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Felicity Had TVs Greatest Love Triangle, But No Great Couples

On one hand, Felicity moved across the country to chase after Ben. On the other, Noel convinced her to stay in New York. Ben was the perfect fantasy. Noel understood her as a person. Ben, as played by Scott Speedman, had the hair of a Greek god. Noel (Scott Foley), the kind of smile that makes you feel like he’d get your inside jokes. Also, he has stunning hazel-green eyes, like sunlight filtering through a forest — though, to be fair, Ben has great eyes, too. ....Read More...

Matthew Rhys Has Never Seen a Full Episode of Felicity

This must change.  

WB Week: Felicity - Where Are They Now? - Featured

Felicity was the perfect partner show for Dawson's Creek back in the WB days, both packed with the angst of love, friendship, and everything else so wonderful about teen and college dramas! Felicity has a very interesting cast as some have gone on to good film careers, and others have become big TV stars, so dig in and leave your comments with your favs now and then. Keri Russell - Felicity Porter Keri Russell thankfully recovered from the chia-hair debackle of '99, though it did supposedly cause a big ratings dip in Felicity at the time. But now, with her hair back in full glory, though straightened these days, Russell has returned to acting with a TV movie, then The Upside of Anger in 2005. Later she joined in on Mission: Impossible III, popped up on Scrubs for a few episodes in 2007, and then starred in Waitress . She's continued her film work with August Rush and Bedtime Stories . Russell is set to give voice to Wonder Woman in a 2009 "DVD animated feature." Scott Speedman - Ben Covington After Felicity, Scott Speedman seemed like he might disappear, but he's done well with a film career since landing a role in 2003 film Dark Blue , then Underworld , and the sequel. Also in there he took part in The 24th Day, XXX: State of the Union, and in 2008 he appeared with Liv Tyler in The Strangers , followed by Adoration. He also has further film plans for 2009. Scott Foley - Noel Crane Aw, Noel. The most well-meaning adorable RA of all WB time! Foley also appeared on Scrubs like Felicity co-star Russell (could this have anything to do with our later mentioned Scrubs star??). He's also made a guest appearance on House , appeared in Scream 3 , and is currently on The Unit . Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg Though none of us would've guessed it at the time, Greg Grunberg has become one of the biggest breakout stars of Felicity! Like numerous Felicity stars, he appeared on Alias , though he lasted the longest from 2001-2006. He then took a role in Grand Union, a sitcom that clearly didn't take off, then he popped up as a pilot on Lost , had a guest role on House , and finally made it to his biggest hit of all, Heroes where he stars as Matt Parkman! Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata Ian Gomez, the adorable Javier, went on to appear in multiple films including My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and a bunch of TV shows including appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm , The Drew Carey Show, Lost , and Heroes . I have to say, though, Javier will forever be my favorite character for him! Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick While Amy Jo Johnson was plenty busy as the Pink Power Ranger before her Felicity days, she's been in a few indie movies since Felicity, has released some albums for her singing career, and appeared on What About Brian . She has gotten back into TV since as she's now starring in Flashpoint along with Veronica Mars ' Enrico Colantoni. Donald Faison - Tracy Much like Greg Grunberg, Donald Faison was a small role on Felicity who we didn't expect to be the big stars coming out of this show, but as all Scrubs fans know well, Faison has made quite a name for himself as half of the man-love Scrubs duo, Turk. He's also been in films including Remember The Titans and Uptown Girls .

It's a Girl for Flashpoint's Amy Jo Johnson

Former Felicity and current Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson is a first-time mom. The actress and her fiance, Oliver Giner, welcomed a daughter on Monday, Dec. 1, People reports. Francesca Christine arrived at 9:09 pm and weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce. Johnson, 38, stars as sniper Jules Callaghan on CBS' Flashpoint, whose second season will kick off Jan. 9. read from: TvGuide