Degrassi Star: "No Way It'll Be Smooth Sailing for Any of Us"

The 10th season of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Monday, 9/8c, TeenNick) will be airing four nights a week for six straight weeks. Star Raymond Ablack says "there is no way it'll be smooth sailing" for his character, Sav, this season - which is aptly dubbed "The Boiling Point." Charlotte Arnold echoes her co-star's sentiments, teasing a big rivalry between Sav and her character, Holly J. Watch the video for more scoop on Degrassi's new season. Source & Video

Jay Manuel in the 'Degrassi' movie: EW exclusive sneak peek at two of our favorite Canadian things b

We admit it: We're suckers for all things Degrassi and Top Model. Oh, and all things Canadian (Alanis Morissette, universal health care, Bachelorette scandals). So we're particularly looking forward to The Heat Is On, this summer's Degrassi movie event airing July 19 on TeenNick, in which the angsty Canadian high schoolers lighten up and take a trip to Manhattan - where they meet up with Top Model's Jay Manuel (who's also Canadian!). Here, after the jump, an exclusive sneak-peek clip in which Holly J. (Charlotte Arnold) encounters Mr. Jay before her first day at her summer internship at a place that looks startlingly like MTV (but is apparently called TVM - totally different). Source & Video

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 - Featured

* White Collar (10/9c USA Network ) The discovery of a large cache of gold puts Neal and Peter on the trail of a smuggler who's dealing in Iraqi artifacts. At the start of their investigation, they suspect a U.S. soldier may be involved in the dirty dealings. But soon a corrupt news producer who's embedded in the area catches their attention and could possibly lead them to the missing artifacts. * Smallville (8/7c The CW ) Clark is in trouble and ready to confess all, but it's not really his fault. He has two wonderful twin helpers to blame. The shape shifting-brother-sister duo Zan (David Gallagher) and Jayna (Allison Scagliotti) have made their way to Metropolis. Though their intentions are good, the pair botch some crime-fighting opportunities and land Clark in the hot seat. To clear his name, Clark has no choice but to admit he is the Blur. Or does he? * Degrassi A The Next Generation (8/7c Teen Nick)' In Part 1 of a two-part episode, football star Riley continues to deal with issues concerning his sexuality. A rather embarrassing situation occurs in lifeguard class, and this makes him more determined than ever to prove to everyone (including himself) that he's not gay. So he tries to sleep with Fiona, thinking that will stop the rumors once and for all. Elsewhere, Anya takes self-defense classes and lies to Sav about it. * Medium (9/8c CBS) It's Friday the 13th, a time of folkloric superstition and fear - but then again, every day is a Friday the 13th kind of day for Allison, the supermom with the sixth sense. Yet there's good luck for eldest daughter Ariel when she lands a new boyfriend. Mother knows best, however: Allison soon comes to suspect that the young man is a killer. We then switch gears to middle daughter Bridgette, who gets in hot water after posting disconcerting videos of a man on the Internet. David Arquette, brother of series star Patricia Arquette, directed the episode. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) After a witness in a murder trial is shot to death outside of her hotel, Lupo and Bernard trace the killer's trail back to a used-car exporter. When the investigation exposes a chilling pattern involving a former DA-turned-shady lawyer, ADA Connie Rubirosa (Alana De La Garza) finds herself in a compromising position. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Aug. 14, 2009 - Featured

