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HARPER'S ISLAND's new episode, "Ka-Blam"

Watch a sneak peek of HARPER'S ISLAND's new episode, "Ka-Blam" airing this Thursday, April 23 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Preview of 'Harper's Island' 1.03: Twenty Two More to Go

In the third episode of " Harper's Island ", more will be murdered in different ways. Five have been killed on the ill-fated island, but it is only the beginning. Abby is trying to figure out whether it is John Wakefield or a copy-cat of his so-called 'work'. Titled "Ka-Blam", the episode will air on April 23. At least one person will die per episode in the new series airing on CBS. The producers have set 13 episodes only in the first season and at the end of it, all questions will be answered and the murderer is unveiled while only a few survive. "Harper's Island" is a murder mystery about a group of family and friends who travel to a secluded island for a destination wedding. They've come to laugh, to love and, though they don't know it, to die. As the wedding festivities begin, friendships are tested and secrets exposed as a murderer claims victims, one by one, transforming the wedding week of fun and celebration into a terrifying struggle for survival. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Will Harper's Island Be the Death of Harry Hamlin?

Someone's weeding out a wedding party in Harper's Island , a new CBS series premiering this Thursday at 10 pm/ET. The concept? Over the course of 13 and only 13 episodes, a killer sets his or her sights on the guests at a destination wedding, having at 'em the way a drunk best man has at an insecure bridesmaid. Among the cornucopia of characters, Christopher Gorham ( Ugly Betty ) plays the groom, while Harry Hamlin is his fun- and ladies-loving Uncle Marty. On the other side of the aisle, Katie Cassidy ( Supernatural ) is the bride, and Richard Burgi ( Desperate Housewives ) her domineering dad. Hamlin shared a look at this Ten Little Indians-style slashfest. To Read The Interview Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, April 9, 2009 - Featured

* MLB Baseball (7 pm/ET MLB) It may be last to the cable-channel party among the major American sports, but MLB Network has gained many fans after three months of off-season and preseason fare. The main course arrived this week with regular-season coverage, headlined by tonight's launch of Thursday Night Baseball in San Francisco. Sixteen different teams are showcased in the first eight games on the schedule, with veteran voices such as Bob Costas, Jim Kaat, Joe Magrane, Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian in the booth. * Parks & Recreation (8:30 pm/ET NBC) From The Office masterminds comes this new mockumentary following the not-so-glamorous lives of local government workers in Pawnee, Ind. Amy Poehler stars as Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat who dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States. In the opener, she decides to help a nurse (Rashida Jones) turn an abandoned construction pit into a community park. It should be a fairly simple project, but accurately enough, navigating local bureaucracy proves to be a pain in the you-know-what. * Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire (10 pm/ET Comedy Central) A long time ago in a land far, far away, only one man can rally the forces of good to fight the powers of evil. But since he's not currently available, Krod Mandoon will have to do. This new sword-and-sorcerer spoof follows reluctant hero Mandoon (Sean Maguire) as he leads the resistance against the diabolical Chancellor Dongalor (Little Britain's Matt Lucas), who, in tonight's premiere, reveals his plot to bend the world to his will with help from a sinister weapon of mass destruction. * Harper's Island (10:02 pm/ET CBS) The concept for this ambitious 13-week mystery thriller is straight out of Agatha Christie, with a suspect list (25) that more than doubles the number in the Queen of Crime's Ten Little Indians. Here, a wedding party gathers on an isolated island where multiple murders occurred seven years earlier. And, one-by-one, the well-wishers are killed off. The promising premiere gets a bit bogged down in having to introduce the 25 characters-suspects, but it's bookended with jolting deaths that will likely leave mystery lovers eager for even more bloodshed. * Southland (10 pm/ET NBC) Benjamin McKenzie of The O.C. returns to series television tonight as Los Angeles rookie cop Ben Sherman in a police drama exec-produced by ER 's John Wells. Sherman's future with the force depends on a good evaluation from his partner (Michael Cudlitz), who is, of course, a tough veteran with his own way of bringing down the bad guys. When a bust gets out of control, Sherman has to act on instinct and hopes that his partner won't judge him too harshly. Otherwise, his first day could be his last. Source Here

