Vinny Can't Remember, Did He 'Bang' Snooki? (VIDEO)

On 'Jersey Shore' (Thu., 10PM ET on MTV), Vinny tells Snooki she looks hot. "Snooki is rockin' the old Snook Look -- the leopard dress, poof -- and she actually looks pretty good," he explains. That night, he gets drunk and tells her to "come and lay down. I won't touch you." Snooki climbs into his bed and asks, "Wanna [beep]?" Vinny offers a muffled reply (that MTV subtitles, "Sure"). Fast forward to the next morning. "I got Snooki next to me ... I see my clothes all over the place," says Vinny. "Dude, what the [beep] did I do last night? I'm like, Did I bang Snooki last night? Did I do the unthinkable?" Source & Video