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TV Guide rounds up this week's top TV moments (spoilers included)! "Broken codes, meaningless kisses, and Spencer Pratt being obnoxious - it must be another week in the wonderful world of television. Here's our list of the top moments: 12. Most Desperate Dance: Lance Bass kisses a girl - and he likes it. The former 'N Syncer and his Dancing with the Stars partner Lacey Schwimmer spice up their paso doble with Katy Perry's bi-curious pop confection and a "controversial" man-woman kiss, a less-than-subtle wink at Bass' much-discussed sexuality. Check it out on our Online Video Guide. 11. Biggest Code Violation: Dexter kills a man outside of his father's code for the first time - and he's a prosecutor's brother. 10. Most Awkward Office Interaction: Mad Men 's alcoholic Freddy Rumsen's colleagues are divided between pity, horror, and excessive laughter when he wets his pants just before a big presentation. The awkwardness is almost rivaled later, when Rumsen acknowledges in his goodbye to Don that his mandatory six-month leave will last forever: "Goodnight, Freddy." "Goodbye, Don." 9. Best Tough Love: While we love Sylar's "New Yawk" FBI Agent impression ("You tryin' to get these looky-loo civilians killed?"), Claire's face-off with her flame-throwing biological mom Meredith is Heroes ' best moment. Meredith psyches Claire out, making her feel as though she's drowning in a confined space. More importantly, the "training" points out Little Miss Indestructible's first real weakness. Read the rest of this list at .

Pictures of Dexter Season Premiere Episode "Our Father"

Check out pictures of "Our Father" , the season premiere of Dexter airing tonight September 28, 2008 at 9pm on Showtime .

Interview With David Zayas From Dexter

Interview with David Zayas from Dexter : Click me! Photo Credit : Showtime

News: After recently finishing both Dexter Season 2 on ...

Question: After recently finishing both Dexter Season 2 on DVD and the first book in Jeff Lindsay's morbidly entertaining series on which the show is based, a question occurred to me. I am wondering whether the teams who run a show like Dexter, HBO's new True Blood, and others find it easier or harder to do their job in creating a show when it is based upon a book series. On one hand, they already have plenty of plot points to use and the characters are practically drawn out for them already. Most of Dexter's first season, for example, is almost directly taken from the first book. They even use some of the dialogue from the novel almost word for word. While this seems to make things a bit easier for show runners to hit the ground running, they also have to make sure they please an author's fan base with their interpretation. Plus when a show gets past the first season, they face the daunting task of deciding whether to continue following the novels or to create their own mythology like Dexter did (to perfection) in the second season. I guess my question to you as someone who occasionally speaks to the teams who run these shows is do they find this a hindrance on their creativity or a great aid in creating the show? Also, do you think they feel pressure to include major plot points that come up in the novels even if they have decided on a separate storyline from what the author went with in their book series (i.e someone dying or a couple getting together)? To view the source for the anwsers, click here .

Californication Season 2 Trailer

Showtime is gearing up for some hot new seasons as Californication and Dexter are coming back to town with their premieres September 28th! Check out the trailer for the new Californication season: Californication Season 2 Trailer More scoop on the upcoming season: Californication: Getting Ready for Season 2 Photo courtesy of seat42f

Dexter Magazine Parody Ads

Showtime 's latest batch of ads for Dexter look kind of...familiar. Check them out. They mimic the current covers of Wired, Esquire, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. And don't forget, Dexter returns to TV September 28th! Source

Are You a Serial Killer (a la Dexter)? Take the Test!

Showtime has created this nifty website to promote the DVD release of Season 2 of Dexter : Dexter's Psycho Therapy As you can see from the included image, I scored a 100% for my killer instinct, so don't cross me! I fully support Dexter-style vigilante justice.

Jimmy Smits on Dexter (PHOTOS)

Images courtesy of seat42f

Dexter Season 3 Trailer

Check out the trailer for the 3rd season of Dexter: Season 3 Trailer Dexter returns to Showtime on September 28th.

Dexter: Get the Comic Con '08 Scoop!

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos is livin' it up at Comic Con 2008 in San Diego, where she moderated the Dexter panel! Check out her experience with the wonderful Michael C. Hall, what Dexter's executive producer and others had to say about the upcoming season, plus the Season 3 trailer: Comic-Con '08: Dexter Slays Me Photo courtesy of