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12 TV Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoffs

It's notoriously difficult to pull off a good spinoff. It's all about balancing what viewers loved about the original series with some new and compelling element. And of course, not every supporting character is meant to be the focus of a show; for every Frasier there are two Joey s. So we're not saying that these would all actually work, but they are characters we think it would be fun to see elevated to a starring role. 12 TV Characters Who Deserve Spinoffs Launch Slideshow What spinoffs do you want to see? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

Matt Czuchry on His 'Gilmore Girls' Return and Why He Never Watched 'The Good Wife' Finale

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'Gilmore Girls' Star Scott Patterson on "Chemistry" With Lauren Graham, Biggest Revival "Regret"

The actor and musician also discusses the "closure" gained from the new installments and his hopes for future installments.   ...Read More...

Hosting a Gilmore Girls Party? Here's Everything You Need for the Perfect Binge-Friendly Feast -

"It takes years of training to eat like we do."—Lorelai Gilmore She’s not wrong. It’s no small feat to consume calories like a Gilmore, but we are definitely going to try, because next week, we’ve got 6 hours of new Gilmore Girls to binge watch and there’s only one way to do it. We’ve got Luke’s Burger , Danishes , Mucho Mac and Cheese , and Miss Patty’s Founders Punch to wash it all down, and we’re going to put them all together into the ultimate Friday Night Dinner, a feast worthy of our girls and one Emily would never allow to be served at her house. Read the full article (and get the recipes!) from our friend Allie at .

'Gilmore Girls' Grad Keiko Agena Joins 'Colony' Season 2

'The Last Ship' alum Paolo Andino and former 'Boy Meets World' star William Russ will recur on the USA Network drama. ...Read More...

Screen Queens: Lauren Graham

You might know her as Lorelai Gilmore, or perhaps as Sarah Braverman. But you probably don't remember Denise, Shelly, or Andrea. Lauren Graham had been working steadily on TV when she landed the lead role on the small, smart WB show that made her a star. Since then, she's succeeded on film, on Broadway, and as an author. But to us, she'll always be one of TV's reigning queens. (And one of television's most consistently entertaining talk show guests.)   Must-See TV In the mid-'90s, when NBC was an unstoppable comedy powerhouse and actors who looked like actual people could find work on TV, Graham popped up all over the network. Her first major role was on Caroline in the City as Richard's annoyingly optimistic (and strangely high-pitched) girlfriend Shelly.     Notice who else appeared in that second clip? In addition to a guest spot on 3rd Rock from the Sun and a four-episode run on NewsRadio , Graham was one of Jerry's girls. As the speed-dial ranker, her voice was closer to its normal pitch.     Four Failed Sitcoms Graham seemed to have little difficulty booking pilots, but finding something with legs proved more challenging. The buzziest and longest-lasting series was ABC's Townies , Molly Ringwald's hyped comeback vehicle. Needless to say, the Mystic Pizza knockoff stalled (after 15 episodes). But not before gifting us a Boston-accented Graham.     She also was Liz on the 1996 show Good Company , which lasted six episodes; Molly on 1998's Conrad Brown , which ran a respectable 13; and Opal on M.Y.O.B. NBC burned off that show's four episodes during the summer of 2000, right before the premiere of Gilmore Girls .   Rite of Passage But first... you didn't think Graham avoided a trip to the mean streets of New York, did you? Well, she sort of did. Graham played a Hollywood producer who was interested in Rey Curtis in a three-episode stint on Law & Order . (Pardon her French.)     A Star Turn And now we come to Gilmore Girls . In a layered performance, Graham played a woman whose close relationship with her teenage daughter was largely informed by her strained relationship with her own mother. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2002, but was overlooked by the WB/UPN/CW-blind Emmys. Her work with both Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop was often heartfelt and dramatic enough to squeeze a tear or two from the show's small but enthusiastic audience, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's fast-talking comedy and zeitgeisty quips were what really made the role (and the show) so special.     All the Feels! In one of those interesting what-if casting scenarios, Parenthood 's Sarah Braverman originally was played by Maura Tierney, who pulled out when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Graham had planned to take a break from TV motherhood, but this Jason Katims-produced series was too good to pass on. In a show full of emotional moments, Graham's work with Mae Whitman, who played her daughter, consistently created some of the feelsiest.     A Revival One of the few bright spots of 2016, a true annus horribilis, was Netflix's announcement that the Gilmore team, led by Sherman-Palladino, would be reuniting to produce a four-part revivial series. Fittingly streaming the day after Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life sees the three generations of Gilmores come together to lead and follow, to call each other's names and be on trains — and other wonderful goodness. All three roles are iconic, and each actress brings something special to the show. But Graham is the fast-talking champ who gives the series its emotional heart. All hail the queen.     Who's your screen queen? Let us know in the comments below! And check out our first Screen Queens feature on Taraji P. Henson here . p { text-align: justify; }