Harper's Island Q&A with Director, Jon Turteltaub - Featured

SideReel joined in a Q&A with Jon Turtletaub, the director of upcoming murder mystery series Harper's Island and got the rundown on all sorts of juicy details on the Harper's Island! Check out this shortened verison of the Q&A and don't forget to catch the premiere Thursday, April 9th on CBS at 10/9c. What's appealing about this kind of never-done-before TV series? Well, that's part of the attraction, the not ever seen before part.... I don't think the climate and the business atmosphere was right for this kind of show until now. For someone who doesn't know anything about the series, what would you say to them? Surprises every week. You're not going to ever be bored. You will have something where you will get sucked into the characters and the drama but the horror/thriller format means that anything can happen at any time. Where was the show filmed? We used an island known as Bowen Island. And that's off the coast of Vancouver. And we would take a ferry to work. And usually on a TV series you're called five days in, three days out or six days in, two days out which is six days out on set and two days out on location. We were shooting basically one day in, seven days out. Almost all of the shooting took place on location and very little of it on sets in the studio. There are some familiar TV faces in the cast - were these deliberate choices or was most of the casting done from auditions? First it was almost all 100% through auditions with the exception of Harry Hamlin.... which was what was always the best thing for the people making the show cause you really want to see people read the part that they'll be doing not just see parts that they've done in the past. How are murder mysteries different now with new technology? The cell phone has totally changed movies and television. It's like a director, and also with writing it used to be someone could be stuck somewhere without a phone. Now that's really hard. We've had to address it in the scenery.... We used to have to shoot scenes where someone got a phone call and have to stand in one place. The big advantage was that you'd put that really, really long cord on the kitchen wall phone. And now you can go anywhere and get a phone call anywhere. What were some of the challenges of making each episode stand alone yet keep interesting as a series? With a 90 minute movie, you spend 20 minutes getting to know everybody, about an hour killing everybody but one person, the last 10 minutes trying to kill the last person. And there's a lot of running around. We tried to in some ways, divide the entire series up into that. Where the first few episodes have to be very heavy on getting to know everybody. The middle of the show is the reveal of what's going on and getting the pace to increase and increase the killings. And then at the end of the show you've got to both really amp up the action but also amp up the resolution and the character resolutions. Were there some characters you got attached to and had a hard time killing off? The more we did the show and the more you got to know the actors themselves, the harder it was to kill them because you like the people. That said, there was a little bit of a game in how we killed off- told the actors they weren't going to make it. None of them knew. And none of them knew who the killer was... with the exception of the killer. We didn't tell any of the actors and they all agreed at the beginning of the year that they didn't want to know who the killer was. What films influenced the show? Believe it or not, I thought a lot about Friday the 13th. The ones from my generation, not the one from this generation. In that, it was one of the first to really get into this format where you realize that you have to keep coming up with interesting ways of killing.

One Tree Hill's "Psycho Derek" Joins Gossip Girl Spinoff - Featured

Matt Barr - who will be appearing in CBS's upcoming horror series Harper's Island , but most of us probably remember as "Psycho Derek" from his days on One Tree Hill , has landed a role in the upcoming Gossip Girl spinoff! Barr will be playing a love interest for the young Lily...and conveniently, his character will be named Keith van der Woodsen. One of Lily's future husbands and father of Serena? Definitely seems like a possibility. Think Barr is a good choice for young Lily's (Brittany Snow) romantic interest? Source: THR

