How I Met Your Mother: Barney + Robin = Awesome

Just had to share this amazing Barney & Robin promo from How I Met Your Mother . We actually hit the set the other day (more dish from that event in a couple weeks), and Neil Patrick Harris told us that he thinks there are still a few roadblocks before Barney makes his move. He told us exclusively, "The problem with Barney liking Robin is that it goes against his whole DNA, his whole skill set. He's banging chicks and then forgetting their numbers. And Robin, he knows her number. She's on speed dial, for pete's sake. He's wrestling with his emotions, whatever that means. I think if they got together, there would have to be some sort of open relationship, and you know what I mean by open, don't ya?" Awww, Barney, don't lie. You want to marry her and have a million babies together! To Watch The Video Click here . Source Here

Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 2 - Featured

Scrubs - JD & Turk Since JD and Turk have intimate sounding nicknames for one another (Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear), I think it's safe to say that the two have one of the more overt bromances occurring on TV. Heck, they even sang a song about it during the "My Musical" episode called "Guy Love"! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Turk is married to both Carla and JD, since the two have a relationship that pretty much mimics one of a married couple. JD even sang, "It's like I married my best friend, but in a totally manly way." Friends (1994) - Chandler & Joey Poor Ross was always slightly on the outside, because the true bromance in Friends was always Chandler and Joey. The best of roommates, there was little they wouldn't do together, from watching Baywatch to playing foosball to...even kissing each other (on New Year's...once). When Chandler moved out to live with Monica, Joey was devastated, and had a hell of a time finding a replacement roommate. Chandler and Monica even joked at the end of the series that they'd have a bedroom for Joey above the garage in their suburban house! How I Met Your Mother - Ted & Barney & Marshall I couldn't decide if there's more of a HIMYM bromance between Barney and Ted or Ted and Marshall, at which point I realized, why does a bromance have to be constrained to merely 2 bros? Thus, for HIMYM, I introduce to you the bromorgy of Ted & Marshall & Barney. Having 3 involved in a bromance gets a little more complicated, of course, as Ted once got angry when he heard that Barney was spending "alone time" with Marshall. Gossip Girl - Chuck & Nate These two strapping young gentlemen share everything - even their women! But seriously, if the friendship between Nate and Chuck could survive Chuck taking Blair's virginity in the back of a limo (when she had been dating Nate forever), it's gotta be bromance! Right? The two also genuinely care for one another - Chuck was even willing to sell some of his shares in his beloved club to help Nate when he was in financial troubles. Nip/Tuck - Christian and Sean Much like our two Upper East Siders above, Christian and Sean have shared everything - from their practice to Sean's former wife Julia to their son Matt. Yeah...Sean and Julia were once married and raising Matt, though in fact, Matt ended up being Christian's biological son. It's kind of effed up, but as the two have openly confessed, they truly love each other , so I guess it all works out ok. Who are you favorite TV bromances?

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances - Featured

Is there anything we love more than TV's perfect couples? Why, yes! A perfect romance of another sort that's gotten so popular that MTV deemed it worthy of a horrible reality show: bromance! Some of our favorite shows including Scrubs , House , How I Met Your Mother and plenty more highlight male friendships that go beyond comradery to full-on romance in bro form, so check out our favorite TV bromances and comment with your favs as well. Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 1 Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 2 Also, check out our top 10 movie bromances and weigh in on who you think is TV's funniest bromance! Top Favorite Movie Bromances TV Bromances: Who's the Funniest of Them All? The 16 Greatest TV Catchphrases - Featured

