year's winner Glenn Close (Damages), Patricia Arquette (Medium), Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Holly Hunter (Saving Grace) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer). Awards darling 30 Rock led all comedy shows with three nominations and will look to defend its crowns in the comedy ensemble, comedy actor (Alec Baldwin) and comedy actress (Tina Fey) categories. Baldwin will aim for a four-peat, while Fey is going for a three-peat. 30 Rock's cast is up against the funny folks of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glee, Modern Family and The Office. In the film races, Up in the Air earned acting nominations for George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick, but missed out for film ensemble. In that category, the casts of An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious and Nine are up for the big award. The 16th Screen Actors Guild Awards airs live Saturday, Jan. 23 at 8/7c on TNT and TBS. Source Here

Coolest Moments: Slap Happiness, Hero Sex, and Respecting Wood - Featured

Wait, what? Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about football and Twilight Zone marathons. But this week we're lucky enough to fill our Coolest Moments (aka Top Moments) with a strong slate of scripted scenes - and one off-the-cuff disclosure that could have stayed, you know, on the cuff. Also: Animals got some payback for all their buddies who got eaten this week. (You go, Miss Piggy.) Welcome to Coolest Moments, Thanksgiving edition. 10. Best Fight: Sons of Anarchy goes the bare-knuckle route as Jax, Clay and eight other members of SAMCRO go toe-to-toe, no-weapons, with A.J. Weston's band of shaved-head white supremacists in an old fashion rumble. The crunchy, bloody and testosterone-filled ten-on-ten releases a season's worth of tension. (And it's the only thing that could top Tara slugging a hospital administrator who tried to threaten her career.) 9. Best Collaboration: Everyone plays his or her small, glorious part to make "What Up With That?" the funniest sketch on the otherwise-slumping Saturday Night Live. Kenan Thompson commits completely to the show's constantly interjected theme song, Jason Sudeikis kills it as a goofy breakdancer, and Fred Armisen nails smoothed-out, just-happy-to-be-here sax man. Rounding out the many, many choruses are two backup singers, a gospel choir, Andy Samberg (we think) as an aggressive rainbow-wigged dancer, Bobby Moynihan as a tap-dancing Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a singer from the future. Its all held together by the perfect deadpan of Mindy Kaling as herself, Bill Hader as a not-mad Lindsey Buckingham, and, most ridiculously of all, Al Gore - who gets maybe the biggest laugh of the skit just by silently mouthing, "what?" at the chaos all around him. Oooooooh-weeeeeeee. 8. Most Stand-Up Guy: After Smallville's Clark & co. see a glimpse of a desolate future in which General Zod has destroyed much of the Earth and enslaved the "filthy" humans, the man of steel decides to befriend Major Zod and try to avert the badness. In an interesting turn of events, the Kandorian leader asks his minions to "kneel before Kal-El" - though he, conspicuously, does not. 7. Best Comeback: While Adam Lambert simulating oral sex created a stir at the American Music Awards, it was Whitney Houston's performance that brought the audience to its feet. She wowed the crowd with her stirring anthem "I Didn't Know My Own Strength." The singer, whose marriage to Bobby Brown filled volumes of tabloids, paused during her song - either to relish the moment of her full-throated performance or recover from a wave of emotion. 6. Coolest Kicker: You sure can't accuse V of delivering all the drama up front. The closing moments of its final episode dropped a series of bombs: Val discovers she's pregnant with Visitor-in-disguise Ryan's baby, Father Jack is stabbed, and Erica finds out her son is aboard the mothership. All this is overshadowed, however, by the sight of hundreds of Visitor spaceships heading towards Earth. More Visitors are coming! To Read More Click Here .

Seinfeld Reunion Lifts Curb's Season Finale Numbers

The fake Seinfeld reunion proved to be a real ratings grabber for Curb Your Enthusiasm's Season 7 season finale, helping it become the series' most-watched episode in more than five years. Sunday's episode reeled in 2 million viewers over two telecasts, representing a 24 percent jump from the sixth-season finale in 2007, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Seinfeld gang also helped Larry David & Co. pull in big numbers for Curb's season premiere in September, which marked the first time all four Seinfeld cast members appeared on television together since the show's 1998 finale. Source Here

Curb Your Enthusiasm 7.10 "Seinfeld" Season Finale Preview - Featured

This Sunday - November 22nd - marks the 7th season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO . The episode is titled "Seinfeld" and promises to bring the season-long "Seinfeld Reunion" storyline to a hilarious conclusion. Watch an episode preview here And here's a preview clip featuring Larry, Jerry and Jason Alexander. "Seinfeld" airs Sunday at 9PM on HBO.

HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' coming to basic cable

TV Land and TV Guide Network say they are jointly acquiring basic cable rights to air "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the HBO comedy series produced by and starring "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" will come to TV Guide Network starting next February. TV Land expects to air the series as early as 2013, immediately following its run on TV Guide Network. Both networks also say they will acquire certain broadband, wireless and video-on-demand rights, bringing "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to multiple platforms. Pay-cable network HBO is currently premiering the seventh season of the series, which also stars Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin and Susie Essman.

HBO Defends Larry David 'Pissing on Jesus'

Last Sunday on " Curb Your Enthusiasm ", Larry David's new pill has increased his flow so much it is causing him to splatter, which leads to a misunderstanding about a miraculously weeping Jesus in Maureen and her mother's bathroom. Immediately after the air time, Catholic groups came out with disapproving statements. These groups are deeming the episode as offensive and tasteless jab at their religion. The Catholic League president Bill Donohue said in a statement, "...That's what passes for creativity these days. Was Larry David always this crude? Would he think it comedic if someone urinated on a picture of his mother?" Donohue suggests David to quit the show while he's ahead. In a more angry tone,'s Deal Hudson said, "I don't think it's funny. Why is it that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols? If the same thing was done to a symbol of any other religions-Jewish or Muslim-there'd be a huge outcry. It's simply not a level playing field." While the man under attack has not responded to the criticism, HBO has released a defensive statement, telling E! News, "Anyone who follows Curb Your Enthusiasm knows that the show is full of parody and satire. Larry David makes fun of everyone, most especially himself. The humor is always playful and certainly never malicious." Source Here

Curb Your Enthusiasm Latest Episode: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Reunion'

Jeff pitches the idea of doing a Seinfeld reunion to Larry. Watch & Discuss: Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Reunion' Read Curb Your Enthusiasm's Review: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Reunion'

Curb Your Enthusiasm Gets Big Ratings Lift from Seinfeld Reunion

The show about nothing helped propel Curb Your Enthusiasm to a big something Sunday night. The first episode of the highly anticipated Seinfeld reunion arc on co-creator Larry David's HBO comedy brought in Curb's biggest ratings in over five years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The episode, which featured all four Seinfeld cast members together on TV for the first time since the show's 1998 finale, brought in 1.6 million viewers at 9/8c. Combined with the viewers for the episode's same-night rerun one hour later, the show's total escalates to 2.6 million, the Reporter said. The episode marks Curb's highest ratings since March 2004. The seventh season premiered on Sept. 20 to the tune of 1.9 million viewers for both showings, the trade paper reports. Source Here