Midseason Mania: Top Familiar Faces, Part 1 - Featured

Castle , Nathan Fillion - Premieres March 9th Our beloved star Nathan Fillion has not been absent from TV since the greatness of Firefly , but he finally returns as a series star in our midseason line-up with the new ABC series, Castle . Fillion plays Rick Castle, a famous crime novelist who teams up with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett to help solve real-life crimes. Clever quips and sexual tension ensue. The Unusuals , Harold Perrineau - Premieres April 8th Another new ABC midseason series, The Unusuals features a Lost star who has a little more time on his hands, Harold Perrineau. Losties, theorize about what this means for the likes of Michael Dawson at will, but any way about it, this should be an interesting new spot for him as a detective in this "comedic procedural." The United States of Tara , John Corbett & Toni Collette This new series has already made a successful Showtime premiere, but is very noteworthy in our list of familiar midseason faces as it welcomes fascinating and lovable movie actress Toni Collette to the small screen and our dear Aden, John Corbett from Sex and the City . Don't worry, ladies, this time Corbett has found much more successful marital bliss with our leading lady, but in a very bizarre situation as his wife, Tara (Collette) suffers from disassociative identity disorder. Harper's Island , Christopher Gorham - Premieres April 19th Well, Ugly Betty fans, if you were still crossing your fingers for the love story of Henry and Betty to continue, it looks like this is the final straw to break that camel's back. But the good news? More of Christopher Gorham's adorableness on TV! This new CBS murder mystery series features Gorham as an all new Henry, Henry Dunn, who is among a group of friends and family attending a wedding on Harper's Island off Seattle, when guests start dying... "one by one... one by one..." Cupid , Bobby Cannavale & Sarah Paulson - Premieres March 24th Bobby Cannavale has popped up in various shows and movies like Will & Grace , Ally McBeal , and Paul Blart: Mall Cop , but now it's time for him to take a starring TV role as Trevor Pierce, a "a larger than life character who may or may not be the Roman god of love, Cupid," visiting earth to create love connections for 100 couples before he can return home to Mt. Olympus. Sarah Paulson of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip and Jack and Jill joins the show as well as Dr. Claire McCrae, a psychiatrist charged with the care of Trevor while he's on earth. Continue to Part 2

Supernatural's Original Ruby: Fans Who Miss Me Are "So Sweet"

Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham and other cast members of the CBS midseason series Harper's Island held court Wednesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, where they touted their closed-ended, 13-episode Scream-meets-Ten Little Indians hybrid. Afterward, grabbed a moment with Cassidy to reflect on her run as Supernatural 's original Ruby. "Coming onto the show at first, everybody was kind of freaked out," she recalled. "They didn't know about having girls on the show - they love their Sam and Dean, and I understand that." As such, Cassidy says she is touched to hear that some fans miss her original take on Ruby. (Genevieve Cortese stepped into the role this season, as Ruby claimed a new host body.) "The fact that they miss me is sweet," she gushed. "It's heartbreaking in a way, because I loved that show. I loved the crew, I loved the boys.... Everyone was so welcoming." So why did Cassidy and the CW spooker part ways? At the time, series creator Eric Kripke cited "purely budgetary" reasons. Cassidy herself says, "Warner Bros. wasn't exactly sure what they were going to be doing with my character, and I had the option to stay or leave. When Harper's Island came about, I was really into it, so I asked them to let me go. Luckily, they did." Based on the buzz that's building for Harper's, luckily indeed. The new CBS series premieres Thursday, April 9, at 10 pm/ET, and runs 13 straight weeks. Source here

More 'Hour's on the Way

CBS has ordered additional scripts of new drama Eleventh Hour . 5 more scripts have been ordered, bringing the Season 1 total to 18 episodes. This will keep the show around until April 19th, where it was announced today that midseason series Harper's Island will take its slot ( CBS Midseason Schedule ). Besides, The Mentalist , Eleventh Hour is Fall's most popular new series. Source: TV Guide

CBS Releases Midseason Schedule

What's on the docket for CBS in 2009? There's not all that much change occurring (or necessary), seeing as CBS is easily the most successful network, though we do have announcements of a returning series as well as a few new series premieres. Summer success (and Canadian import) Flashpoint will return on January 9th; it replaces the Friday at 9PM timeslot briefly held by The Ex List . New seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race will premiere on February 12 and 15th, respectively. Eleventh Hour will take a break in April, and beginning on the 19th, new wedding-horror series Harper's Island will debut, starring Christoper Gorham. The final addition for CBS Midseason is a new Ashton Kutcher (yes, another one) reality series entitled Game Show in My Head, which will air on Saturdays at 8PM beginning Hanuary 3rd. Source: TV Guide Also be sure to check out the FOX and NBC Midseason Schedules.