Now that The Donald is back on the air giving us our weekly dose of "You're fired!" on The Celebrity Apprentice (Sundays, 9 pm/ET, NBC), we decided to count down our favorite one-liners. For brevity's sake, we ruled out any one-word catchphrases (including "Blerg," "D'oh!," and "Aaaayyyy"), but feel free to tell us how stupid we are mention those and all your other favorites in the comments below. 16. "Eat my shorts!" Who says it: Bart Simpson, The Simpsons Why we love it: It's to the point, insulting, and irreverent, just like the show at its best. 15. "Book 'em, Danno." Who says it: Jack Lord, Hawaii Five-O Why we love it: The best procedurals produce great catchphrases (Hill Street Blues' "Let's be careful out there," for example), and this weekly signature has entered the American lexicon. The case was never closed until you heard those famous words - it was the Law & Order banging gavel of its day. 14. "How rude!" Who says it: Stephanie Tanner, Full House Why we love it: This one is all about the delivery. Taken on its own, it's little more than just another middle child whining. But with Stephanie's pursed lips, raised eyebrows and "harumph" attitude, it becomes instantly memorable. 13. "Make it work!" Who says it: Tim Gunn, Project Runway Why we love it: Because Tim Gunn is the man, that's why. Carry on. 12. "Son of a bitch!" Who says it: Sawyer, Lost Why we love it: It's tough to own a phrase this common, but nobody says it quite like the surly one, Hoss. 11. "That's what she said." Who says it: Michael Scott, The Office Why we love it: Sure, the writers of The Office didn't invent this versatile zinger, but we can thank them for making it OK to use it in our own office. You know, because we're 13-year-olds at heart, just like Michael. 10. "Jane, you ignorant slut..." Who says it: Dan Aykroyd, Saturday Night Live Why we love it: Aykroyd brilliantly lampooned right-wing rhetoric 30 years before Stephen Colbert with this sexist jab. 9. "Legen- - wait for it - -dary" Who says it: Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother Why we love it: We just can't get enough of Barney's awesomeness. His blustery bravado hits at a universal truth: You either know a Barney or are a Barney. Check yo' self, people. 8. "...for me to poop on!" Who says it: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Late Night with Conan O'Brien Why we love it: Robert Smigel's off-color, cigar-smoking talking dog was just weird enough to work. Just when he got people to start talking to a puppet, he'd lay this gem on them - prompting hilarious shock value. 7. "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" Who says it: Kyle and Stan, among others, South Park Why we love it: In a show that satirizes our culture's love affair with extreme violence, this catchphrase punctuates one of the show's funniest recurring jokes: They mercilessly off Kenny in nearly every episode for the first five seasons. 6. "Let's hug it out, bitch." Who says it: Ari Gold, Entourage Why we love it: In the venal shark tank that is Hollywood, it's as close to touchy-feely as these macho men have gotten. 5. "Holy _____, Batman!" Who says it: Robin, Batman Why we love it: The Boy Wonder's aw-shucks exclamation dovetailed nicely with the show's campy tone. Plus: It helps us write headlines. 4. "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Who says it: Arnold Jackson, Diff'rent Strokes Why we love it: This giggle-inducing question underscored the white man-adopts-black-boys show's inherent message about learning to accept differences. Read the full list on The 16 Greatest TV Catchphrases

Alyson Hannigan Gives Birth to Baby Girl on Her 35th Birthday

A representative for Alyson Hannigan exclusively confirms to People that the actress has given birth to a baby girl in Los Angeles last Tuesday, March 24. The infant's birth coincided with Hannigan's 35th birthday. The newborn baby girl, named Satyana Denisof, is the first child for Hannigan and her actor husband Alexis Denisof. "They're very excited, and mom and baby are doing great," the representative says in a statement about the celebrity couple who has been married since October 2003. Alyson Hannigan made public her pregnancy in October last year, telling People she and Alexis Denisof were expecting their first child in spring. In the following month, it was publicly revealed that Hannigan's pregnancy craving was ginger ale. "It has to be the exact right ones. They're the sweet, kosher pickles. They can't be the pepper, garlic or whatever-it has to be the right one," Alexis was quoted as telling People about Hannigan's craving. "If I bring the wrong ones home, she won't touch 'em." Source here

