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Firefly Alums to Guest on Warehouse 13

SyFy has secured the talents of Firefly alum Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and Sean Maher (Dr. Simon) for an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13's second season. This is the first time the two have worked together since Serenity, and living proof that the Warehouse 13 folks know how to please their geek-filled audience. The title of the episode is "Mild Mannered," and in it Maher plays an object bearer named Sheldon. Described in the press release as "a quiet unassuming guy," Maher is physically affected by the object - in a way that may be obvious from the title. I'm thinking incredible Hulk here. Staite will play the part of Loretta, Sheldon's unobtainable object of affection. Warehouse 13 itself turned out to be one of SyFy's biggest successes, quickly earning a second season shortly following its premiere last year. Warehouse 13 will get, ironically, 13 episodes for its second season the SyFy equivalent of a full season and will be returning to the small screen on Tuesday, July 13th. No word on when "Mild Mannered" will be premiering. Source Here

Does Morena Baccarin's haircut make her look like Michael Cera?

Yesterday, an innocent conversation amongst the CliqueClack writers devolved into a discussion of Morena Baccarin's hair for her role as Anna on V. While the super-short haircut gives her a very distinctive look, the Firefly beauty now bears an uncanny resemblance to awkward, young Michael Cera. Compare the photos above, side-by-side. Some have even spotted a resemblance to The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons! The question is this: does Baccarin's hair work for her and for her current role as the Lizard Queen? Take the poll. Full story:

Does Joss Whedon already have a plan?

Joss Whedon appears to already have a plan regarding what his project is after Dollhouse, and apparently, it's already underway, if his comment is to be believed. In fact, some fans are speculating that we're already being given clues as to the nature of the project, and that it's related to the curious website at . The relationship of this website to a potential post-Dollhouse Alternate Reality Game, and that to Joss' mystery project is unclear, but it definitely has Whedon fans all abuzz. Find more detail here at .

7 years after Firefly: Where are they now?

Seven years later, here's what Joss and the cast of Firefly and Serenity have been up to.

Gossip Girl: Meet Vanessa's Mom - Gina Torres - Featured

TV Guide is reporting that Firefly alum Gina Torres has been cast as Vanessa's mother - Gabriela Abrams - on Gossip Girl . She will begin appearing on the series this Fall in 2 episodes, and will be classified as a recurring character after that. From TV Guide: "Gabriela Abrams, mother to home-schooled vid-kid Vanessa, is described as being warm and outgoing, which will certainly be a change of pace for this show, not exactly known as the paragon of parental virtue. She is a free spirit, a former Brooklynite who lives "off the grid" in Vermont and has definite opinions about things, especially concerning her daughter." Do you like this casting choice? Gossip Girl has its 3rd season premiere on The CW on Monday, September 14th at 9/8c. Source

Video Interview: Comic-Con Red Carpet with Joss Whedon Part 1

Saturday night of Comic-Con, at the Entertainment Weekly / Syfy party, my world came crashing down. I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon and I'm generally obsessed with Firefly . I haven't had the time to make a fan vid about it yet, but believe me, I will. So, imagine my utter despair as Joss Whedon told me that Firefly is over. "No one's ever given me the slightest hope," he said when asked about the franchise. I might be naive, but that's not the answer I was expecting. Comic books, straight to dvd, nothing? I couldn't be all sad though. I mean, there I was, standing right in front of one of my idols, chatting with him about some of my favorite TV shows of all time. Was I happy? No, I was ecstatic! Whedon even discussed Glee briefly with us, which isn't in the video. Evidently, he's a huge fan of the new series. Whedon tells us he promised his wife he wouldn't go to the screening at Comic-Con but just couldn't resist temptation. So, for those of you unaware, Whedon's recommendations for last year: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fail guys. I mean, you couldn't help Joss out and tune in?). Whedon's recommendations for this year: Glee . Don't let him down. Other than that, Joss Whedon tells us what's in the works for Dr. Horrible and Buffy, including his take on the (second) Feature Length Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Source & Video

23 Sci-Fi Characters You Want on Your Buddy List - Featured

EW asked PopWatchers which science-fiction characters/creatures they'd most like to hang out with; Kara Thrace, Bender, Hiro, E.T., and more have an open invitation to get in your fave fives. I'd like to be friends with Kara Thrace (Starbuck) from Battlestar Galactica . I love her hard-drinking, frak-the-world attitude. She would be tons of fun at the bar. Maybe Colonel Tigh could come along too. EW: Sci-Fi Characters Buddy List

