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Cody Linley Heads Back to 'Hannah Montana'

Jake Ryan returns on a special episode of Hannah Montana , and actor Cody Linley is as ecstatic as his fans. The upcoming installment "He Could Be the One" is going to be yet another milestone in his career, as well as for the Disney Channel series. On the one-hour episode, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) and Jake (Cody Linley) are dating once again and she's finding it difficult to tell her father, Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus). She tries and tries to reveal this secret, and soon the dad suspects that she's hiding something. She later pretends to date her male bandmate Jesse (Drew Roy), whose bad-boy attitude isn't really approved of. Miley has to find a way to fix her relationships before it's too late. The 19-year-old Cody Linley prepped up for his appearance on the show, and recently discussed the projects he's involved in lately. He was interviewed by Just, talking about his new music and other plans he has for his career. "I've written over 50 solid songs, and right now I'm just in the process of narrowing them down and deciding what I want to release," Linley admitted. He's been quite the scene-stealer ever since he appeared on Hannah Montana, earning a spot on Dancing with the Stars and even worked on his own album. "I take being an artist seriously, and I don't want to release anything prematurely," he said. "We haven't released anything lately but yes, music is a huge part of my life. Songs that I've written all over the world this year will definitely be coming out, and I want to produce it with some of my close friends like Aaron Carter and some other producers." He continued by saying "I'm just really trying to find a way to do it independently because I want to bring my true funk sound, and that would be a kind of acoustic soul mixed with funk." There's also the recurrence of Jake Ryan's alter ego Meelosh on Hannah Montana. "The character Meelosh was actually created by me. I went up to the writers room and they asked me if I could do any special accents, and it was right around the time Borat was coming out," Cody Linley revealed. "I guess Meelosh was Jake Ryan's attempt at hiding, he's kind of like Lola for Emily Osment's character. He dyed his hair black and wore goofy clothes just to disguise himself." Source Here

Miley Cyrus dating Nick Jonas again

Hello friends, our favorite actress Miley Cyrus is single again. But don’t worry friends she is not going to stay single for long as she has been seen dating Nick Jonas again. 16 year old, Miley was previously dating 20 years old musician and underwear model Gaston. Their relationship lasted for about eight months. Miley had met Gaston while she was still nursing her broken heart after her breakup with her first love Nick Jonas in 2007. But as it is said that “it’s hard to forget first love� proved to be true here as now she has again reunited with her love. In mid-April she laughed on the rumors of romance between them, at Los Angeles’s village Idiot. There she said that they were just friends. But now friendship part is left behind and love has taken over.

Disney Channel's Summer of Stars Promo for July

Disney Channel 's Summer of Stars program continues in July. The new promo for the seasonal event reveals what TV shows will be coming on screen this month, and which movies are getting its TV screening. Coming this Saturday as part of the movie night is Oscar-winning animated film "Happy Feet". Disney's Original Movie "Another Cinderella Story" which is starring Selena Gomez will take over on July 11. TV series " Sonny With a Chance ", " J.O.N.A.S !", " Hannah Montana ", " Wizards of Waverly Place " as well as "Phineas and Ferb" will come up with new episodes throughout the month. Disney is also preserving special events at certain dates. On July 5, "Hannah Montana: Crushaton" will be the lead-in to a one-hour event called "He Could Be the One". Welcoming back Cody Linley as Miley Stewart's love interest, the episode sees Miley trying to tell Robby that she is dating Jake Ryan again. Miley then tries to make her dad be thankful for Jake, and she pretends to date her bad boy band mate Jesse. On July 17, there will be a 90 minutes crossover event of "Wizards", "Hannah" and " The Suite Life On Deck ". Starting at 8/7c, "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" will show the stars of the three series coming on board SS Tipton for a holiday cruise. On July 24, "Wizards" will have a four-part saga where the Wizards family are battling the Vampires. When a new sandwich shop opens in Waverly Place, Justin falls in love with the owner's daughter. But when his family finds out that they are vampires all four parents say they can't date. Source Here

Bloopers on 'Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana'

Disney Channel has aired a behind-the-scene of "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" which is premiering July 17 at 8/7c. Not only containing bloopers like forgetting the lines and experiencing technical glitch, the footage also shows the on-set chemistry among the cast of the three separate shows. A combination of " Wizards of Waverly Place ", " The Suite Life On Deck " and " Hannah Montana ", the crossover event will present 3 episodes running back to back. The first one is called "Cast-Away (To Another Show)". The Russos are coming on board the SS Tipton and Justin is excited to meet London Tipton. Meanwhile, Max and Zack compete in a series of outrageous challenges. The other two episodes are "Double-Crossed" where Hannah Montana arrives on the cruise ship, and "Super(stitious) Girl" where Miley loses her charm bracelet. Source & Video

'Hannah Montana' One-Hour Special Promo

One more promo is released for a special episode of " Hannah Montana " which is airing on July 5. This time the promo shows more of Miley's dilemma when she is forced to choose between her old flame, Jake Ryan and the bad boy, Jesse. Miley tries to tell Robby that she is dating Jake Ryan again, but he then believes that she is hiding something from him. Miley then tries to make her dad be thankful for Jake, and she pretends to date his bad boy band mate Jesse, until her dad tries to make Miley listen to her heart. The special episode is divided into two parts with the first one airing at 8/7c. Guest starring in the episode are Brooke Shields as Miley's mom, Cody Linley as Jake and Malese Jow as Rachel. Source & Promo

