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Futurama Returns Because It "Was Too Good to Die"

In what may be the most anticipated animated return to television since Family Guy, Futurama finally debuts brand new episodes on Comedy Central (Thursday, 10/9c). "In my heart of hearts, I knew this show was too good to die," says Billy West, who actually sounds like an older version of Fry, the character he voices on the animated series. "The amount of times the show has been revived from the dead is unbelievable. I love working on zombie Futurama," jokes John DiMaggio, who plays Bender. There was a moment, though, when it seemed Futurama would be up-ended after a salary negotiation snag last summer. Fortunately, the core cast is returning, and Katey Sagal insists it was "just one of those things that happen" in Hollywood. To Read More Click Here .

'Futurama': Matt Groening and David X. Cohen answer questions about the return

It may not be as pervasive as "Twilight: Eclipse" fever, but to a certain segment of the population, the return of original episodes of "Futurama" this week is just as big a deal. After a nearly seven-year absence from regular weekly episodes (broken up some by four DVD movies that eventually made their way onto cable), the show gets new life on Comedy Central Thursday (June 24). The cable channel has been teasing out bits and pieces for its return for weeks, and the latest -- which you can watch below -- is a video of creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen answering fan questions. To Read More Click Here .

David X. Cohen on 'Futurama's' New Season

Talking with David X. Cohen is always fun, because the 'Futurama' showrunner has the same wry, geeky manner as most of the show's fans (including me). So you can do things like goof with him about adding a 'Lost'-style twist to the season finale or how the iPhone will be implanted in your eye in the future. But what he's the most good-natured about -- and most resigned to -- is the show's perpetually precarious situation. When I spoke to Cohen earlier this week, he mentioned the fact that he was again trying to write the 26th and last episode of Comedy Central's current order to serve as both a season or series finale. And the crew and writers were again trying to figure out their next steps. To Read More Click Here .

Futurama Returns From Suspended Animation

Even the savvy prognosticators behind Futurama - the absurdist animated science-fiction comedy set in the 31st century - could not have predicted the convoluted path their series has taken since its 1999 premiere. A victim of frequent preemptions and extended hiatuses, it was canceled in 2003 after 72 episodes on Fox. But thanks to robust DVD sales and strong ratings in repeats (first on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and then Comedy Central), the show was revived for four DVD-movies. When those sold well, Comedy Central ordered 26 new episodes, the first two of which air Thursday at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c. "You hope that your show is going to be Star Trek, when the fans will not let it die for decades after it goes off the air," says exec producer David X. Cohen, who developed the show with The Simpsons guru Matt Groening. To Read More Click Here .

Five 'Futurama' Characters That Should Get Their Own Spin-Off

There are few animated series that have been resurrected from cancellation. 'Family Guy' is one; 'Futurama' is another. 'Family Guy' went on to become so popular, it got a spin-off in 'The Cleveland Show.' Could 'Futurama,' which starts a brand new season this coming week, follow suit? If so, which supporting character would be the centerpiece and main attraction? Let's postulate, shall we? Here are the top five characters I would have star in a hypothetical 'Futurama' spin-off, in no particular order. Robot Santa, the Chanukah Zombie and KwanzaaBot. What works better for a roommate comedy than two robots and a zombie? They could share an apartment in New New York. It would be like 'Three's Company,' but it could be called 'Holy Trinity' and have more homicide. Plus Chanukah Zombie is voiced by Mark Hamill. What's not to love? Lrrr and Ndrd of Omicron Persei 8. Imagine a family sitcom about planetary royalty and the problems they have. It's 'Dynasty' meets 'All In The Family.' Perhaps the couple could have children (that they did not eat), who'd engage in various hijinks and threaten to destroy some planet like Earth every once in a while. Since they're fans of 20th and 21st Century Earth television, the show could contain various modern pop culture references. "I don't not understand why the lead character iCarly simply does not eat the other, smaller, less important characters." To Read More Click Here .

First Look at 'Futurama' Season 6 Through Clip

Professor Farnsworth reminds the temporarily-amnesiac Fry of how their spaceship passed through the Panama Wormhole in the first clip of "Futurama" season 6. The Comedy Central animation returns on screen June 24 with the episode "Rebirth" where, after the events of Into the Wild Green Yonder, all the characters will be reborn. "Matt [Groening] and I decided to make sure people knew right away that this was Futurama in its classic half-hour form," executive producer David X. Cohen said in a chat with EW of what can be expected from this season. "We wanted to quickly establish in the first episode that the characters are back from their DVD adventures. Fry and Leela return relatively quickly. Very quickly we get back to the Planet Express headquarters in New New York City - and the only slight hitch is that everybody is dead." On what kind of stories will be told, Cohen said, "We're going to see our versions of Twitter and iPhones in the future, as Fry posts embarrassing videos of Leela online. The difference is, in our version of the iPhone, the iPhone is implanted in your eye. It's a tiny hovering screen in front of you and it's even more annoying than the real iPhone." To Read More Click Here .

Devo To Get Animated For 'Futurama'

New wave rockers Devo are to get animated to celebrate the 100th episode of cult show Futurama. The futuristic Matt Groening series was cancelled in 2003 but fans brought it back to life. To celebrate the 100th show, Groening asked his musical heroes to be a part of the show - and they agreed to play mutant rights activists. The episode comes as Devo stage a comeback of their own - their upcoming Something for Everybody will be the band's first album in 20 years. Click Here to Read More

New FUTURAMA Images from Upcoming Return to TV on Comedy Central

New images from the return of Futurama to television have gone online. While the four Futurama movies received a mixed-to-unfavorable response, I’m hoping that the show will return to its reliable greatness when it goes back to half-hour episodes. Hit the jump to check out the new images and click here to see the previously-released image from the upcoming season. Futurama returns to television on June 24th at 10pm on Comedy Central. Source & More Photos

Summer Entertainment Preview 2010

Airs June 24 After being canceled by Fox in 2003, David X. Cohen and Matt Groening's satirical space-com went into a period of suspended animation only slightly shorter than that of the preserved head of Richard Nixon. Now the series is returning to life, with 26 new episodes airing on Comedy Central. Crack open a can of Slurm and enjoy! Source:

Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder From Futurama Episodes

Hey Futurama fans…how are you doing? Honestly speaking, we all are missing the episodes of Futurama TV show and waiting for the next season of the show to release as soon as possible so that we can enjoy the upcoming episodes of our very favorite show. Today, I have decided to talk about Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder. What is this? Hey it’s the last of the series of four straight to DVD Futurama movies. Ken Keeler wrote the storyline of the movie and Peter Avanzino directed it. On Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder, we saw Leela, as she became an outlaw after Leela and some ecologically minded feminists try to protect an asteroid........ READ MORE