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'Family Guy' taps Kyle Chandler, Rob Gronkowski, David Tennant

Jacob Tremblay, Flea, and Steph Curry will also lend their voices ...  Read More...

Family Guy First Look: The Griffins Are Fighting Fit in New Comic-Con Poster

The Avengers. The X-Men. The Griffins? Yes, were talking aboutthoseGriffins. TVLine has an exclusive first look atFamily Guys official Comic-Con poster, which finds Peter, Lois and all their happy little accidents ready to kick butt and take names on the mean streets of Quahog. Take a look at the full poster below, and try to []

'Family Guy' mocks Donald Trump as 'dumb loudmouth' in Emmy mailer

Donald Trump may have effectively locked up the Republication nomination for the upcoming presidential election, but he doesnt appear to have Family Guy s vote. A for-your-consideration mailer that was sentto Emmy voters this week features series patriarch Peter Griffin looking like the...   Read More...

One Direction Will Appear on Family Guy; Teen Girls Will Be Watching Family Guy

  Two members of the boy band (wait, when does "man band" become the preferred nomenclature?) One Direction, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, recorded their voices for an upcoming episode of Family Guy called"Run, Chris, Run," EW reports. The episode centers on Chris's campaign for homecoming king and features a campfire scene with Stewie, whotells all four members of the band a scary storyinvolving non-skinny jeans. No word on whether Niall and Harry will be rendered speechless by this story or if they'll be voiced by Seth MacFarlane doing his best Irish and English accents, respectively. Anyway, here's to hoping one of the Family Guys can officially replace Zayn! The episode will air in May.   Read More...

Christina Aguilera Got Trashed At Seth MacFarlane's Christmas Party & Nearly Fell Into A Christmas Tree (Report)

Christina Aguilera reportedly had a little too much to drink at Seth MacFarlane's recent Christmas party and nearly took down a Christmas tree during the soiree. Page Six reports that the singer ...

Family Guy DVD Feature Sheds Light on the Show's 'Rivalry' With The Simpsons

A feudbetween Family Guy and The Simpsons has long been implied Peter and Homers giant chicken-style brawlduring last seasons crossover certainly didnt help but is there really any truth to the rumor? That question, among others, is addressed in a behind-the-scenes feature on the Family Guy: Season 13 DVD box set, on sale []

Family Guy Movie Happening 'Soon,' Teases Creator Seth MacFarlane

Have you ever watched Family Guy and thought, I like this, but I want it to be four times as long and I want to pay for it? If so, Ive got some freakin sweet news for you. Well, news might not be the correct journalistic term, but a tweet from series creator Seth []

Family Guy Recreates Cosby Show Intro 'Knowing What We Know Now'

Bill Cosby has made a number of appearances during Family Guys 14-season run, but his big moment in Sundays episode was easily his most twisted yet. As the Griffinswaited for Peters estranged sister (voiced by Saturday Night LivesKate McKinnon) to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, they treated themselves to a little television specifically, the intro []

FOX Sets Winter Premiere Dates, Reveals Some Shake-Ups

'American Idol' final season will debut on January 6 while 'Sleepy Hollow' will move to Friday.   Read More...

'Family Guy' Showrunners Preview Season 14 and Reveal the Secret to Their Success

"The line between something that's really funny and dumb vs. something that is just dumb is very, very thin," executive producer Rich Appel tells THR.   Read More...