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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Sneak Peek: 8 Hints About the Premiere

Yes, we've seen it, and yes, you should be jealous.  But we're in a sharing mood, so for all of you who just can't wait for 9 PM on Thursday night to roll around, here's what we can tell you without the running afoul of the Spoiler Police at ABC.One doctor will be revealed to be a Gunther.  It may not be the prettiest name you've ever heard, but one of the surgeons will take on that identity and be darn proud of it!  The question you should be asking is: Who is Gunther?One doctor...

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Clips: A Blessing in Disguise?

Grey's Anatomy begins its eighth season Thursday night, and perhaps the most discussed, unresolved story arc heading into the fall is whether Cristina will keep her baby. The clip below sheds light on that. As Meredith tries to put a positive spin on her career setback, she reflects on how it will allow her to spend more time with baby Zola. That's when Cristina makes this surprising, and honest, admission:

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Spoilers! Details on the All Male Episode

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 hasn't even premiered yet — Thursday can't come soon enough! — but we already have details about Season 8, Episode 4, "What Is It About Men?" thanks to a press release from ABC.As you can probably tell from the title, this is the highly anticipated all-boys episode. So what goes down when the guys are left alone?

Will Season 8 Be the Last Season of Grey's Anatomy?

After a long summer of contract chatter and cryptic interviews, the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 is finally upon us. But with no confirmation of more seasons from show creator Shonda Rhimes or anyone in the cast, is it possible that Season 8 will be a swansong for Grey’s?It certainly doesn’t bode well for Grey’s that Shonda has been busy creating a spate of new shows for ABC — her show Scandal premieres this fall, and she recently sold pitches of a show called...

Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Karev's Family, Calzona's Babysitter

Is the drama finally over for Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? Possibly in terms of whether or not their relationship will survive, but there will still be bumps in the road. For example, a three-day medical conference early in the season, according to a TV Line report. Why would that be an issue? Because it leaves Mark in charge of babysitting the baby! Michael Ausiello writes that "they may end up regretting that decision big-time." What do you think Mark does? Read More...

Jessica Capshaw Weighs in on the (Possible) Final Season of Grey's Anatomy

Peace and quiet is something Grey’s Anatomy characters rarely have the chance to enjoy, but after a season filled with car crashes, breakups, make ups, marriage and babies, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) deserve a break from the drama!Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jessica last week at the Pink Party hosted by Jennifer Garner at the W Hollywood where she dished on what we can expect from Seattle Grace’s same-sex couple."Married life is good for them!"...

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Spoiler: Is Mark a Bad Babysitter?

We've already reported that there will be smooth sailing for Calzona in Season 8 — and they've definitely earned it after the break up, accidental pregnancy, and near-death experience they struggled through in Season 7. But, this is Grey's Anatomy, so nobody's life can be perfect. According to TV Line, the couple is off to a three-day medical conference sometime near the beginning of Season 8, which means they have to leave the baby behind. But hey, what's the point of having a third parent...

Grey's Anatomy Season 8: Top Five Things We Can't Wait to See Explained

These are the things we most look forward to seeing explained during Season 8. What can't you wait to see? Let us know at our Facebook page.

Sarah Drew: Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Will Be Full of Laughs

We’re used to every kind of tears, drama, heartache, death and destruction on Grey’s Anatomy, but for the Season 8, viewers are going to be getting something they’ve not seen very often – comedy!"It’s a hilarious season so far, we’ve been laughing like crazy at ever table read," Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, told Wetpaint Entertainment at the Elyse Walker’s Pink Party hosted by Jennifer Garner at the W Hollywood. "There’s...

Sneak Peek Medical Drama! Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Premiere

Get a sneak peek look at some of the medical drama from the Season 8 premiere of Grey's Anatomy on September 22, 2011!