TV Tonight (2/17) - What's On? What's Off? - Featured

Tonight might be a good night to catch up on some reruns off of your DVR (or SideReel), as some of our favorite shows are not airing new episodes tonight. This includes: Scrubs , 90210 , Privileged and Fringe . However, there is also still a wealth of new options, including 2 hours of American Idol on Fox, CBS's full crime lineup ( The Mentalist , NCIS , Without a Trace ), The Biggest Loser and SVU on NBC and Homeland Security USA on ABC. You may or may not know, but today was the original official DTV switch date (read more here ). It turns out that the official date has been delayed until June, though some local affiliates have still gone through with the switch today. Needless to say, with all of the confusion, this is part of the reason why you are witnessing more reruns in the month of February than you have been accustomed to in prior years (last night there was also no new The Big Bang Theory , How I Met Your Mother , or other CBS shows nor new episodes of CW shows).

How I Met Your Mother: Cast Shares Ideas on the "Mother"

Who will Ted end up with? That's a mystery that will only be resolved when How I Met Your Mother wraps up a couple of years from now but that doesn't mean that the cast of the hit CBS sitcom can't say who they are rooting for. In an interview with CBS station KCBS-TV's Jenn McBride, Alyson Hannigan (Lily Aldrin), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson), Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby) and Jason Segel (Marshall Erikson) revealed their ideas on the mother of Ted's children. Hannigan, who plays a kindergarten teacher and wife of Marshall, is rooting for Jennifer Aniston, actress who rocketed to fame for her role as Rachel on Friends. While it would be interesting to see stellar combination of two of the best comedies of all time, that's not what Harris wants for his on-screen wingman. In true Barney Stinson-style, Harris is proposing that Ted would end up with an adult film star such as Jenna Jameson. Segel, on the other hand, is hoping that his character's best friend would end up with someone just like Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), a sentiment he shares with most fans of How I Met Your Mother. "I don't know who the wife is going to be, but I think the Robin-type is kinda the right kind of girl: smart, sassy, sweet," Segel said. As for Ted, who was ditched by Stella (Sarah Chalke) just before their wedding earlier this season, Radnor wishes that his character would end up with someone awesome. "After what he's been through, he deserves someone great," Radnor said. For now, How I Met Your Mother is diverting fans' attention by offering a few adventures and twists along the way, including Barney harboring romantic feelings for Robin. "It's a possibility. Yeah, we definitely touch upon that this season. He realizes that he is sort of feeling these things and they're not going away and they will develop toward the end," Smulders hinted. How I Met Your Mother airs every Monday at 8:30 on CBS. Source here

TV Tonight (2/9): What's On? What's Off? - Featured

I know some of you are freaking out because shows like House , Chuck and How I Met Your Mother were at one point appearing on your schedule as airing tonight and have since disappeared. So what's the scoop? Relatively last minute, President Obama scheduled a Presidential Address which will be preempting all programming on every major network at 8PM ET/5PM PT. On the West Coast, reruns will air in the 8PM time slot - last week's 24 on Fox, the Chuck with Nicole Richie on NBC and comedy reruns on CBS. One exception is ABC who will still be airing a new The Bachelor at 8PM on the West Coast (begins at 9 on the East Coast). Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill were already scheduled reruns for the evening. 9PM programming resumes as normal with new episodes of Heroes , 24 , and Two and a Half Men/ The Big Bang Theory . ABC Family is also all new with The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Kyle XY .

WB Week: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Where Are They Now? - Featured

So...what has become of the Scooby Gang and friends since Buffy The Vampire Slayer concluded its 7 season run in 2003? Speaking of Buffy, be sure to weigh in on our discussion of the show's best and worst seasons . Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Buffy Summers Buffy Summers was likely the role of a lifetime for series star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Since then, she has not been out of work , but for me there has been nothing all too memorable. Some of her roles include Scooby Doo 2 (which I'd prefer to forget), The Grudge and its sequel (briefly), some voice work (including TMNT and Robot Chicken ) and some movies that I am guessing were direct-to-DVD (Suburban Girl? Anyone? Anyone?). She also remains married to fellow actor (and one-time-hottie back in the day) Freddie Prinze, Jr.. The two have been married since 2002 - which is quite the accomplishment in the land of Hollywood! Nicholas Brendon aka Xander Harris Nicholas Brendon has appeared in a string of TV movies since his Buffy days that I doubt any of you have seen. More notably, he was part of the ensemble cast of the short-lived Fox comedy Kitchen Confidential (which was actually quite funny; I recommend checking it out if you never have) and recently had a 4 episode guest arc on popular CBS series Criminal Minds . He got divorced in '06 so I guess he's back on the market! Alyson Hannigan aka Willow Rosenberg Willow is definitely one of the more successful Buffy alums. Any fan of quality television will certainly recognize her as Lily from current CBS sitcom: How I Met Your Mother . Hannigan also appeared in some less-than-stellar films including Date Movie and American Wedding. You may have also recognized her during a brief guest stint on fellow WB Week program, Veronica Mars , as Trina Echolls (Logan's sister). Lastly, rather adorably, Hannigan married Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Buffy/ Angel ) and is currently pregnant with her first child. Anthony Stewart Head aka Rupert Giles So what's become of everyone's favorite Watcher? Anthony Stewart Head appears to have been spending a lot of time in England since the conclusion of Buffy and has a ton of credits - though nearly all in British shows (or stage productions) that I have never seen. He also appeared in the Razzie-nominated Repo! The Genetic Opera alongside Paris Hilton. Off to Angel... David Boreanaz aka Angel Might David Boreanaz be the most successful Buffy alum? He had an immediate job for 5 seasons following Buffy in spinoff Angel starring as Angel (obviously). Boreanaz had a few blinked-and-you-missed-them direct-to-DVD movies, but fully redeemed himself upon landing a starring role as Special Agent Seeley Booth in hit Fox series Bones , currently in its 4th season. Charisma Carpenter aka Cordelia Chase Charisma Carpenter of course reprised her role of Cordelia on spinoff Angel for 90 episodes following her time on Buffy. Post-Angel, Carpenter has had steady work - predominately in TV movies and via a ton of guest appearances. You may have caught her in Charmed , Veronica Mars , the short lived Big Shots , and most recently, ABC Family's Greek . Continue to Part 2

