Year in Review: Top Shows You're Not Watching, Part 2

Damages - When you first saw the previews for legal thriller Damages I imagine you thought exactly what I did: "Great. Another legal show. Just what we need." However, I assure you that Damages is not like other legal programs and absolutely deserves your time and attention. In some ways, it makes me think of Dexter in that it has an excellently paced season-long murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the last episode. Combine this with superb acting talent (including Emmy winning performances from Glenn Close and Zeljko Ivanek) and a fascinating method of story telling (the show jumps between at least 3 time frames in a seamless and relatively non-confusing manner) and we have ourselves a winner! Friday Night Lights - Having us here at SideReel telling you to watch Friday Night Lights is nothing new. We dedicated the SideReel Drama Club to the show during this past summer. However, until every single person out there has watched this show...we refuse to stop talking about it. This show has everything - from an unfairly attractive cast to some of the best family drama on television. We repeat: It doesn't matter if you don't like football. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Granted, this little gem of a show is currently more watched than it used to be. However, I imagine some of you have still overlooked this fantastic comedy, which I warn you, is probably not for everyone. However, the ones that do click with IASIP's insane sense of humor (jokes about necrophilia, abortion, name a few) will immediately identify it as a favorite. Give it a chance! The Big Bang Theory - I fear that some people may have shared my initial reaction to this show which was that "it's just another cheesy sitcom". However, as the first season of Big Bang progressed, the show has evolved (pun intended) into one of the smarter, funnier shows on television. If you listen carefully, the show is chalk full of clever, incredibly nerdy jokes. For me, this show proves that it's still possible to have a standard sitcom (laugh track included) that works. Privileged - I identified Privileged as being not great, but showing promise when it debuted, and since then it has only improved. In my initial review I commented that while we all love Gossip Girl , The CW could still use a show that is a little more Gilmore Girls (re: wholesome) and Privileged is your winner. It's the only show currently on the network that really delves into a relationship between sisters and it is done quite well. The show's star Joanna Garcia also takes parts and scenes that could be vomit-worthy in terms of cheesiness and manages to turn it into something adorable. If you liked old-school WB, Privileged is for you! Think there's other shows that we should be watching? Share in comments! Go Back to Part 1 2008: Year in Review

Mac and Dee marry!

It must always be sunny in Philadelphia! Stars of the F/X show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney have tied the knot in an intimate Malibu ceremony, Olson's rep confirms to OK!. McElhenney, a Philly native who created and executive produces the show as well as stars as "Mac", and Kaitlin, who plays "Sweet Dee," dated for two years before making it official. Kaitlin and Rob are the second couple to say 'I Do' on the Philadelphia set. cast members Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis married in 2006!

Tonight's Premieres & Finales: Smallville, Supernatural, IASIP and More!

The fall show premieres keep rolling in as our summer shows wrap up with their finales! Tonight's Premieres: Smallville - Preview Supernatural - Preview It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Premiere Review Tonight's Finales: Burn Notice - Preview Flashpoint - Preview What are you most looking forward to watching? Photo courtesy of

Season 3 DVD Released Today

Season 3 was out for sale today! I have heard the commentaries are hilarious, and I was hoping someone might report back for me. Any word? And for anyone wondering what to expect, I found this which details what will be on the DVD: DVD Review

Things I Want: Golden Dumpster Baby

The great folks behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have organized a traveling game show, where fans (at colleges) can answer trivia questions about the program in the hopes of winning their very own Golden Dumpster Baby. Full list of tour dates plus an online version of the game show here . via TV Squad

Sweet Dee Breaks Her Back

No, this is not the title of the Season 4 pilot. Kaitlin Olson, or Sweet Dee on the show, recently broke her back. According to Rob McElhenney, she fractured her sacrum on the fourth of July. This causes conflicts with the filming, because Danny DeVito is leaving the set in August to film and direct his new movie, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Here's the link:

The Gang Does Comic-Con!!

So, apparently Mac, Charlie and Dennis were on hand at San Diego's Comic-Con to give a little insight into Season 4. I hear Charlie sang Nightman because a girl fan asked him to. Sigh, heartbreaker! :) Here's a recap for anyone interested in hearing what they had to say: Comic-Con Update from RachelL: Here's video of the panel!

Comedy of the Week: Looking at the Sunny Characters

For those of you that have watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , share which character is your favorite and why! For those of you that are still slacking, here's an introduction to each of the main characters: Dennis Dennis is Dee's brother and part-owner of Paddy's Pub. He is portrayed as reasonably intelligent, though simultaneously the most self-centered and unprincipled of the bunch. He's also incredibly vain (starving himself for days after he sees himself on TV and is convinced that his face looks fat). Choice quote: "Hi. I'm a recovering crackhead, and this is my retarded sister I take care of. I'd like some welfare please." Mac Mac is supposed to be the "manly man" of the bunch, though he desperately seeks the approval of others (when he thinks Charlie was molested by a former teacher he's upset that the same person didn't want to molest him). Mac's father is in jail and Mac dealt drugs in high school. Choice quote: "This music sounds like whales raping each other." Dee Dee is Dennis' sister who tends bar at Paddy's Pub. She frequently fights/disagrees with the guys and aspires to be an actress. Dee was originally supposed to be the group's voice of reason, but has ended up being as insane as the rest of the characters. Choice quote: "Why can't you just die and leave your money to your kids like normal parents?" Charlie Charlie co-owns the bar with Dennis and Mac. He allows the rest of the batch to constantly take advantage of him, making him do "Charlie work", which is any type of grunt work that they don't want to deal with. He seems to be illiterate, bordering on retarded. Choice quote: "I'm in love with a man called God. Does that make me gay? Does that make me gay for God? You betcha." Frank Reynolds Frank, played by Danny Devito, is the father of Dennis and Dee (for the second season of the show, at least). He's as self-centered and immoral as his children, even if he's not really their father... Choice quote: (to Dennis and Dee): "Are you two banging each other?!? Because that's just not right!"

Comedy of the Week: An Always Sunny Clip Show

Still not sure if It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is for you? I've done my best at assembling a variety of clips from the show that will give you a sense of the program's humor. The better clips are from Hulu below (beware, because the show is rated MA, you must have a Hulu account and be logged in to view them): Dennis resembles a child molester: A Problem for Dennis Dennis tries to sleep with Mac's mom: Dennis Hits on Mac's Mom Charlie's Intervention (everybody mistakenly believes he was molested as a child): Where Were You Touched Trying to collect welfare: Crackhead and Retard Also, for international viewers or people that don't want to bother creating a Hulu account, here's a few YouTube clips: Chopping Cats Choosing Basketball Teams Preaching religion

Comedy of the Week: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last week we had a great run with our first Comedy of the Week , 30 Rock , and now it's time to make a new selection for Week 2! I have decided to make it my personal mission in life, especially since it has just been renewed for 39 more episodes , to get more people watching one of the funniest shows on TV, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . Sunny focuses on 4 friends that operate a bar in Philadelphia, Paddy's Pub. Many of the show's scenes take place inside of the bar, but be forewarned, Sunny is no Cheers. It is not your standard comedy with standard sitcom situations. It thrives on drawing humor out of the uncomfortable and inappropriate. If you find yourself laughing at those jokes that you have to first look around and check if it's ok to laugh about - Sunny just might the show for you - because some of the show's funniest moments have occurred during scenes at abortion rallies and welfare clinics. This week we'll be covering everything Sunny! If you're willing to try something just a little bit different, add It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to your Favorites and hop along for what will be a hilarious ride. Check out our next entry: An Always Sunny Clip Show