Firefly: Where Are They Now? - Featured

The Firefly cast members have popped up on Desperate Housewives , Chuck , Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and more! Find out where else we've seen them since their space cowboy days. Nathan Fillion - Mal Reynolds Nathan Fillion has popped up on various shows and movies since his days as captain of the Serenity, including roles in of course Serenity like the rest of the Firefly cast, plus Slither , Waitress , Desperate Housewives , and Lost . He's also starring in an upcoming midseason newbie, Castle , which we fear may already be falling into the Cancellation Danger Zone even before it premieres! Adam Baldwin - Jayne Cobb It's hard to follow a role like Jayne, but Adam Baldwin has found another excellent muscleman role for himself on the beloved Chuck as NSA Agent, John Casey. Other than Chuck, Baldwin appeared in a few films including Drillbit Taylor , had roles on Day Break, Stargate SG-1 , NCIS , CSI: NY , and a few other shows. Gina Torres - Zoe Alleyne Washburne Gina Torres has shown up in a variety of films including reprising her tough-gal role in The Matrix films, then appeared opposite Chris Rock in I Think I Love My Wife , and took part in other films as well. On a personal note, Torres had her first child with husband and Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne in 2007. Alan Tudyk - Hoban "Wash" Washburne Alan Tudyk has been busy with films and plenty more since Firefly, appearing as Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story , plus taking part in I, Robot , Knocked Up , Death at a Funeral , and 3:10 to Yuma. Jewel Staite - Kaylee Frye Jewel Staite is currently playing Dr. Jennifer Keller on Stargate Atlantis (which according to Wikipedia makes her the third Firefly cast member to appear in a Stargate series). She also starred in the brief Fox series Wonderfalls in 2004. Summer Glau - River Tam Summer Glau has become one of the most successful Firefly alums with her role on the so far successful Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . She also had short runs on The 4400 and The Unit , and will soon make an appearance as herself on The Big Bang Theory . Sean Maher - Dr. Simon Tam Sean Maher appeared on CSI: Miami in 2004, then took part in various movies and shows since including Ghost Whisperer , Serenity , and Wedding Wars. Morena Baccarin - Inara Serra Since her Firefly days, Morena Baccarin took part in Serenity and Justice League Unlimited , then various TV roles including on How I Met Your Mother , The O.C. , Las Vegas , Stargate SG-1 , and Dirt . Source: Wikipedia: Firefly

Joss Whedon Answers Questions about the Buffyverse and More - Featured

Did Britney Spears really almost appear on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why was Anya afraid of rabbits? Was Drusilla a potential slayer? Will Buffy reunite with Angel anytime soon? And how are things looking for a Serenity 2 movie? I brought your questions about Buffy, Angel and Firefly to Joss Whedon, when he dropped by to talk up his new Fox series, Dollhouse . For Joss Whedon Video Click Here .

Quirky Characters Week: Quirktastic but Canceled

Many a quirky show gets canceled because it's a little too quirky to pull in the crowds, but so brilliantly quirky that it leaves behind many very sad fans. In our Quirky Characters Week definition of quirky including characters that "have some sort of secret life or ability or just a big dose of oddness that sets them apart," there are some tragically canceled shows that were entirely hilarious and off the wall quirky or had those wonderful bizarre characters considered nutso because of their weird "secret life." Here's our list of the most quirktastic, but tragically canceled shows! Journeyman : This show was most certainly an under-appreciated dose of quirkiness as the main character, Dan Vasser, found himself time traveling, at often awkward or dangerous moments of his normal life, which led him to moments in time which he needed to alter to save someone or stop something from happening that would botch the future as it was supposed to be. Sure enough, the time traveling quirk of Dan's life caused him plenty of fascinating trouble - but also unfortunately, the trouble of getting canceled as well. New Amsterdam : This show was not as amazing Journeyman, but it also included a fascinatingly quirky character, John Amsterdam, who back in the time of the American settlers, was made immortal when he was dying, so that he would live forever - until he found "the one." Weird. Now to wish to find the one to spend one lifetime with or the wish to live "forever" alone where you witness so much of the world, yet don't have someone to share it with? We'll never really know how things worked out for John, but it was quirkily intriguing while it lasted. Arrested Development : If any show were to be next to the standard definition of "quirky" in the dictionary, Arrested Development would be it! These characters really had nothing special about them - besides total insanity. The Bluths are probably the funniest TV family ever with kissing cousins, a narcissistic sister married to a cat-like never-nude, an untalented magician, a rich papa in prison, and a "slow" mama's boy... and the ever so normal Michael and alcoholic mother. This was a misunderstood show that was so quirky, the characters even pleaded not to be canceled, but to no avail. Firefly : Firefly can fall onto any form of tragically canceled list as it was a fun and quirky scifi show that was misunderstood and missed by many who would've been big fans if they'd just realized the awesome scifi aspect, or the utterly quirky and hilarious aspect. Oh, Firefly. Family Guy : Yes, it was picked up again (twice) - hooray! But it should be noted on this list that many viewers didn't get or appreciate the quirkiness of Seth MacFarlane and his offensive, silly characters like Stewie the evil talking baby, Brian the talking alcoholic dog, Quagmire the sex-maniac neighbor, or even the mildly retarded star of it all, Peter Griffin. Thank heavens those Fox people came to their senses (twice) and put it back on the air - and here we are in the 7th season! Futurama : This deserves a spot on this list as it's hard to get much quirkier than a pizza boy frozen in the year 2000 and waking up in the year 3000, only to take on a delivery job - but surrounded by some pretty ridiculous futuristic outcasts. It had a pretty good run, though on-again-off-again, until finally off for good. Wonderfalls : Wonderfalls is among those great but short-lived and misunderstood shows. This quirk-ster featured a college grad in a dead-end job at a Niagara Falls gift shop, who talked to animal figurines who led her to people she was supposed to help. Sadly, it didn't get much viewership, and despite efforts to get this one on a different and more successful network, Wonderfalls did more falling than wondering as it was canceled after just 4 episodes.