Ratings: Mother Makes Smaller Bang, Heroes Hits Low - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars averaged 20.16 million total viewers over its two-hour run, dipping just 4 percent week-to-week. Trailing a House repeat, How I Met Your Mother (7.4 mil) didn't deliver a very big bang in Sheldon and Leonard's time slot, dropping 20 percent from its last regularly-scheduled episode. Chuck came in fourth with 6.05 mil (up 6 percent), followed by Gossip Girl (dipping to 2.2 mil). 9 pm Weakened by a Two and a Half Men repeat, Rules of Engagement plunged 17 percent, to 9.43 mil. 24 hit its first skid in a while, slipping 9 percent, while Heroes (6.48 mil) sank to a new series low. One Tree Hill held steady at 2.26 mil. 10 pm CSI: Miami topped the hour with 13.46 million viewers, followed by Castle , which at 9.8 mil crumbled some 15 percent. Medium (6.56 mil), like its lead-in, hit an all-time low. Source: - Ratings: Mother Makes Smaller Bang, Heroes Hits Low

Scoop: How I Met Your Mother's Ted Meets Soap Siren

Fresh off her second stint as All My Children's "real Greenlee," Rebecca Budig has grabbed a guest-starring gig on CBS' How I Met Your Mother . In one of this season's final episodes, Budig will play Holly, a new girlfriend of Ted's, has learned exclusively. The casting of Budig is perhaps 17 percent extra-interesting to longtime AMC viewers who know that Abigail Spencer (who played Pine Valley's virginal Becca Tyree) also has "dated" Ted. Spencer played "Blah Blah," a Season 3 girlfriend whose name Ted could never remember. The same two actresses sharing a Josh (Radnor vs. Duhamel)... . I could go on for days with the coinky-dinks. But of greater/actual concern to the HIMYM fan is the fact that Budig's appearance, sources tell me, will set the table for a small tease as to the titular Mother's identity. For a bit more on that, you'll have to keep an eye out for this week's Mitovich Mega Minute. Source here

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Sneak Peek "Old King Clancy" Airing Monday March 23

Take a first look at HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "Old King Clancy" airing this Monday March 23 at 8:30pm on CBS.

SideReel's Top 5 Favorite St. Patrick's Day Episodes - Featured

Do some St. Patrick's Day celebrating with our top favorite St. Patty's Day themed episodes packed with plenty o' green beer (or milk) through the nose moments! 1. How I Met Your Mother - 3.12, No Tomorrow Barney goes out in a super classy green suit on St. Patrick's Day to drink green beer while Ted, Lily, and Marshall stay home for a game night. Ted later joins Barney out at the bars because Barney of course got them "hot dates," so they simply must live as if there were "no tomorrow!" Video Clip: Barney Stinson - No Tomorrow 2. Family Guy - 5.10, Peter's Two Dads When Peter's dad dies, he discovers Francis wasn't his real dad, but Peter's the result of his mother's affair with an Irishman. Peter and Brian head to Ireland to find Peter's real dad, who is the town drunk - and that's an honor! Now it's up to Peter to prove he is Mickey McFinnigan's son... with a drinking contest - can he do it?? Video Clip: My Drunken Irish Dad 3. The Simpsons - 8.18, Homer vs. the 18th Amendment The Simpsons go to the Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade where Bart accidentally gets drunk and is seen by the whole town on TV. This leads to the town lobbying for prohibition and of course, ridiculousness ensues including much horror from Homer after Springfield brings back an old prohibition law... with drinking punishable by catapult! Video Clip: Prohibition in Springfield 4. 30 Rock - 3.14, The Funcooker While it isn't the focus of the episode, Tracy and Jenna have a classically disastrous St. Patrick's Day moment very deserving of note here. When Tracy and Jenna are asked to host the NBC St. Patrick's Day Parade, Jenna passes out (crashing entirely out of her chair) from exhaustion, and Tracy swears at her on national television. In the words of the great Jack Donaghy, "Passing out. Cursing. On St. Patrick's Day? Is anything Sacred?" Watch 'The Funcooker' on Hulu 5. Futurama - 3.10, Luck of the Fryish Fry hides his lucky seven-leaf clover in the 1980s, then in the year 3000, he discovers his lucky clover is missing! This episode is also not entirely Patty's Day focused, but full of some shamrockin' good times as Fry tries to figure out if his brother stole his clover and discovers some other interesting things along the way. Video Clip: Luck of the Fryish What are your favorites?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Sneak Peek "The Front Porch" Airing Monday March 16

Take a first look at HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "The Front Porch" airing this Monday March 16 at 8:30pm on CBS.