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Preview of 'Greek' Season 2 Finale: At World's End - Featured

The preview for the second season finale of ABC Family's " Greek " has arrived! The finale will air Monday, June 15th at 8/7c. Spoiler Alert In the episode, Casey falls into a manhole risking her life. Sent to an emotional tailspin, she makes a huge decision about her relationship with Max and her lingering feelings for Cappie. The outcome is revealed via a clip released by EW's Michael Ausiello where Casey edges Cappie into a closet to reveal her feelings. She kisses him and says "Something happened. I almost died, because of that manhole." They laugh before Casey continues, "But, almost dying in that manhole made me realize that I could die at any time. I could slip in the shower. And I've been waiting all this time to feel the way with Max that I've always had with you. And if it's the end of the world, I want to be with you." Meanwhile, Ashleigh faces her own punishment with Pan Hellenic after a complaint is lodged by Frannie for the Homecoming Float sabotage. Ashleigh turns to Casey to help fight the charge, but when Casey gets caught up in her own personal drama, she leaves Ashleigh to face Frannie alone. Dale has trouble keeping his cougar girlfriend's sexual advances at bay and Calvin tries his best to resist hooking up with his new hot roommate, Grant. Dale convinces Calvin to go in on a "purity pledge" partnership so they can help each resist their most recent temptations. The third season will take over starting Monday, August 31. Sparing a word about the new chapter is Casey's depicter Spencer Grammer who said, "I think the next season coming up we're going to have a little more, at least for my character, it's going to be a little more comedy. Maybe a little less love triangle story line. I've had like 80 triangles." Source Here

Scooplets: 'House,' 'Big Bang,' 'Greek' and more! - Featured

* Greek : ABC Family's fratastic soap is firming up plans for Father-Daughter Weekend with the hiring of Everwood's great Tom Amandes as Jordan's father. An ex-jock and avid sports fan, Pops is under the impression that his little girl is dating a football player. Imagine his surprise (read: horror) when he meets her real BF, Rusty. * House : With production slated to resume next week, House is looking to cast an actress in her early 20s to mid 30s who is proficient at playing the cello. Sounds like a run-of-the-mill patient-of-the-week, right? That's what I thought. But then I read the fine print on the casting notice: Interested parties must be available from June 15 through July 15. (Rumor has it this could be another one of House's fellow cuckoo nesters.) * Pushing Daisies : Never underestimate the power of Ask Ausiello to right the wrongs of the world. Per an Emmy insider, hours after he reported that Pushing Daisies leads Lee Pace and Anna Friel had yet to enter their names for Emmy consideration, Academy officials approached their reps and gave them one last chance to get their clients on the ballot before the Thursday-night deadline. Jump ahead 24 hours: The official ballots are released and both Pace and Friel are on it! * Burn Notice : Producers of the USA smash are courting Tyne Daly to appear opposite her former Cagney & Lacey partner, Sharon Gless, for an episode to air in early 2010. BTW, last Thursday's Burn attracted 6 million viewers -- the show's most-watched season premiere yet. (Look for my ATV interview with Jeffrey Donovan later this week!) * The Big Bang Theory : Want to see Sheldon, Penny and Co. like you've never seen them before? Click through for an exclusive sneak peek at the fab September cover for CBS' Watch magazine. CBS's watch magazine

Watch a sneak peek of GREEK Season 2 Episode 20 "Tailgate Expectations"

It's Homecoming Week and the Kappa Taus' team up with the ZBZ to go against IKI and the Omega Chis in the annual float competition. When things don't go as planned, will Casey and Cappie be able to keep their agreement to stay out of each other's way? What will Rusty and Ashleigh do to ensure a victory? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series " Greek ," premiering Monday, June 8, 2009 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled "Tailgate Expectation," was directed by Tim Matheson and written by Anne Kenney & Mike Berns. Source & Sneak Peek

Random scooplets: 'SVU,' 'Greek' and 'Gilmore Girls' - Featured

Law & Order: SVU: There's still no deal in place for Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni to return next season, but I hear talks are "moving in the right direction." Greek : Kadeem Hardison ( A Different World ) has been cast as Ashleigh's father, Brian Howard, in a season 3 episode. Pops arrives on campus to spend Father-Daughter Weekend at the ZBZ sorority with Ash. Gilmore Girls : Nope, the show isn't returning. And I don't have an update on a possible movie. I do, however, have good news for fans of Gilmore guy Matt Czuchry. The pilot for his new CBS legal drama, The Good Wife , doesn't suck. Like, at all. (Watch a clip here .) Blind item: The coolest casting coup in recent memory was supposed to be finalized this week. Now I'm hearing it's not happening at all. The only hint I can give you is that it involves an actress we adore and a show we're obsessed with. And no, this is not a follow-up to my Summer Glau- Dollhouse story. Source

Watch a sneak peek of GREEK Season 2 Episode 20 "Isn't It Bro-mantic"

Overwhelmed with loneliness since Max left for his internship, Casey finds herself latching onto her ZBZ sister's social activities and ultimately interfering with Rusty's new blossoming romance with Jordan. To what lengths will Rusty go to put a stop to Casey's craziness? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series " Greek ," premiering Monday, June 1, 2009 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled "Isn't It Bro-mantic" was directed by Michael Lange and written by Mark Stegemann & Adam Milch. Source & Sneak Peek