* Mental (8/7c Fox) In the two-hour first-season finale, a factory worker with severed fingers refuses surgery to have them reattached. Meanwhile, Jack argues over the course of his sister's care, and for cappers, a patient (Joseph D. Reitman) tries to check himself into the psych ward, claiming that he will become a werewolf when the sun goes down. He's first thought to be a crank, but winds up holding the psych-ward staff hostage. * Degrassi Goes Hollywood (8/7c The N) The kids from Canada head to Hollywood in this two-hour special that features six original songs from cast members and appearances by Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Perez Hilton and Pete Wentz, among others. The adventure begins when Manny bombs at her audition for Jason Mewes' film "Mewesical High." Paige, however, wins the lead, and soon she acquires a diva-like attitude as well. But Manny's not going down without a fight: She and her pals take a road trip to L.A. so Manny can reclaim the lead. * Neil Diamond - Hot August Night: NYC (8/7c CBS) Whether a hot August night or a cool September morn, the time's never wrong for some beautiful noise. Who better to play it now than a (solitary) man who sings like a guitar hummin' - Neil Diamond, in other words. This special, culled from a four-night Madison Square Garden run in 2008, features such classics as "America," "Cherry, Cherry," Cracklin' Rosie," "I Am...I Said" and "Sweet Caroline," and includes a segment in which he ruminates about his childhood in Brooklyn while visiting his old family home. * Woodstock: Now & Then (9/8c VH1) The Woodstock festival, which has come, for better or worse, to conjure up '60s-counterculture imagery ever since it took place for three days in 1969, is recalled by those who played, partied and organized the event. Richie Havens, Carlos Santana and Country Joe McDonald remember the bash and are shown in performance. Festival organizer Michael Lang and "emcee" Wavy Gravy offer their thoughts, while music is also featured in clips of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Sly and the Family Stone and Jefferson Airplane. * Monk (9/8c USA Network ) Lost's Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje guest stars tonight as a widower who, surprisingly enough, has quite a bit in common with Monk. He's visiting from Africa to investigate his wife's hit-and-run death. For obvious reasons, it's a scenario that resonates with Monk as he finds himself drawn to the grieving man. But the widower's case isn't the only one he's got on his plate Monk's also working on a bizarre and high-profile murder case in which the killer tended to the victim's wounds. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, July 31, 2009 - Featured

* Good Morning America (7/6 CT ABC) Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner and, many say, the best, doesn't have a new album coming out this week (her latest, All I Ever Wanted, has been a fixture on the Billboard 200 since its release in March), but the third single from it, "Already Gone," has already established its own Billboard beachhead. You can expect that she'll perform the new single this morning when she headlines GMA's Central Park summer concert. * Southland (8/7 CT NBC) Just in case you missed the series premiere of this police drama in April, here's a chance to catch the show from the beginning before the new season starts on Friday, September 25. Benjamin McKenzie of The O.C. stars as Los Angeles rookie cop Ben Sherman, whose future with the force depends on a good evaluation from his partner (Michael Cudlitz), who is, of course, a tough veteran with his own way of bringing down the bad guys. When a bust gets out of control, Sherman has to act on instinct and hopes that his partner won't judge him too harshly. Otherwise, his first day could be his last. * Real Time with Bill Maher (10/9 CT HBO ) What a week it's been, from Sarah Palin's final speech as Alaska's governor to the ongoing debate over the Democratic health-care initiative to the war in Afghanistan. To help make sense of it all, Maher turns to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow; CNN reporter Michael Ware, who's covering the war; writer Joe Queenan ("Closing Time"); and historian Niall Ferguson, whose Ascent of Money book and PBS series explores the financial history of the world. * Degrassi A The Next Generation (8/7 CT The N) In the eighth-season finale, things take a frightening turn for coworkers Holly J. and Spinner when The Dot is robbed at gunpoint. The intensity of the situation leads Holly J. to get emotional and confess her long-harboring feelings to Spinner. Elsewhere, Connor wants to reunite the old gang, but he doesn't get much support from Clare and KC with this plan. * Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (9/8 CT National Geographic ) The owners of the Venice Beach Freakshow love to embrace oddball animals, so they adopted a five-legged miniature pinscher from a Mississippi dog pound, thinking he'd fit right in with their family. But they were wrong. The dog's aggression is so severe that the family may have no other choice than to let him go. Hope now rests with Cesar to work his magic on this one-of-a-kind canine. Source Here