'Hannah Montana' to Wrap Up After Fourth Season

Miley Cyrus can't be the 16-year-old Disney Channel pop princess forever. According to several reports, it has been decided that her hit series Hannah Montana is expected to end next year. The star's father and co-star, Billy Ray Cyrus, told Access Hollywood that the cast is planning to move on with other projects. They're still filming season 3, but his daughter requested one more run of the teen comedy show. "Quite frankly, I give a lot of credit to Miley for taking it to another year," he said in an interview. "She didn't want it to just end with whatever was the last episode we did. She wanted it to build to where there's a moral to the story, to where it doesn't just end and go away and that's it. She wanted there to be an official ending to Hannah Montana." Singing the praises of his daughter, he said that Miley has been doing a lot for someone her age. Even so, he'll always be there as her dad and friend when she needs him. "She'll figure it all out, step by step, day by day," he said. Billy Ray Cyrus went on to discuss that the final 11 half-hour long episodes will be filmed soon, along with a one-hour season finale. They hope that the remaining installments will hit the screens on 2010. "We'll start [shooting] Season 4 sometime around the end of January," the actor/musician continued. "We have to be done by the first week of June in the summer of next year." However, the decision's not that final yet. Knowing how Miley Cyrus is prone to changing her mind about things (like boyfriends), it's rather likely that another Hannah Montana hit will be on the way after a fourth run of the show. Even her father isn't certain of the end. "Anything is possible in Hollywood," Billy Ray announced with a laugh. Source Here

'Hannah Montana' Preview for 'He Could Be the One'

Jake Ryan's return to " Hannah Montana " is going to be celebrated with a one-hour special. "He Could be the One" which music video was released last week, is the title to the July 5 episode where Jake is involved in a series of twist and drama concerning his romance with Miley. Miley tries to tell Robby that she is dating Jake Ryan again, but he then believes that she is hiding something from him. Miley then tries to make her dad be thankful for Jake, and she pretends to date his bad boy band mate Jesse, until her dad tries to make Miley listen to her heart. Brooke Shields guest stars as Miley's mother. On a related news, Billy Ray Cyrus has confirmed that the fourth season would be the last one of the series. "She didn't want it to just end with whatever was the last episode we did," he told Access Hollywood. "She wanted it to build to where there's a moral to the story, to where it doesn't just end and go away and that's it. She wanted there to be an official ending to 'Hannah Montana'." Source & Preview

First Trailer of 'Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana'

The official promo of "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" has been released by Disney Channel to reveal that 9 stars from three different series will be tangled in a crossover event. The promo displays how when two people from different shows collide and what conflict of interest entails behind. The Summer of Stars program will take over the screen for 90 minutes telecast on July 17. Starting with "Cast-Away (To Another Show)" at 8/7c, the event begins when the Russos aboard SS Tipton as a holiday prize from an essay contest. Alex Russo of " Wizards of Waverly Place " will befriend Bailey Pickett of " The Suite Life On Deck " but later is in trouble after Jennifer Stone's Harper is on board. The next two episodes are titled "Doubled-Crossed" and "Super(stitious) Girl". There will be cross encounters between Max and Zack, Max and London, as well as London and Hannah. is conducting a scavenger hunt sweepstakes to coincide with the program. Participants can tune in to Disney Channel every night from July 12 to July 17 at 8/7c and answer the questions correctly to win the grand prize (Miley Stewart's charm ankle bracelet, an SS Tipton life preserver signed by the stars and wands from "Wizards"). Source & Trailer

Promo of 'Hannah Montana' Marathon and New 'J.O.N.A.S!'

This Sunday, June 14 starting at 4/3c, Disney Channel will present a marathon of " Hannah Montana " and a flashback to the first few episodes of " Sonny With a Chance ". A promo for the Sunday special has been aired. The "Hannah" segment is celebrating the upcoming Father's Day. The episodes will be focused on Miley Stewart's relationship with her father Robby Ray. Meanwhile, Sonny will go back as far as the first episode where she was cast as the new star of "So Random!" and met Chad Dylan Cooper for the first time. Following the two series is a new episode of " J.O.N.A.S !" called "Fashion Victim". When Stella decides to go out with a gorgeous athlete, Joe gets jealous. A longer promo for the episode has been released and attached below. Source Here

Sneak Peeks of 'Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana'

BOP magazine has been generous in giving a sneak peek to the crossover event of " Wizards of Waverly Place ", "The Suite Life on Deck" and " Hannah Montana ". As many as four clips are released for the three episodes that Disney Channel will air on July 17 starting at 8/7c. The first clip is teasing on the arrival of the Russos on board SS Tipton. Justin is excited to meet London Tipton when he wins the essay contest prize, a cruise on the SS Tipton. Alex and Max get to go aboard too, where Alex bonds with new BFF Bailey, but soon gets in hot water when she uses magic to bring Harper aboard. Meanwhile, Max and Zack compete in a series of outrageous challenges. Second and third clips are for the episode "Double-Crossed". Hannah Montana boards the SS Tipton on her way to a concert performance in Honolulu. To impress Bailey, Cody enlists Woody to help him get tickets. Meanwhile, the Russos use a little magic to spice up their vacation. Alex pulls a prank on Justin, for which Mr. Moseby blames Zack, while Max introduces London to a magical suitcase. The last clip gives the scenes from "Super(stitious) Girl". While on the ship deck, Miley loses the charm ankle bracelet that her mother gave her and, when things start to go wrong, she is sure it's because she lost her lucky charm. Meanwhile, Cody tells Bailey that he has a close friendship with Hannah and promises great seats to her concert. Source & Sneak Peeks