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Nathan Fillion Is Totally Fine With Just One Season of Firefly

Youll be hard-pressed to find a Firefly fan that hasnt vocally wished there were more episodes of Captain Mal and his goddamned heroes trekking about the verse than the shows sole, abbreviated season. But at this point, even Nathan Fillion has entered the acceptance stage of the five stages of grief. ...Read More...

'Firefly' Cast Recalls the Crazy Joss Whedon Pitch That Was Never Filmed

Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite and Sean Maher reunite to ask why Netflix hasn't picked them up yet. ...Read More...

This Firefly Cartoon Is Too Perfect to Actually Exist

Firefly might be long gone from TV, but there isnt a power in the verse that will stop fans from cooking up tempting what-might-have-beens. Case in point, this delightful teaser for the Firefly animated show that some parallel universe is probably really enjoying round about now.  ... Read More...

9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon

Network executives are the worst. Terrible shows seem to go on forever while truly innovative art is axed after three episodes. Thanks to streaming services, prematurely departed shows are finding life after death, but that doesn't make the cancellations any less frustrating. Here are SideReel's picks for the TV shows that were canceled way too soon. 9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon Launch Slideshow Which shows do you think should have made the list? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

Star Wars Rebels Set To Firefly's Theme Is Utterly Perfect

Opening credit mashups are a helluva lot of fun. Star Wars Minute has taken Star Wars Rebels and set it to Fireflys Ballad of Serenity, the shows opening credits. It works surprisingly well!  Read More...

What's Going On With Firefly Online?

We may never get another live-action Firefly movie or TV show. So every bit of Firefly media that we do get is preciousand that explains why Browncoats became so excited about Firefly Online , the online role-playing game. But whats become of this project?   Read More...

Firefly Reunion on Castle: Summer Glau Set to Play New Private Eye -

A Firefly reunion is taking flight on Castle . Summer Glau has signed on to guest-star opposite her onetime Serenity captain Nathan Fillion in a spring episode of the ABC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively. Read the full article at .

Firefly Reunion on Castle: Summer Glau Set to Play New Private Eye

A Firefly reunion is taking flight on Castle. Summer Glau has signed on to guest-star opposite her onetime Serenity captainNathan Fillion in a spring episode of the ABC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively. Glau will play a smart, sexy and strong private detective who goes toe-to-toe with you guessed it Castle. She will []

'Firefly' stars seek $$ for Web series 'Con Man': 'It's the quickest way to see us back on a spaceship'

Want to see Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk not only back together on screen but back together on a spaceship? Then we recommend you get out your credit card and head over to the just-launched-today Indiegogo page for the pairs planned web series, Con Man . Its about...   Read More...

Cancelphobia: A Serious Condition Affecting Millions of Americans

I’ve recently been meeting more and more people who appear to be affected by a new phenomenon I’d like to dub "cancelphobia." People suffering from chronic cancelphobia refuse to start a new TV show because they’re simply too afraid it will be cancelled by the end of its first season—or even sooner. First I would like to send a message to people with cancelphobia: this is not your fault . You’ve contracted this condition as a direct result of the four major broadcast networks ( NBC , ABC , CBS , and FOX ). While these networks provide America with the bulk of its most popular primetime sitcoms and dramas, in years as of late, they have adopted policies not unlike that of the late, great warriors of Sparta. In Sparta, if a child was born weak or sick, rather than care for said child and raise it, they would—quite literally— chuck it off a cliff and leave it to the wolves . Major networks, with their ruthless, cannibalistic ways have had a deeply negative effect on television audiences; people are just too afraid to get attached to a show, in case it’s abandoned and fed to the wolves. Now I could go deep into the reasoning behind the networks’ ruthless decisions to cancel shows, and explain why they have all adopted these similar, highly competitive and unforgiving policies, but that’s not why I’m writing this. No, I’m here to (metaphorically) pat you on the back and tell you it’s going to be OK, and provide you with a piece of advice that might help: Keep watching TV! To fight your cancelphobia, remember why it is that you watch television in the first place. Your condition is telling you that it isn’t worth the pain of getting attached to a show only to have it be pulled out from under you, but I ask you this: isn’t it? You, like I, love television; that’s why you’re a member of SideReel. You love the suspense, the action, the laughter, and most of all, the emotion that comes from watching the characters you root for week after week. You love to support potential onscreen romances like #Casket or #Olicity . You love to tweet your favorite celebrities’ compliments in the hope that they’ll send you a two-word reply. How can you receive any of these great 21st century gifts if you choose not to start watching a show? Yes, it may very likely be cancelled, and quite frankly, going by the numbers alone, it probably will be—but that doesn’t matter! Enjoy it while it lasts, like Cadbury Mini Eggs™ . They only come out at Easter, and it’s that exclusivity that helps make them as phenomenal as they are. Let me ask you this: Do you think Firefly would be the cult classic it has become if hadn’t been canceled? Was it not worth it to watch those 14 episodes if only to know what everyone was talking about? Of course it was worth it! So I ask you, not for my sake, but for your own, keep watching television, and banish cancelphobia forever.