Tonight's Hot List: Friday, July 24, 2009 - Featured

* Torchwood : Children of the Earth (9/8 CT BBC America ) The entire human race could be wiped out in the conclusion of this thrilling miniseries if the prime minister doesn't deliver on his promise to give 10 percent of the world's children to that slimy alien race known only as the 456. Jack Harkness, however, won't let that happen without a fight. Still reeling from the Thames House tragedy, the Captain is determined to atone for his sins of the past and save the children - something he failed to do 40 years ago. * Wizards of Waverly Place (8/7 CT Disney Channel ) The series begins a four-episode story about a family of vampires, the Van Heusens, who open a rival sandwich shop that takes a serious bite out of the Russos' Sub Station business. In tonight's opener, Justin spies on the new family to gain information but ends up head-over-heels for the Van Heusen's beautiful daughter, Juliet (Bridgit Mendler). The story line is scheduled to wrap up August 14. * Chopping Block (8/7 CT NBC) The competition comes to a close as the two remaining couples combine all that they've learned to launch their restaurants. The pairs must put the finishing touches on their remodeling projects, plan the perfect menu and prepare top-notch service for the opening-night celebration. Not only do they serve a packed house, but Marco and his guest Piers Morgan are in the crowd - no pressure! The winning duo walks away with $250,000. * Eureka (9/8 CT Syfy ) Last year, actor Colin Ferguson guest starred on an episode of Ghost Hunters. Tonight, the man Eureka calls Sheriff Jack Carter might want the ghost hunters to return the favor as the reopening of Global Dynamics' Section 5 sets loose things best described as poltergeists. General Hospital alumna Jamie Ray Newman kicks off her recurring-role residency as Dr. Tess Fontana. * 20/20 (10 /9 CT ABC) According to Charles Gibson, oil companies made approximately $180 billion in 2008, yet gas-station owners make more money selling soda than gasoline. Gibson explores reasons why - and why oil prices swing so wildly - as he follows oil from pump to platform, with side trips to Washington, D.C., and the New York Mercantile Exchange. It's a rocky ride - and that's before the producers trot out the stock footage of Saudi sheiks. And climate change? Secretary of Energy Steven Chu calls it "the new 800-lb. gorilla." * Degrassi: The Next Generation (8/7 CT The N) Exam time causes lots of problems for various Degrassi students, including Mia, whose grades are falling because of her modeling schedule. Realizing she doesn't have time for everything, Mia considers dropping out of school. Meanwhile, Holly J. is not happy about the C she received in an art class, and she's got vengeance on her mind. Source Here

Want to be on degrassi?

'Case ya hadn't heard, you can win a walk-on role on Degrassi by texting DRAMA to 66333. Click here for official rules. (No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of 50 United States and DC who are between the ages of 14 and 24 at the time of entry. Only one Prize will be awarded. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on August 17, 2009.) Oh and, in case you're extremely cynical, yes the prize includes a trip to the set -- it's not like "a bunch of strange people will come to your house, set up a green screen in your living room for you to walk past while they film it, then digitally insert you into a Degrassi episode." Full on set visit. If you win, your stoked.

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, July 3, 2009 - Featured

* Good Morning America (7 am/ET ABC) Water, water everywhere - that's where country fans can expect to hear "Water," the second single from Brad Paisley's new American Saturday Night CD, this summer. It shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as how Paisley's coming off yet another No 1 hit with "Then" (his 10th No. 1 single in a row), not to mention two CMA awards last November and three CMT awards last month. And be very surprised if he doesn't play "Water" on this morning's GMA Central Park concert. * Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? (8 pm/ET Fox) Hot dog! Those precocious fifth graders are donning their thinking caps just when the rest of us are kicking back for the Fourth of July! They're kicking off their summer season by matching wits with competitive-eating champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who has won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest the last two years. He's scheduled to be back at Coney Island in New York to defend his title tomorrow, but tonight you can see how much knowledge he has stuffed into his head. * Degrassi: The Next Generation (8 pm/ET The N) Jane is forced to confront a past she's successfully repressed when her long-absent dad suddenly reappears in her life. While she's certain that she doesn't want to associate with her father, she's unsure why. As Jane begins to piece together some memories from her childhood, a truth she doesn't want to face, but can no longer avoid, begins to emerge. * The Goode Family (8:30 pm/ET ABC) In the family do-gooder tradition, Bliss gets a job cleaning up graffiti. But Greenville is graffiti-free, so there's no work for her to do. In order to keep her daughter occupied, Helen starts secretly tagging and her graffiti quickly becomes a sensation. An Oxford professor (voice of Elvis Costello) even declares it the work of a major new urban artist. Will Helen come out of the closet and accept the acclaim? * Mental (9 pm/ET Fox) Willie Garson, best known as Stanford from Sex and the City, takes a serious guest turn as a suicidal gambling addict that Jack treats. But the doctor also has another matter to deal with: He's set to testify on behalf of a patient charged with manslaughter by a high-powered prosecutor (Lori Heuring) who has never lost a case. Jack's expertise becomes critical when the case turns out to be more complicated than it appeared. Source Here

