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Devious Maids EP Talks Possible Finale Deaths, [Spoiler]'s Big Return & More

Devious Maids third season reached itsfiery conclusion Monday, wrapping up the years biggest mysteries andleaving several fan-favorite characters lives hanging in the balance. Before we reveal what executive producer Sabrina Wind told TVLine about the game-changing hour, heres a quick recap: Sebastian, who was revealed to be Blanca and Louies killer, was caught in an []

'Devious Maids' Boss on "Go Big or Go Home" Finale and Season 4

"The best strategy was to go big or go home," showrunner Brian Tanen tells THR.  Read More...

Devious Maids' Rebecca Wisocky Teases Three Killer Finale Reveals: 'The World as You Know It Will Change'

Blancas killer, Taylors side piece, the fate of the Powells marriage and morewill be revealed Monday (Lifetime, 9/8c) in what Rebecca Wisocky calls the most explosive episode of Devious Maids yet. (Any chance she also meant that literally?) The world as you know it will change in Beverly Hills, Evelyns portrayer tells TVLine. There are []

Devious Maids Star Brianna Brown Is Hopeful For Season 4 Exclusive

Every Devious Maids fan knows this dramedy has been hanging by a thread ever since it premiered on Lifetime back in 2013. The series is about to end its third season on August 24 and were already anticipating a cliffhanger thatll leave us on the edge of our seat until, hopefully, Season 4.   Read More...

Devious Maids: Who Killed Blanca and Louie? Susan Lucci Teases Big Reveal

With only five episodes left in its third season,Devious Maidsis getting ready to reveal its latest killer or killers, as the case may be. But first, Genevieves got a secret of her own thatll rock her maids world. It sure could, Susan Lucci tells TVLine when asked if the big secret, being revealed Monday []

Susan Lucci on Looking for Love on 'Devious Maids' and Its 'All My Children' Reunion

The actress talks with THR about reuniting with John O'Hurley and being beisde herself over this year's killer twist.   Read More...

Devious Maids EP Explains [Spoiler]'s Death, Teases More Season 3 Twists

Mondays Devious Maids premiere picked up right where Season 2 left off, with Rosie and Spences nuptials being cutshort by the sound of gunshots. So who ended up in Tys line of fire? It turns out there were three direct hits: Rosie, Pablo and an unidentified man of the cloth but only one of []

'Devious Maids' Season 3 premiere: Is Michael Stappord dead?

The Stappords have returned to Beverly Hills, and they've brought nothing but bloodshed and intrigue back with them. "Devious Maids" Michael (Brett Cullen) and Taylor (Brianna Brown) have brought home a few mysterious questions; the most important being, what is the secret behind their newly-adopted daughter Katy (Grecia Merino), and did she kill Michael? Although the Season 3 premiere of the show is filled with some delicious twists -- Zoila (Judy Reyes) is pregnant with Pablo's child -- the most concerning moment of the episode is in the last minute when the Stappord's new maid, Blanca Alvarez (Naya Rivera), walks into a blood-soaked living room.But Blanca isn't the only person there. Next to her is Taylor, who is frantic and has been obviously crying, and Katie, who seems completely fine with the fact that a murder might have just taken place. At first glance, it appears as if all that blood belongs to Michael,...

New 'Devious Maids' Boss Talks Sexier, More Mysterious Season 3

Brian Tanen talks with THR about taking over from Marc Cherry and previews what to expect from cast additions Naya Rivera, Gilles Marini and more.   Read More...

Eva Longoria on How She Helped Humanize Marc Cherrys Devious Maids

As the Eva Longoria -produced Devious Maids prepares for its third season premiere on Monday night, creator Marc Cherry sat down with the actressat the 2015 Produced By Conference on Sunday to discuss how she helped shaped the series. In a conversation at the Sherry Lansing Theater on the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angles, Longoria explained how she elevated the characterizations of the domestic workers portrayed in the series. The show was from Marcs point of view. It was him looking at relationships between employees and employers. And I just thought to myself, what is your opinion of the maids? Who are they? Are the dumb?' she said.   Read More...