Preview of 'Greek' 2.19: Cappie Stuck Between Two Girls

A brand new episode of " Greek " comes on Monday, May 25 under the title "Social Studies". In the preview which has just been released, Cappie tells Cassie that no other girls in the world compares to her. Casey and Cappie's study group for their Woman's Studies class takes an awkward turn when not one but two fellow classmates joining them turn out to both be dating Cappie at the same time. How will Cappie escape this predicament? By studying alone with Casey? Meanwhile, when Jordan asks to join Rusty's Art History study group along with Dale and Calvin, putting her in close contact with Rusty, it causes him to question whether he is capable of being "just friends" with her. And Rebecca turns to Evan to help retrieve her laptop, which has her mid-term paper, from her towed car-leading to quite an entertaining encounter with a guard dog. Scott Michael Foster who plays Cappie previously revealed, "... In my women's studies class I'm the only guy, so the ladies are like sitting ducks. Of course, he will always be at least partly stuck on Casey." Source & Sneak Peek

Watch a sneak peek of GREEK Season 2 Episode 18 "Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood"

While completing his community service, Rusty discovers a symbol for a secret Amphora Society that is actively recruiting members. Knowing that Cappie was on a search to find the hidden lair during his freshman year, Rusty gets Dale to help him solve the mystery to get back in Cappie's good graces. Will Cappie be impressed? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series Greek , premiering Monday, May 18, 2009 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled "Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood," was directed by Michael Lange and written by Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin. Source & Video

Watch a sneak peek of GREEK Season 2 Episode 17 "Guilty Treasures"

Cappie and the Kappa Tau's scramble to return a stash of stolen goods from around the campus after an Omega Chi pledge breaks in and discovers the stockpile. Will the Kappa Tau's get it all returned before being busted by campus security? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series Greek , premiering Monday, May 11, 2009 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled "Guilty Treasures," was directed by Norman Buckley and written by Roger Grant. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of GREEK Season 2 Episode 15 "Evasive Actions"

When Frannie (Tiffany Dupont) challenges the sisterhood of ZBZ girls, Casey (Spencer Grammer) retaliates by challenging the IKI's to a game of dodgeball. Which sorority will take the least amount of hits? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series Greek , premiering Monday, April 27, 2009 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled Evasive Actions, was directed by Michael Lange and written by Carter Covington. The dodgeball game is also part of the effort by Casey and Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) to win over Jordan (Johanna Braddy), ZBZ's new pledge, who reveals that she doesn't think the sorority is the place for her. Determined to change her mind, Casey and Ashleigh attempt to give Jordan a ZBZ makeover. Meanwhile, Rusty (Jacob Zachar) struggles with the fact that Dale (Clark Duke) is so in love with their new apartment that he never leaves, so Rusty enlists the Kappa Tau's to invade the house to scare him away. But the plan backfires when the landlord shows up the next morning with a tour (they live in a model apartment), and upon finding remains from the night's escapades, evicts the boys much to the chagrin of Casey, whose name is on the lease! To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source Here

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Siblings, Part 1 - Featured

We've shared our love for our Favorite TV Families, but favorite TV siblings can be a whole different story! Some of our fav TV siblings have huge, "happy," "normal" families surrounding their lives, while others are so wonderful because they have grown close from having no one else. So here begins SideReel's top 10 favs! Chuck - Chuck & Ellie Chuck and Ellie are exactly who we mean when we mention we adore some siblings for being adorably close, and in this case, their closeness grew from having no one else. With a mother who left them, and an estranged father, Chuck and Ellie began to fend for themselves (together) at a young age. Now as we know them, they are an adorable 20-somethings duo who are very sweet together and adorably over-involved in each other's lives... though of course Chuck can no longer tell her all. Greek - Casey & Rusty One of the greatest part of these siblings is the realistic relationship as Casey, the nice, but much cooler older sister has her own life in college and feels very interrupted by having her nerdy, unrelatable brother on campus. They don't fight all the time for the sake of playing up comedy or drama on the show, but have real struggles in learning about each other and finding a good friendship as well as their own separate places in their college world. But of course, my very favorite part is seeing little Rusty step up and defend Casey, no matter how stupid or embarrassing it may be! 90210 - Annie & Dixon While their lives aren't all that realistic living in Beverly Hills, this adopted brother-sister pair's relationship is one of the more real and stable parts of the show. They have their separate struggles with Annie the natural born and Dixon the adopted, but their friendship and chats over teethbrushing are endearing and their interracial family is perfectly displayed as not always easy, but not presented as edgy which I think is some excellent TV progress! Lost - Shannon & Boone Speaking of edgy family relations, Shannon and Boone of Lost may have been slightly forgotten now in Season 5, but much adored while they were around! In true Lost fashion, these two couldn't be taken at face value as we learned they were, hm, slightly incestual. Due to not that much action around it, it was just fascinating to see their intense sibling love and concern switch to something a little too much, always keeping us guessing and intrigued... until they served their greater and more tragic island fates. Big Love - Ben & Sarah In a Mormon polygamist family with a dad, three wives, and 6+ children, you've got to find someone to confide in! Over the seasons, the eldest Henrickson kids, Ben and Sarah, have had their squabbles, but the best part of these two is their struggles with their parents' polygamist choices, and also their very strong support for each other. This season we got to see their sibling love and bond grow as Ben very sweetly and protectively supported Sarah in her giant crisis. Continue to Part 2