Degrassi Cast Stepping Out

I have enjoyed Degrassi: TNG since it came on the air in 2002. Lately it seems the cast is finally getting noticed by the American audience. Im unsure whether this has to do with the Hollywood filming of the Degrassi movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood (Paradise City in Canada), but Hollywood has finally taken notice of this stunning cast. Miriam McDonald (Emma) played in the Lifetime TV movie, She's too Young, a movie about young teens having sex. Shenae Grimes (Darcy) left the set of Degrassi behind last year and moved to the states to begin filming on the CW's 90210. The CW has also taken Nina Dobrev (Mia) and Steve Belford (Jesse) to star alongside on another in the Vampire Diaries. Rhianna has also taken notice of Degrassi and been spotted locking lips with Aubrey Drake Graham (Jimmy). With all the talent from TV shows like Sophie, The Listener, and Flashpoint coming to the US from Canada, it's nice to see they're giving that talent a chance in Hollywood. Go Degrassi cast, keep up the great work.

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, March 6, 2009 - Featured

* Ghost Whisperer (8 pm/ET CBS]]) Ever since Jim's death, fans have been left to wonder where the whole Sam-Jim story line will lead. Tonight's episode seems to be moving closer to some closure as Melinda stuns Sam with a revelation about his identity that could leave the survival of their relationship with a ghost of a chance. * Good Morning America (7 am/ET ABC) Sometimes you forget, but Bono doesn't spend all of his time saving the world. He and mates Larry, Adam and Edge do make up a rock band that has sold more than 140 million albums over the years, and they just released a new one, No Line on the Horizon, the other day. So get on your boots, rock fans: U2's back in action, promoting Horizon, the band's first studio album in five years, on GMA this morning. Incidentally, "Get on Your Boots" is the title of the album's first single. * Degrassi: The Next Generation (8 pm/ET The N)''' Mean girl Holly J. may have finally met her match in Alli, who reaches the point where she just can't take Holly J.'s antics anymore. Alli retaliates by starting an online group called "I Hate Holly J.," but the cruelty of the blogs quickly escalates, culminating in devastating results. Meanwhile, Peter starts babysitting his half sister and quickly grows tired of the job. * 20/20 (9 pm/ET ABC) The last time Siegfried and Roy appeared on stage, in October 2003, things didn't go so well: Roy was mauled by a tiger and almost died of a stroke. The good news is that Roy Horn recovered, and his Feb. 28 return with Siegfried - a Las Vegas benefit for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute - went very well, thank you. And with the same tiger! Highlights of that show form the centerpiece of tonight's edition, which also includes an interview with the illusionists and a chronicle of Roy's recovery. * Battlestar Galactica (10 pm/ET Sci Fi) Have you ever shed a tear for a car or any other beloved shell of parts and wires that just couldn't be repaired anymore? You might tonight. After waging two wars with the Cylons and making FTL jumps well beyond her shelf life, the mighty Battlestar Galactica faces a collision course with permanent retirement. To quote poet Dylan Thomas, Adama has a hard time letting the old girl "go gentle into that good night." * What Not to Wear (9 pm/ET TLC) The show's hosts may be fierce, fashionable and fabulous, but that doesn't mean all of their friends are. Tonight Clinton Kelly gives some tough love to Debbie, one of his closest pals. He says she's one of the funniest people he knows, but her cringeworthy wardrobe is no laughing matter. Let's hope their friendship survives the humiliating 360-degree mirror. Source here