Kim Kardashian - At the Coco DeVille in West Hollywood, Feb. 3rd

Kim Kardashian was spotted at the CoCo DeVille nightclub in West Hollywood this Tuesday (Feb.3rd). Kim was the embodiment of hotness in black slim fit pants and black leather knee-high boots. Kim is currently dating pro football player Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Continue Reading......

Ratings: Chuck Reaches Out and Touches a Season High - Featured

How Monday's Nielsens netted out: * 8 pm/ET House won the hour with 14.75 million total viewers, dropping 810,000 from last week's season high. The Bachelor averaged 10.99 mil over its two-hour run (a new season high), but got bested by The Big Bang Theory and [Two and a Half Men]] along the way. Speaking of CBS' sitcoms, Big Bang dipped 200K to 10.9 mil, while How I Met Your Mother (10.18 mil) slipped 580 thou. Chuck 's Super Bowl-promoted 3-D outing delivered 8.35 mil, for its best audience of the season. Gossip Girl (2.27 mil) inched up a hair from its season low. * 9 pm Both CBS' Men (16.52 million viewers) and Worst Week (10.05 mil) each gaiend about 500K. At 11.28 mil, 24 was down 830K, while the opening of Heroes ' "Fugitives" chapter (8.46 mil) surged nine percent from the "Villains" finale. (Also of note, Heroes notched its best audience since Oct. 20.) One Tree Hill held steady at 2.6 mil. * 10 pm CSI: Miami gained 10 percent to deliver its largest audience since the season premiere - 16 million viewers. Medium was welcomed back by 8.53 million (on par with its last season finale), while True Beauty (6.82 mil) dipped a well-coiffed hair. Source Here

HIMYM: Barney's Video Resume, Dr. X and More - Featured

Last night's How I Met Your Mother was filled with glorious little Easter Eggs. You can check out Barney's actual video resume: Some of you might recognize that this video is a spoof of this actual video resume that spread around the internet a few years ago: Impossible is Nothing Additionally, we learned that Ted was a DJ in college, and that accompanying website has come to our attention: Lastly, the show hilariously threw in there Alyson Hannigan's actual pregnant belly after the hot dog eating contest: Did you catch any additional in-jokes last night? Sources: NYMAG and videogum

Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Costar's Engagement

Neil Patrick Harris reveals the engagement plans of one of his costars while at a panel discussion for " How I Met Your Mother ." Harris says his current on-screen lover, Cobie Smulders, is engaged to actor Taran Killam. "She's engaged to Taran, who's in the front row, who's one of the luckier men in the world," he says of his costar's fiancé. "[Cobie] is not only beautiful but accessible, funny [and] talented," Harris continued. In addition to walking down the aisle, Cobie is also pregnant along with her costar Alyson Hannigan -- but the cast and crew say that won't be written into the show. Source here

How I Met Your Mother Digs Frances Conroy as Barney's Mom - Featured

'Tis the season for comedies to be casting on-screen parental units, 'twould seem! On the heels of The Big Bang Theory tapping Christine Baranski to mother Leonard, My Name Is Earl recruiting Danny Glover to call Crab Man "son," Scott Bakula making a leap as Chuck 's pop, and 30 Rock picking Patti Lupone to coddle Frank (per EW), How I Met Your Mother has ventured forth to find the woman who gave unto the world... Barney. And it's a darn good get - Frances Conroy, who as Six Feet Under 's matriarch collected a Golden Globe and four Emmy nods. Conroy will appear on the CBS hitcom's 15th episode of the season, "The Stinsons," in which the gang discovers that Barney has a fake wife-and-kid on call should his mother ever come to town. (Apparently New York City's most eligible bachelor has told quite the white lie over the years, as mom Loretta's health ebbed and flowed.) Sure enough, an occasion presents itself where Barney has to produce his "family," and it's Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle's Brooke D'Orsay fulfilling the wifely duties. To date, Barney's mother has been partially glimpsed in flashbacks, but her face never shown. Oh, and his dad is supposedly Bob Barker, but... we're not buying it. What's your take, Mother-lovers? Is Conroy who you envisioned bearing god's gift to women? Source here

TV Tonight (1/26): What's On? What's Premiering? What's Off?

Wondering why some of your favorite shows are missing from your TV schedule tonight? All of The CW and CBS's shows are in reruns this evening, including Gossip Girl , One Tree Hill , How I Met Your Mother , The Big Bang Theory , Two and a Half Men, Worst Week and CSI: Miami . However, there's plenty of other television options to watch, including the return of The Closer at 9 and the premiere of Trust Me at 10 on TNT . Also new: ABC has a 2-hour Bachelor and then a new True Beauty . ABC Family has new The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Kyle XY . NBC has a new Superstars of Dance at 8, then the conclusion of miniseries The Last Templar . Fox has new episodes of House and 24 .