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'Girls': Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner on Series Finale Debate, Hannah's "Final Maturation"

As the HBO series comes to an end, the showrunners talk about the show's "primary love story" and how its narcissistic main character will do as a mom. ...Read More...

Why We Loved and Hated 'Girls' and Why We'll Miss It Once It's Gone

After six seasons, Girls ' series finale is imminent, and as the funny, flawed and self-absorbed protagonists careen headlong into the drudgework of being adults, it's time to look back and examine the impact the ground-breaking series had on the pop-culture landscape. Girls' star and creator, Lena Dunham, delivered an insider's viewpoint on what it means -- or what outsiders think it means -- to be a millennial, a generation often despised for its narcissism and entitlement. Dunham intentionally constructed female characters who weren't cutesy caricatures playing grown-up like many we've seen in the past. The finished product is a show that often left fans infuriated but also willing to forgive Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Hannah (Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams)and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet)for their mistakes and imperfections. ...Read More...

Girls': 10 Times Hannah Showed Up Wearing the Wrong Thing (Photos)

Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is the center of the Brooklyn-based storm that is the Girls quartet. Shes known for her comical,spontaneous escapades. Here are 10 times her outfit showed just how unprepared she was. In Season 1, Episode 7, the whole gang goes to a warehouse party in Bushwick. Marnie (Allison Williams) and Jessa (Jemima Kirk) are dressed to the nines, and Hannah is wearing a cardigan and shorts over tights. Itsprimeexample of Hannah just being herself. In Season 2, Episode 2, Hannah wears a sleeveless orange sleeping bag. Shes at home and looks comfy, so shes not really underdressed in this case. But this outfit is just too hilarious not to include. And,to be honest, were a little jealous of her Snuggie upgrade.   ...Read More...

Girls EP on Finale Scene That Landed on the Cutting Room Floor: 'It Was Heartbreaking to Let It Go'

One of the few images from Girls series finale that HBO releasedprior to Sundays broadcast was of Lena Dunhams Hannah sitting alone in a suburban New York diner looking defeated (see above).The funny thing is, the swan-songepisode featured no such scene. Whered it go? And what did we miss? Asco-showrunner and executive producer Jenni Konner []

How the Girls finale redeemed its millennial star

As its audience matured and its characters didnt, "Girls" became harder to identify with. ...Read More...

SideReel Power Ranking: Week of April 9, 2017

If you need 13 reasons why you should check out Netflix's hit newest hit show, we've got you . And here's a 14th reason: the show once again reigns atop the SideReel Power Ranking, a weekly look at the TV shows garnering the most attention on Another teen drama sits in the runner-up position: Riverdale . The CW's soapy series is just ahead of HBO's Big Little Lies , which ended a nearly perfect limited run with calls for a follow-up from Ms. Reese Witherspoon herself. Keeping up with the Kardashians is sitting pretty in fourth, ahead of Grey's Anatomy . Girls fittingly jumps one spot into sixth as it bids adieu after six seasons of love, hate, and think pieces. Rounding out the top 10 is a U.K. reality show that just began its 14th (!) season, MTV's Geordie Shore .       Top 10 Shows on SideReel: April 9 - April 15   1 - 13 Reasons Why   2 - Riverdale ▲   3 - Big Little Lies ▼   4 - Keeping Up With the Kardashians   5 - Grey's Anatomy ▲   6 - Girls ▲   7 - Game of Thrones ▲   8 - Just Tattoo of Us ▼   9 - The Flash ▲   10 - Geordie Shore ▼ p { text­align: justify; }

'Girls': Lena Dunham Breaks Down Engagement Shocker

The creator of the HBO series and co-showrunner Jenni Konner talk about Hannah's move and more from the penultimate episode. ....Read More...

The Girls of 'Girls,' Ranked From Worst to First

The final season of Girls has been good. Like, "a voice of a generation" good. So good, in fact, that it almost makes you want more. But it's best to go out on a high, so we're ready to say goodbye to TV's most think-pieced show. Hannah and friends (?) have made us laugh, made us cry, and made us really, really angry (hence all the think pieces). They’re all better, to some degree, than they were during Season 1. (Growth!) But each remains pretty infuriating. So we're ranking them! The Girls of 'Girls,' From Worst to First Launch Slideshow Who's your fave? Let us know what you think! p { text-align: justify; }

Lena Dunham Has Known Where Hannah Would End Up on Girls Since Season 2

Considering I spent the rest of my life working with Planned Parenthood, it was fun to not make it a political choice.  ...Read More...

How Girls Breaks the Traditional Rules of the Friendship Comedy

The HBO series was always about what happens when young women grow up and grow apart.