Comedy of the Week: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last week we had a great run with our first Comedy of the Week , 30 Rock , and now it's time to make a new selection for Week 2! I have decided to make it my personal mission in life, especially since it has just been renewed for 39 more episodes , to get more people watching one of the funniest shows on TV, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . Sunny focuses on 4 friends that operate a bar in Philadelphia, Paddy's Pub. Many of the show's scenes take place inside of the bar, but be forewarned, Sunny is no Cheers. It is not your standard comedy with standard sitcom situations. It thrives on drawing humor out of the uncomfortable and inappropriate. If you find yourself laughing at those jokes that you have to first look around and check if it's ok to laugh about - Sunny just might the show for you - because some of the show's funniest moments have occurred during scenes at abortion rallies and welfare clinics. This week we'll be covering everything Sunny! If you're willing to try something just a little bit different, add It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to your Favorites and hop along for what will be a hilarious ride. Check out our next entry: An Always Sunny Clip Show

FOX Greenlights 39 More Sunny Episodes

How many?! Your eyes have not deceived you. FX has ordered an additional 39 episodes of the completely hilarious, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . This is in addition to the batch of 13 episodes that are currently in production. This shows an insane amount of confidence in the series - which I think is well-deserved - so I'm thrilled to hear that the show will be sticking around for awhile. Source: TV Guide

Sunny's Kaitlin Olson is the new SI Mailbag Crush

Kaitlin Olson of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the new Sports Illustrated Mailbag Crush, following in the footsteps of The Office 's Jenna Fischer and My Boys 's Jordana Spiro. Check out an interview with Olsen below: Unveiling the Mailbag Crush

Sunny Scoop For Season 4

The cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia talked with Fancast about what's in store for the next season of the show (though unfortunately it will not be returning until the Fall). Things to look forward to: The gang will tackle the current mortgage crisis as well as explore the importance of the bar in the Revolutionary War. Also expect the reappearance of the waitress Charlie loves and a guest appearance by...Sinbad?! Read the full interview here: Fancast Exclusive: The Cast Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Talks Season 4 . Also, if you haven't yet discovered the hilarity that is this series, please do yourself a favor and start catching up on SideReel now: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sunny to Return in September

Kristin from E!Online is reporting that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - one of my favorite comedies on TV - will be returning in September of 2008. This is also when another FX show, The Shield , is set to return as well as when a new show, Sons of Anarchy, will also premiere. Source: E!Online

Sunny Renewed For Season 4

I just posted my review of Sunny the other day, and coincidentally, the gods seemed to have listened and have renewed the show for its 4th season. A return date has not yet been set. Source: