Cast from ''How I Met Your Mother'' gets raises

The cast of CBS' hot comedy series " How I Met Your Mother " got something extra for the holidays: salary bumps. But in a sign of the tough economic times, the five "Mother" stars didn't hit the mother lode that some expected despite the show's solid ratings and strong syndication sales. After months of renegotiations, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan recently inked new deals with producing studio 20th Century Fox TV that will bring their salaries up to $90,000-$120,000 per episode. On average, that's between two and three times what they made before -- a big raise, especially given that Radnor, Segel and Smulders were virtually unknown before they were cast. Still, it's lower than the pay for the ensembles of other comedies at similar points in their runs, like NBC's " The Office ." The new pacts, retroactive to the beginning of this season, the show's fourth, also add an extra year to the five actors' original seven-year contracts. The "Mother" salary renegotiations followed the lucrative off-network syndication deals in September with stations in the top markets and Lifetime estimated to potentially bring Fox $2.5- $3 million per episode in the first cycle. They also come as "Mother" continues to enjoy ratings momentum, which started after the writers strike ended last spring and carried over to this fall. Source here

Neil Patrick Harris first Saturday Night Live host for 2009

Looking to continue the funny in the new year, Saturday Night Live has tapped the one and only Neil Patrick Harris as host for its first 2009 broadcast. The How I Met Your Mother star will make his debut on the late-night sketch series this Saturday, Jan. 10, with musical guest Taylor Swift, who writes on her MySpace that she'll celebrate her mom's birthday at 30 Rock . Harris's Saturday Night Live stint will kick off what could be a pretty big weekend for the actor. He's up for a supporting actor Golden Globe on Sunday and How I Met Your Mother returns from the holiday break with a new episode on Monday. Source here

10 Supporting Characters Who Steal the Show, Part 1

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Cooper I'm pretty sure that The Big Bang Theory was originally envisioned more as the Leonard and Penny show with Jim Parsons' Sheldon meant only to be present for the occasional extra laugh. However, for me, TBBT has turned into The Sheldon Show. I find most of Leonard's and Penny's storylines to be somewhat dull...unless, of course, they involve Sheldon. Sheldon has all of the show's best plotlines, the funniest lines and with Parsons' pitch-perfect delivery, has turned the guy from what could have been an obnoxious sidekick into the show's best and most endearing character. Weeds - Doug Wilson Weeds has wavered in quality these last few seasons, but the one thing that has remained constant is the show's supporting cast. Since I have to choose one I am going with Kevin Nealon's Doug Wilson (though Justin Kirk's Andy Botwin is a close second). While the show for me has taken a tone lately that is no longer all that comedic, these guys have kept the funny in Weeds. Nealon especially is a complete laugh riot and no matter how much Weeds falters, I would watch as long as he remains. Just read some of Doug's best quotes and you'll begin to understand his brilliance. How I Met Your Mother - Barney Stinson Much like TBBT was probably meant to be all about Sheldon and Penny; I think that HIMYM was originally meant to be more about Ted and Robyn. has been Neil Patrick Harris's Barney that has completely stolen this show. NPH's womanizing Barney has turned out to be a comedic genius...and in these more recent seasons especially, he has added some depth to Barney's character that makes him all the more interesting. Who ever thought that we'd all be rooting for the Lothario?! Brothers & Sisters - Kevin and Scotty Some of those brothers (*cough* Tommy) and sisters (*cough* Kitty) are more grating than others, but for me, my absolute favorite character on B&S is Kevin (and I am cheating by adding Scotty here as well). I find Kevin's story lines to be the most interesting, honest and entertaining on the entire show. Furthermore, I find the Kevin and Scotty relationship to be one of the best relationships on TV - gay or straight. Who wasn't bawling during last season's wedding episode? Mad Men - Betty Draper, Peggy Olson and Joan Holloway Mad Men may be a show seemingly all about men from its title, but it's this trio of strong women (so I'm really cheating here) that often steal the show for me. I honestly couldn't choose between them. Earlier in the first season, I had written off January Jones's Betty as one of the show's weaker characters, but as that season (and the second) progressed, her tortured, sometimes manipulative Betty has evolved into one of the show's most fascinating characters. Same goes for Peggy and especially Joan Holloway. In the world of Mad Men, these girls can hold their own; they also prove that the men aren't the only one with the problems, nor are men the only ones that lead interesting, complex lives. Continue to Part 2

How I Met Your Mother - Episode 4.12 - Benefits - Promotional Photos

here are some promotional pictures for episode 4.12 check them out

Drew Barrymore and Jason Segel?

