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Downton Abbeys Final Season U.S. Premiere Draws 9.9M Viewers

Kicking off the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey in the U.S. on Sunday night, PBS Masterpiece registered an average audience of 9.9M viewers for the debut episode. The highest-rated drama in PBS history began its last run with the Crawley family seen by an audience just below the Season 5 premiere of 10.1M viewers. The season will now continue for eight more episodes, with the Christmas special finale airing in early March. Last January in the U.S., Downton s   Read More...

Downton Abbey Returns to Strong Ratings

A total of 9.9 million viewers tuned in on Sunday night for the premiere episode of the PBS dramas final season.

Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowess Next Project: A Period Piece, With an App

'Belgravia' will be in the style of Charles Dickens's 'Pickwick Papers,' with a digital twist.   Read More...

'Downton Abbey' Finale Sets U.K. Record for Consolidated Ratings Gain

A total of 10.9 million have tuned in to the watch the concluding episode of the long-running series.   Read More...

'Downton Abbey' executive producer breaks down the season 6 premiere

Warning: Spoilers from the season 6 premiere of Downton Abbey lie ahead! The Crawley family and their staff are back with the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey and, per usual, theyre bringing the drama. Notably, nearby neighbors had to sell up, showing the risk...   Read More...

'Downton Abbey' producer previews 'end of an era' for final season

'I wanted people to realize that these characters are more like us than they are different than us, even though they're 80, 90 years ago,' Gareth Neame says, looking ahead to the show's return.

5 Things to Expect from Downton Abbey Season 6

Downton Abbey begins its sixth and final season on Sunday, bringing an end to the highest-rated show in PBS history. Season 6, which has already aired in the U.K., promises to bring enormous changes to Downton, its owners and staff, as well as plenty of the shows trademark soapy drama. Before the upstairs-downstairs period piece returns to PBS for the final time, TheWrap has a spoiler-free list of five things to look forward to in Season 6: Who killed Mr. Green? Last season, Anna was accused of killing Mr. Green, the valet who raped her in Season 4, after he was killed when a mysterious figure pushed him in front of an oncoming bus. Mr. Bates eventually (falsely) confessed, letting Anna off the hook in the finale, but the identity of the real killer is still unknown heading into Season 6...

Downton Abbey Stars Preview Mary and Edith's 'Rivalry,' Unexpected Final Arc

If you were hoping that Downton Abbey's culminating season (premiering Stateside Sunday, Jan. 3 on PBS) would usher in a time of sisterly peace and love, you might want to prepare yourself for a reignited competitive spirit between Mary and Edith. They remain true to their relationship, star Laura Carmichael says. There is an element...

Downton Abbey: Saying Farewell to All That

The beginning of the end has arrived for fans of the show in the United States. Season 6, which has already aired in Britain, begins on PBS on Sunday.

Watch a Clip From the Downton Abbey Season 6 Premiere

Who's that mysterious woman eyeing Lady Mary? Tune in to the season premiere of "Downton Abbey" this Sunday to find out.