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Gossip Girl Music: Songs Played During Season 5, Episode 18: “Con-Heir”

It's the episode we've all been waiting for! Gossip Girl returned April 2, 2012, with Season 5, Episode 18: "Con-Heir," and while the drama was just as intense as expected, so were the jams. Check out the songs played during this episode's most memorable moments:

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair Chose Dan Over Chuck — Now What?

Loved it or hated it, you were probably reeling the last time Gossip Girl was on the air, aka the moment where Blair chose Dan over Chuck. In Monday's new episode, Queen B and the boy from Brooklyn are going to try their darndest to consummate their unlikely couple status by... well, you know. (The show, of course, will throw obstacles in their way, like parents inconveniently hanging around.) But whether or not they succeed, there will be plenty working against Ms. Have and Mr. Have Not. Will they come out of Season 5 intact? When exactly did the writers decide Dan and Blair should be together anyway? Where does that leave Chuck? And what about Serena, whose heart was also broken? Is Gossip Girl's laptop going to spell war between B and S? We grilled seriesexecutive producer Josh Safran about the origins of Blair's choice and what it has wrought...

Gossip Girl New Episode “Con-Heir” – Unlikely Alliances

Gossip Girl  "Con-Heir" Season 5 Episode 18 airs Monday April 2 8/7c pn the CW. Episode Synopsis:   Chuck  invites Jack (Harrington) to town to thank him for saving his life, but finds the trip doesn’t go exactly as planned. Blair and Dan attempt to consummate their new relationship — but unexpected roadblocks get in their way. Read More...  

Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Serena’s “Huge Turning Point”

When last we saw our dear Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), she was about to be on the receiving end of one very interesting package – the laptop belonging to Georgina during her recent reign as Gossip Girl! We were left to wonder if GG’s most bitter of adversaries would take the bait in her battle against the online enemy, or avoid it altogether.New hints from executive producer Josh Safran indicate that the choice might not be so easy… "It’s like the...

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair and Dan Go Public With Their Romance

Blair and Dan will be taking their new relationship public in the upcoming April 16 episode of Gossip Girl, so fans who had hoped this would be a quick fling might be disappointed.  The upcoming episode, titled "Salon of the Dead", features the pair deciding to celebrate their new romance with an official coming out party.  Since every affair on the Upper East Side must be grand (that's the rule!), they throw a glamorous British-themed Salon party, including guests Julian Tepper and Jenna Gribbon (founders of The Oracle Club). Meanwhile, we already know that Elizabeth Hurley is set to reprise her role as Diana Payne in the April 9 episode ( read more spoilers ), and she'll also be sticking around on April 16 when she and Serena have secrets that could potentially be exposed.  Serena will also be trying to turn her cousin Lola into the newest It Girl in New York society in the April 9 episode, but in the April 16 episode Lola manages to score an impressive audition.  Unfortunately, Gossip Girl's plans for Lola might prevent her from going through with it.  Ivy will continue to be a problem for Lily, as she and Rufus fight over how to handle the whole inheritance situation. Gossip Girl returns with all new episodes on April 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  For more on the show, check out our Gossip Girl page .

Watch Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18, "Con-Heir" Canadian Promo: Feuds, Bribes, and Elevator Sex? (VIDEO)

Get ready to have your mind blown when Gossip Girl returns in just SIX DAYS with Season 5, Episode 18, "Con-Heir." We thought we were ready... And then we watching this juicy Canadian preview!
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Sneak Peek! Chuck Bass Confronts Uncle Jack About the Blood Donation in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18: "Con-Heir" (VIDEO)

Uncle Jack is back in town and Chuck is convinced he owes him for saving his life after the car crash. But does he?
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'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Are Dan and Blair already having problems?

After a little bit of an early Spring Break, "Gossip Girl" will return with new episodes on Monday (April 2). And it looks like the party will just be getting started.In a preview video with producers, we learn a little bit about each of the storylines that will be emerging in the new episode. The most notable item for fans of the Dan (Penn Badgley)/Blair (Leighton Meester) pairing is that the two want to consummate their relationship, but this proves easier said than done. It also creates quite an embarrassing situation at one point for Blair. That said, we're pretty certain they'll find that practice makes perfect.As for Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) and her inheritance, this should be quite the enjoyable segment. Nothing like watching people scheme (or maybe even grovel) to get back what they believe to be rightfully theirs. We're guessing that Ivy has learned enough manipulation skills from her time on the Upper...

Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Con Heir"

The producers of Gossip Girl, led by show-runner Joshua Safran, have sat down for their usual preview of the upcoming episode, mixing clips with commentary. What do they reveal about "Con Heir"? Not a lot. However, there are some interesting clips showing: Ivy's first move in getting Lily and Serena to stop blackballing her. Dan and Blair's struggle to consummate their relationship. Nate pondering the future of The N.Y. Spectator . Jack's return to the Upper East Side. Check out our photo gallery for the April 2 episode if you missed it, then watch the two-minute montage below and share your thoughts with us. How do you see this installment - and the rest of the season - playing out?

Gossip Girl Preview: Lily Fights Back; Dan and Blair Have Logistical Troubles

Gossip Girl fans will just have to wait a little bit longer for their show to return, but when the show does return in April, we're jumping right back into the action. Ivy was willed the majority of CeCe's estate and ended up kicking Lily and Rufus out of their penthouse apartment because it had been left to her.  The pair have returned to Rufus' Brooklyn pad, but Lily isn't about to take this whole situation lying down.  She's clearly reaching out to professionals (lawyers, etc) to find something bad in Ivy's past that she can use against her to wrestle back control of the estate.  Ivy, meanwhile, has been black-balled in New York society by both Lily and Serena.  She reaches out to William van der Woodsen (guest star Billy Baldwin) for advice and he suggests she throw one heck of a charity party. Read More...