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Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy Is Alive! in Thrones-Inspired Promo Parody

IfGame of Thrones can resurrect Jon Snow, surelyGreys Anatomy can resurrect McDreamy. That was the theory onJimmy Kimmel Live Monday, as the comedian teased fans with an exclusive promo touting Patrick Dempseys never-gonna-happen-so-please-dont-email-us-about-it return to the long-running hospital drama. Sure, toying with fans like this could be construed as cruel, but even folkswhove moved on []

Grey's Anatomy Brings Back McDreamy Thanks to a Game of Thrones-Style Twist (and Jimmy Kimmel Live!) - E! Online

It seems like no one stays dead on TV these days. After Game of Thrones ' miraculous (but oh so expected) resurrection of [spoiler], you might be wondering which dearly departed character is next to return to the land of the living. Well, the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! seem to have the inside scoop on which show is following the HBO hit's lead. Read the full article at E! Online

Greys Anatomy Season 12: Meredith Is Tense With Amelia Over Derek

Just when Meredith and Amelia got their sister-in-law groove back in Grey's Anatomy Season 12, theyre about to go through another rough spot.   Read More....

Greys Anatomy Season 12 Cast Explains How the Show Still Succeeds

How is it that a medical drama in its 12th season with only 4 original cast members still aboard is ending the season as ABCs most popular show?  Read More...

Grey's Anatomy's Custody Battle: Are You Team Callie or Team Arizona?

After declaring war on one another last week, last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy was all about Callie and Arizona getting to work to gather their troops. Now that Callie (Sara...  Read More...

'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers And Speculation: Is Dr. Callie Torres Leaving Grey Sloan?

Is Sara Ramirez leaving Grey's Anatomy? The actress has been with the series for many years now, but a recent tweet has fans buzzing that Dr. Callie Torres may be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hosp...   Read More...

'Grey's Anatomy' star reacts to Stephanie's cold move

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursdays episode of Greys Anatomy . Read at your own risk! Jerrika Hinton did caution Greys Anatomy fans that her character Stephanie was unable to separate her personal and professional lives. But who knew... ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy's Jerrika Hinton Laments Stephanie's 'Horrible' Move

The following story contains spoilers from Thursdays Greys Anatomy. Proceed at your own peril No one can accuse Jerrika Hinton of not fighting on behalf of her character. When the Greys Anatomy actress read the script for this weeks episode and discovered that Stephanie was not only going to dump her MS-afflicted boyfriend Kyle (Wilmer []

'Grey's Anatomy' surprise: Sara Ramirez tweets a (final?) goodbye

Insiders say she's negotiating a new deal or is she?   Read More...

Grey's Anatomy: Did Sara Ramirez Just Announce Her Departure?

Is Greys Anatomy is about to weather another major cast shakeup? On Wednesday afternoon, Sara Ramirez who has played Callie Torres for more than a decade posted a message on Twitter that has fans wondering if shell be returning for the ABC dramas recently-ordered 13th season. Thats a wrap for Doctor #CallieTorres #Season13 []