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FRINGE: Anna Torv on Winning Another Saturn Award, the Cut Etta/Olivia Finale Scene, and More

FRINGE star Anna Torv (Olivia) has taken a little bit of a break in the five months since her show ended its run on Fox, but she did make an appearance at last week’s Saturn Awards — where a glowing Torv just happened to pick up her fourth consecutive award for Best Actress. After Torv [...]

Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked

Since the Emmy ballots have been sent out to voters, the entertainment world is busy speculating about which shows will get Emmy nominations in 2013. But what about the many deserving shows that will most likely be ignored? Every year, plenty of television programs fail to get any Emmy love. From "Psych" to "Hannibal" to "Fringe," here are 13 of the biggest errors the Emmy voters of 2013 are about to make.Last-minute disqualification: "Orphan Black" Were it not for Tatiana Maslany's surprise win at the Critics' Choice Awards, this BBC America wouldn't even be on anyone's radar. It's still a long-shot. 13. "Raising Hope" For three seasons, this comedy about five generations of a love, blue-collar family is as sweet as it is insanely funny. The acting is uniformly good -- even baby Hope is entertaining -- and the humor of everyday life never gets old. Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimpton have both been...

'Fringe's' Lance Reddick Heads to FX's 'Wilfred' (Exclusive)

He'll guest star in a third-season episode of the Jason Gann-Elijah Wood comedy.

'Fringe' Star Heads to 'Scandal' in Top-Secret Role

Jasika Nicole will guest star in the 19th episode of the ABC drama.

‘Fringe’ Favorite John Noble to Guest on ‘The Good Wife’

Actor John Noble, a fan favorite on ‘Fringe’, the underrated but much beloved FOX sci-fi series that just came to a close last month, will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of  The Good Wife . It seems that lead actress Julianna Margulies  let it slip to international reporters on a recentconference call  that Noble will be featured in episode 18, playing a man who Alicia has "a flashback (about) because he’s a client  that (she) used to take care of all the time. He’s a very interesting character who is sort of a brilliant techie guy that constantly sues people. He just elevated the part to such a different level; it was remarkable to work  with him and just a pleasure to have on set". READ MORE...

FRINGE: Seth Gabel Reveals What You Didn’t See in the Series Finale

FRINGE fans were delighted when the series traveled back Over There one last time during the show’s two-hour finale event, and they weren’t alone: when I spoke with ARROW guest star, Seth Gabel, he told me he was equally thrilled to pop back in to play Lincoln again. "I was very happy, that on some [...]

From 'Fringe' to 'Arrow': Seth Gabel on the Appeals of Sci-Fi

After wrapping his dual role as Lincoln Lee on Fox's "Fringe," the "Nip/Tuck" actor returns to the genre as a Joker-type villain on the CW.

Top Moments: The Following's Eye-Opener and the Ends of Fringe, Private Practice

Our top moments of the week: 15. Creepiest Misunderstanding: When New Girl 'sJess discovers that one of her students is drawing mutilated deer, Nick thinks it's a warning sign of his impending homicidal tendencies. So he investigates. Of course he and Jess get caught red-handed at his house, where they learn that he doesn't want to kill his teacher, he's just working on a graphic novel. But there are stillhorrors to behold: The feisty older woman who lives with the student isn't his mom; it's his girlfriend. 14. Wettest Hook-Up:   Get your minds out of the gutter, readers! When Mindy tries to orchestrate a casual hook-up with...

"Fringe" Lives Again on Fridays on Science Channel

The three-hour block shifts to Fridays at 8:00/7:00c beginning January 25.

'Fringe' finale: Peter says goodbye to Walter -- did the ending satisfy you?

The critically acclaimed cult series "Fringe" took its final bow on Friday night with a two-hour finale event on FOX, after hanging on for five seasons despite low ratings and risky storylines. We're still sorting through the science fiction of it all, but emotionally, the finale was immensely satisfying, bringing the "Fringe" team to a heartbreaking but hopeful conclusion. As expected, Walter had to sacrifice himself -- traveling with the child Observer, Michael, into the distant future in order to create a time-paradox which would prevent the Observers from invading in 2015. In order to complete the plan, the team used all of the previous Fringe events they'd experienced as weapons against the Observers -- which, as Walter so eloquently put it, was "cool."When Peter realized that Walter was going to go into the future, he called out to him, "I love you, Dad," and our hearts broke, even though the audience couldn't even hear...