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Ellen Pompeo is Ready for More Grey's Anatomy

Guess what, ABC? A year and a half after she said she would "finish the show when my contract is up," Ellen Pompeo is open to continuing as Grey's Anatomy 's Meredith. Just one problem: "I was invited for eight years — that was my contract — and no one has asked me for a day more," she says. "I know [creator] Shonda Rhimes has said the show will continue, but I wouldn't presume that they want to continue with me. You don't get dressed for the party if you don't have an invitation."

New Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Free Fallin'" & "She's Gone"

Grey's Anatomy returns September 22 with a two-part episode. We've seen a sneak preview and a full gallery of photos from the Season 8 premiere in recent days, so the promo below isn't exactly earth-shattering (although we've heard the episode itself is). It's a different iteration of the teaser ABC has been running thus far, however, and definitely worth checking out. Here's the latest promo for "Free Fallin'" & "She's Gone" ...

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Scoop: Photos, Official Description

The two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy is almost upon us. With less than three weeks to go until September 22, ABC has released the official descriptions for both "Free Falling" and "She's Gone," the two episodes that will comprise the opener. Below, we run down each installment and post a trio of images from each hour. (Note: Plenty more photos to come this week!) Free Falling : The fifth-year residents return for the first day of a year that will make or break their careers: Meredith faces the consequences of tampering with Derek's clinical trial and is terminated at the hospital; April tries to step up to the plate as Chief Resident in the wake of a giant sinkhole in the middle of Seattle; and Cristina and Owen are still at odds over their drastically different feelings for their unborn child. Read More...

Spoiler! Dr. Kepner Will Get Some Serious Lovin' in Season 8

The curtain fell on Season 7 of Grey's Anatomy with April Kepner (Sarah Drew) landing the coveted position of Chief Resident, mostly to the annoyance of her fellow residents. As we previously spoiled, the road ahead of Kepner will be tough. Sure she's got lists and protocols down to a T, but will sensitive April be able to take charge of her scowling peers?Luckily, she has an admittedly predictable friend who's always got her back. Sarah Drew tells Entertainment Weekly of her character, "She...

Grey's Anatomy: Spoilers for the Season 8 Two-Hour Premiere

The eighth season of Grey's Anatomy will be premiering on Thursday, September 22 with a special two-hour episode.  Thanks to ABC, we've got details about the upcoming season premiere. Episode 8.01 "Free Falling" (9:00-10:00 p.m.):  The fifth-year residents return to work for a year that could make or break their careers.  Meredith must suffer the consequences of her actions last season and will be terminated from Seattle Grace for tampering with Derek's clinical trial.  April, who has been appointed the new Chief Resident, will try to prove that she's worthy of the job as the residents deal with a giant sinkhole in the middle of Seattle.  Cristina and Owen's relationship continues to be tested as they are "still at odds over their drastically different feelings for their unborn child." Read More...

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Sneak Peek: What Have I Done?

A second sneak preview of the eighth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy features Derek in mid-surgery when he gets a troublesome phone call. Things in the OR quickly grow tense. Desperate for answers - and to find his wife and baby - the normally composed Derek is left reeling, wondering what went wrong and what, if anything, he can do right now. Meredith, meanwhile, is seen moving hurriedly with Zola, wondering what she has done ...

Spoiler: Dr. Ben Returns for a Bailey Love Triangle!

What's the best thing to come of Off the Map being canceled (other than, of course, relief from being subjected to watch Grey's in the jungle on the painfully obvious recycled LOST set)? Jason George (Ben) is free to return to Grey's Anatomy and make a play for Miranda Bailey (Chanda Wilson)’s affections!Jason played Ben, the impossibly smooth anesthesiologist, who swept Bailey off her feet despite her best defenses. He went on to star in Shonda Rhimes' third ABC series Off the Map, but...

Behind the Scenes of Grey's Anatomy Music Video, Season Premiere

It might not be earth shattering or life altering , but a new video gives fans another sneak peek at the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. ABC has released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video for "Hearts on Fire," a track by Scars on 45 that will be featured on the upcoming series soundtrack. Aside from interviews with band members, we're treated to new shots of Arizona holding Sofie and Owen ogling his wedding ring. Says Grey's Anatomy Music Supervisor Alex Pastavas: "This season, we definitely see relationships coming apart." Watch now:

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Deleted Scene: Should Teddy Date Her Husband?

The ladies of Seattle Grace give Teddy dating advice in this deleted scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 7.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Deleted Scene: Why Was Lucy Callie's OB/GYN?

Isn't Lucy some fancy doctor? Why was she acting as Callie's regular OB/GYN? The mystery is explained in this deleted scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 7.