TNT to Prelude Feb. 24 Season 3 Premiere of 'Dallas' With 25-Hour Marathon of Seasons 1 & 2

The backstabbing, two-timing, double-crossing drama of TNT's Dallas is slated to kick off its third season Monday, Feb. 24.Read More...

'Dallas': Patrick Duffy will be 'acting my a** off' in Larry Hagman tribute episode

Patrick Duffy goes back to work on "Dallas" at the end of this week, doing a much-anticipated episode he realizes will be sad, yet maintains will be joyous as well.The story in question -- the farewell to J.R. Ewing, the truly iconic character played by the recently deceased Larry Hagman -- will be televised several weeks into Season 2 of TNT's reboot of the classic serial, which begins Monday, Jan. 28.New developments on the show include Bobby Ewing's (Duffy) discovery that he has a stepdaughter (cast newcomer Emma Bell), but J.R. and Hagman still are integral to the first six episodes. And Duffy confirms the character and actor will continue to loom large over the series."I've read it, so I know what it is, and I know how it's going to play out." Duffy tells Zap2it of the show's goodbye to J.R. "The anticipation I have of doing it is probably different than almost anyone's,...

Dallas Spoilers: Debuts, Deceptions and Deaths

We are less than a month away from Dallas Season 2 . And with the television world still mourning the death of Larry Hagman , TNT has announced that J.R. Ewing's funeral will take place on the eighth installment of the new season, scheduled for March 11. As for what fans can expect on other episodes? The network has released the following episode descriptions, shedding light on the first four hours of Season 2. Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and read on now...

Larry Hagman to Appear Posthumously on CBS' I Get That A Lot

Larry Hagman fans will be able to see the dearly departed Dallas star on the small screen this spring. Hagman, who died in November , will be featured on the CBS special I Get That A Lot , in which celebrities masquerade as ordinary people and then act like they're not stars when they're inevitably recognized. The actor filmed his segment in September, and appears as a salesman offering free samples of barbecue sauce, according to the network.

Video: A Holiday Message from the Ewings

Check out the holiday card from TNT's "Dallas," which returns Monday, January 28.

First Look: Dallas' New Blood

Dallas fans will soon have to say goodbye to Larry Hagman 's J.R. — but they'll meet two new members of the Ewing and Ramos clans. Emma Bell (formerly Andrea's sister, Amy, on The Walking Dead ) plays Bobby Ewing's well-bred...

Dallas Season 2 Trailer: Hotter Than Ever!

Due to the death of Larry Hagman , an understandable pall has been cast over Dallas Season 2. How will the series deal with the death of J.R. Ewing? There's suddenly an odd mixture of fiction and non-fiction to consider heading into the two-hour season premiere on January 28th. But TNT has released a new trailer that brings viewers back into the scandalous world of this popular reboot. The following promo features footage from upcoming episodes, including scenes with Judith Light (as Ann's mother?) and more. Watch now:

'Dallas' Sets Date For J.R.'s On-Screen Funeral

In the wake of Larry Hagman's recent death , TNT's " Dallas " has been working to give the actor -- and his iconic character, J.R. Ewing -- a proper send-off. According to TV Line , J.R.'s on-screen funeral will take place during the eighth episode of Season 2, to air March 11, and is rumored to feature a number of returning "Dallas" alums, including those who have not yet made appearances on the TNT update. Former stars who were already confirmed to reappear this season include Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark . Though Hagman had filmed six out of the fifteen episodes ordered for Season 2 , producers were reportedly caught off-guard by the actor's passing, and subsequently reworked the season's plot to reflect the situation. Hagman, who was best known for his roles on "Dallas" and starring opposite Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie," was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, but continued to work on the TNT series during his treatment. He died on November 23 at age 81. "Dallas" returns for its second season starting Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.

'Dallas' Producers React to Larry Hagman's Death

Hagman had filmed six of the 15 episodes of the TNT drama's upcoming second season.

Can TNT’s Dallas Survive Without Larry Hagman?Can TNT’s Dallas Survive Without Larry Hagman?

It’s hard to determine what genre of television  program that I enjoy. It seems that I like them all. I tend to take pleasure in shows that  have equal amounts of comedy and drama — lots and lots of scandalous drama. What can I say ? I like conflict. Perchance that’s why I love TNT’s brilliant reboot of Dallas  so much. Since it premiered this past summer, I’ve been hooked like phonics — especially on its resident diabolical scoundrel, the conniving J.R. Ewing played to perfection by Larry Hagman . By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard that Hagman, a veteran of television and film,  passed away  on November 23, 2012 due to complications from throat cancer. Without a doubt, the world lost one of its finest actors. I mean, let’s keep it real — nobody played a villain better than Hagman. When it comes to titillating soap operas, people usually root for the good guys to prevail. I typically don’t. Sorry, folks — I always found myself rooting for J.R. to trump his do-good brother Bobby, and take over the Southfork ranch once and for all. Heck, Bobby’s boring. Bad guys have all the fun. Read More...