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'Jersey Shore' Series Closer Is Least-Watched Finale for Franchise

The final episode of the MTV series drew just 3.1 million viewers Thursday.

'Jersey Shore' ends it all with some decidedly icky 'Icing on the Cake'

Nothing much happens in the last episode of "Jersey Shore," but perhaps that's the point as the gang of guidos and guidettes slip into the sunset and spin-offs.

Jersey Shore Ends: Who Will You Miss the Most?

It's happened guys. It's really happened. Jersey Shore is over. No more GTL. No more inexplicable fights. No more pranks. No more drinking, crying, and crazy catch phrases. We'll miss the entire cast, and most of all their wacky group adventures. But while we hate to say goodbye to all of them, everyone has their favorite cast member. So, we want to know: Whose Jersey Shore exploits will you miss the most?

Jersey Shore Ends: The Cast Picks Their Favorite and Least Favorite Moments Ever

The Jersey Shore cast says their final farewell to Seaside on December 20, so of course now's the time for them to sit back and reflect on their six seasons of madness and mayhem. MTV caught up with the cast, and they each dished on their favorite and least favorite moments (or, in some cases, seasons) ever on the series. Click through this gallery to find out who loves drinking during the day, who still shudders when remembering Miami, and much more. Catch the series finale of Jersey Shore...

'Jersey Shore' Cast Says Goodbye With Series Finale, Recalls Favorite Memories

JWOWW says her tanning bronzer was running down her chest from crying in the last episode, while Mike Sorrentino admits that the show "helped me recover" from a history of substance abuse.

The 'Jersey Shore' Cast's Advice for MTV's 'Buckwild' Stars

The Seaside Heights crew say they're excited to see how the South parties, while Deena Cortese notes that "they seem a little more wild than us."

Jersey Shore's Most Un-Romantic Moments of All-Time

Jersey Shore comes to an end tonight (December 20), and in honor of the show's finale, we're looking back at some of our favorite moments — and least favorite. So without further ado, here are the least romantic Jersey Shore moments ever. A Girl Steals Pauly D’s Heart, er, Chain Pauly D got more than he bargained for when he brought home no. 2356 of his on-screen hook-ups on Season 5, Episode 2. After smushing, Pauly unceremoniously kicked the girl to the curb before she even has...

'Jersey Shore' series finale: Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino reflects on being the first one cast

Zap2it: On "Jersey Shore," who was your closest friend?Mike Sorrentino: I would have to say Paulie. Unfortunately we both work extremely a lot.Zap2it: Is he the guy you could call at 3 a.m.?Mike Sorrentino: I could probably call every single one of them. The whole cast is definitely almost like we grew up in front of the camera, and any time, I can call any one of them.Zap2it: What were you doing before "Jersey Shore"?Mike Sorrentino: A year prior they were shooting the concept, and they liked it and were searching for the right people, I was working as a trainer and doing some fitness modeling at the time, and I ran into someone who said 'Go to an audition.' They shot the pilot and I had to wait eight months to [hear] MTV had agreed to do it. It was very validating for me. I was the first one [cast].Zap2it: What is it like...

What Did the Jersey Shore Cast Really Think of Each Other on Day One? (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live (original air date: December 18, 2012).

Jersey Shore Cast Spills Last Season Secrets on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live (original air date: December 18, 2012).