Drew Barrymore was spotted having dinner last Saturday Night at Little Dom's With Jason Segel From Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother Source's Top 10 Moments of the Week: Two Weddings and a Funeral

It was a week of miracles: Generosity thawed hearts. A killer found love. Tom Cruise went on TV without doing anything weird, and Valkyrie looks pretty good! With good will toward all, we bring you our Top Moments , holiday edition. 10. Best Bloody Wedding: Dexter 's third season ended with the day we never thought we'd see, but his nuptials weren't all sappy. The drops of blood that ran from Dexter's cast to Rita's dress hinted at not a just a fabric stain, but a symbolicstain on their relationship. Oh, you fancy writers! 9. Most Crush-Worthy Newcomer: We've seen Ted as a friend, boyfriend, husband-to-be, and now as an overbearing big brother. How I Met Your Mother introduced his sister, played by Erin Cahill, a deft comedic presence who happens to be girl-next-door gorgeous. 8. Most Extreme Attention-Getting Tactic: Leverage knows how to get us lusting for vengeance: Kill a bunch of horses in a suspicious stable fire. We didn't see them engulfed, mercifully, but did have to endure this line: "In a fire, Mr. Ford, horses scream." It all leads to another entertaining insurance con with plenty of - sorry - horse-trading, and we'd like to offer the show a deal of our own: We'll keep watching if you lay off the ponies. 7. Cute-Girl-with-a-Gun Award: Sometimes we forget Chuck 's Sarah Walker is a trained CIA agent. She reminded us this week by killing another rogue spy to protect Chuck, then flat-out lying about it with that warm smile we've grown to love. Never have our adoration and fear walked so closely. 6. Best Plan: Tom Cruise reunites with Matt Lauer on Today to acknowledge he "came across arrogant" in their 2005 interview/argument - and explain why he isn't talking about Scientology in interviews for Valkyrie : "When people are tuning in to hear about my movie... that's what I'm here to talk about." Dang, we wanted to hear more about psychiatry. 5. So Far, So Good Award: David Gregory survives his first week hosting Meet the Press despite having to repeatedly pronounce "Blagojevich." (It's Bluh-GOY-uh-vich.) 4. Biggest Mess: Saturday Night Live 's last show of the year featured shaky, quiet vocals from Kanye West, a painful sketch about singing lamps, and an impression of New York's blind governor that drew rebukes from him and many others. We're split on whether it was good or bad, but good for the show for continuing to take risks at the end of a year when everyone was talking about it again. 3. Best Hug-It-Out Moment Not on Entourage: The Big Bang Theory 's socially inept and OCD-afflicted Sheldon forgets his hang-ups when frenemy Penny surprises him with the greatest Christmas gift a geek could imagine: a signed, used napkin from Leonard Nimoy. After convulsing, squeaking and buying her five gift baskets he admits aren't enough, he moves in for a long, sweetly awkward hug. 2. International WTF Award: President Bush drops in on Iraq, and, and things go a little wild, as they tend to do there. An angry local journalist hurls his shoes at the commander-in-chief, who demonstrates impressive reflexes by ducking and returning to the line of fire just in time to dodge shoe number two. Bush is quick with the spin too, saying the incident demonstrates Iraqis' newfound freedoms. But the real test is whether his attacker ever sets foot in public again. 1. Worst Ad for Patron: The leaders of the hip-hop industry give many a free shout-out to Patron tequila, so it should survive the following anti-endorsement from The Hills ' Heidi and Spencer, recorded the morning after their supposed wedding in Mexico... Read the full story:'s Top Moments of the Week Photo courtesy of

The HIMYM Crew Takes Some Funny Photos

Just for fun, Entertainment Weekly recruited the cast of How I Met Your Mother to appear in various photos reenacting some big moments of 2008. The results are pretty fun. My two favorites are displayed here (Jonas brothers and Phelps' teammates). How I Met Your Mother Cast In 'The Best of 2008'

By the Numbers: CBS Comedies Make Another Big Bang

Great numbers for the CBS comedy block last night: 11.4 million viewers tuned into both The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother , which was a series high for Bang. 17.9 million caught Two and a Half Men and 12.1 million viewed Worst Week . However, most refreshing for me was the fact that 7.6 million tuned into NBC's always-improving Chuck , which are the best numbers the show has received since premiere week. In fact, this wasn't all that many viewers less than that 7.8 million that viewed the fall finale of Heroes . We won't discuss the 4.1 million that viewed the final episode of My Own Worst Enemy . Over on Fox, both Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Prison Break were in the 5 million range, with 5.3 and 5.7 million viewers, respectively. ABC aired holiday specials and The CW aired reruns. What did you all enjoy on TV last night? Source: THR

Awesomeness Poster

For all you Barney Stinson fanatics, (myself included) here is an AWESOME link. Posters, t-shirts mousepads, what more could you need? Same poster shown in episodes such as The Goat in Barneys very own office

Will J.D. And Elliot Reunite for Scrubs' Final Season?

Scrubs fans are hoping the on-again, off-again romance of J.D. and Elliot is resuscitated when the hospital-based sitcom returns for its eighth and final season on Jan. 6 on ABC. Sarah Chalke can't say for sure what happens, but she is hoping that her character and Zach Braff's J.D. go the way of Ross and Rachel and not Sam and Diane. "I think they should be together," Chalke tells "I'm hoping for yes." Several actors who played J.D.'s patients from prior seasons returned for the finale. "Zach's character turns the corner and sees all these faces from the past," Chalke shares. "Some people we hadn't seen in eight years!" The actress says that that unlike other years, the Scrubs cast and crew knew that this season truly would be the last one. "It was really emotional and caught us off guard," she says of the show's final days. "Even the toughest grip was shedding a tear." What's next for Chalke? The actress says she had a great time playing Stella, a potential baby mama to Josh Radnor's Ted on How I Met Your Mother last season. Even though viewers have learned she's not Ted's destiny, she wouldn't mind revisiting the series. "I had a great time working on that show." read from: TvGuide