Gilmore Girls: 23 Future Stars Who Passed Through Stars Hollow

With Gilmore Girls returning to Netflix later this month, well get a chance to see Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Emily and the whole Stars Hollow gang back in action once again. Butsome of the faces we probably wont see are all the many actors who made guest appearancesduring Gilmores original run and then went on to []

Jared Padalecki, Wife Genevieve Cortese Expecting Third Child - Us Weekly

Fatherhood looks good on him! Jared Padalecki and his wife, Genevieve Cortese, are expecting their third child together. The Supernatural actor, 34, announced the news during an appearance on Live with Kelly on Monday, November 7. "Father of two, about to be father of three in March," he revealed, while the actress, 35, showed off her growing baby bump off camera. Read the full article at Us Weekly .

The Stars of Gilmore Girls, Then and Now

Keep an eye on those new hairdos. ... 

I Waited Until Just Now to Watch 'Gilmore Girls', and Here’s What Happened

When my coworkers confronted me this week about a Snapchat I sent — a slo-moed zoom-in of my bedroom TV screen streaming the Gilmore Girls pilot from 2000 with the caption "I can’t believe I caved" — they were appalled. "I don’t think I understand… This is your FIRST time watching it?" one asked. "I don’t even know you!" another whispered resentfully. Despite the fact that we editors are all pretty "open" about our opinions (especially those TV-related) here in the SideReel Content Hole, apparently I had not been particularly vocal about my prior aversion to all things Gilmore . But here I am now, outed as the hater I am (or rather, was ). And although my coworkers tried their best to reserve judgment, I could tell they’d never look at me the same way again. (Well, to be clear, T.J. did actually tell me verbatim that he’d never look at me the same way again, so there’s that.) Back to my (former) hatred of Gilmore Girls : I don’t know where this distaste came from, exactly... I think maybe I half-heartedly tuned in mid-episode during the show’s original run and immediately dismissed their rapid-fire mother-daughter repartee as too "try-hard," not to mention nauseatingly cutesy for my taste. Or maybe it was because my college roommate used to make a habit of falling asleep while watching the full-season DVDs on her laptop and the theme song’s never-ending loop will forever haunt my nightmares. For whatever reason, over the past decade I’ve basically had zero interest in reconsidering my snap judgments and revisiting the world of Stars Hollow and its annoyingly witty residents... until now. Why now? I guess I’m just a sucker for a highly hyped TV revival and an easy binge-watching opportunity. Plus, I can’t help but see how excited everyone is over the upcoming four-part Netflix series, and I’m not immune to #FOMO. Also, I kind of OD'ed on Black Mirror last weekend and was in desperate need of some eye bleach, figuratively speaking. So here I am, six episodes deep (Rory just had two birthday parties, received a comically out-dated iBook, and awkwardly held hands with Dean in the bushes) and I don’t find this show annoying at all. In fact, I like it. In fact , I want to go home RIGHT NOW and find out if Sookie and the quirky produce guy are ever going to make out in a bushel of perfectly ripened blueberries. In short, I WAS WRONG, OK?! I’ve deprived myself for years by writing off a show that (so far) seems pretty darn adorable and relatable despite the 16 years (ouch) that have passed since its debut season. Sure, now that I’m 30 and therefore much closer in age to Lorelai than to Rory, I’m sure I will have a much different first-time viewing experience than my then-teenaged peers did back when The WB was a thing. And I don’t necessarily think that’s bad, especially when the show seems to be holding up fairly well despite the passage of time, not counting Lorelai’s puzzling wardrobe choices. As T.J. keeps enviously pointing out to me, you can never relive your first viewing, so I’m choosing to savor it... by tweeting. And if you’d like to live vicariously through me, a reformed garbage person who has finally seen the light of Stars Hollow, you can read my better-late-than-never reactions as a first-time viewer by following me at @sidereelAlex : Tweets by sidereelAlex ...Now that I mention it, that’s probably the only way you’ll be able to contact me — I clearly have my work cut out for me if I’m going to catch up by Black Friday. See you at Luke’s!