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Kimmel Reveals What Ted Cruz Really Masturbates to: Poor People Without Health Care (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel just spanked Ted Cruz. ABCs lone late-night personality got his licks in last night, when the Jimmy Kimmel Live host rode the man Trump dubbed Lyin Ted over the Texas senators recent online porn fiasco. The videos from a genre known as Stepmom Porn,' Kimmel said Tuesday, referring to an adult film post on Twitter that was Liked by Cruzs official personal account. Ah, hes a family values guy.   ...Read More... http://www.thewrap.com/ted-cruz-stepmom-porn-masturbate-health-care-kimmel-video/

Stephen Colbert To Be Jimmy Kimmels Guest On Thursday Night

CBS late-night star Stephen Colbert will guest on Jimmy Kimmel s ABC late night show on Thursday. Colbert, whose show broadcasts from NYC, will be in Los Angeles, appearing in promotion of his first-ever gig as hosting CBSs broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Awards that Sunday night in LA. Last years Emmy Awards host Kimmel no doubt will have some advice for him. If you want to see an original Colbert that night, youll want to watch J immy Kimmel Live ; Colberts Late Show  ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2017/09/stephen-colbert-jimmy-kimmel-live-emmy-awards-host-1202164756/

Sean Spicer to Appear on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

The former White House press secretary will appear on Sept. 13.   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/Zj78t7AVVLE/sean-spicer-sets-appearance-jimmy-kimmel-live-1036398

Dr. Phil Plugs His Season Debut Interview With Sinead OConnor While Visiting Jimmy Kimmel

Not quite a year after taking lots of heat for the disturbing display of a clearly ill Shelley Duvall for a Dr. Phil November sweep broadcast, Phil McGraw stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his shows season debut, which will feature a really interesting interview with Sinead OConnor. Nearly a month earlier, OConnor had posted a Facebook video from a motel room in New Jersey, in which she said she was suicidal; it went viral. "This season we're launching with a   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2017/09/jimmy-kimmel-dr-phil-sinead-oconnor-interview-suicidal-video-1202163308/

Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump Did Away With DACA Because Obama Ordered It

This morning, our president woke up and asked his staff, 'Now that this hurricane is over, what is something horrible I can do to distract people from the Russia investigation?' Jimmy Kimmel snarked at the top of tonights Jimmy Kimmel Live. Someone said, You know, there are 800,000 innocent kids you can deport for no good reason. And he said 'Done and done!, Kimmel recounted. Trump decided to do away with what's known as the Deferred Action for Childhood  ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2017/09/jimmy-kimmel-donald-trump-daca-kill-because-obama-ordered-video-1202162297/

Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Helped End Dad's Longtime Feud With Jay Leno

"When I was in high school and college, [Leno] was one of my all-time favorite comics," says the late-night host, who once said "f him" of Leno to a New York audience.  ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/-jIqQpL9vek/jimmy-kimmels-baby-helped-end-dads-longtime-feud-jay-leno-1031877

Jimmy Kimmel Compares Confederate Statues to Trump Buildings

More tweets from President Donald Trump mean more fodder for late night hosts. Take Jimmy Kimmel, who on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night, responded directly to Trumps tweets about the taking down of Confederate and other racist statues. You can read Trumps tweets below.   ...Read More... http://www.thewrap.com/jimmy-kimmel-statues/

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets From Trump Supporters

  Usually when Jimmy Kimmel does "Mean Tweets," it's celebrities reading unsolicited hateriffic tweets from the general public about themselves. But on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live , Kimmel did it a little differently, reading mean tweets sent to him by Trump's biggest fans.  ...Read More...   http://www.tvguide.com/news/jimmy-kimmel-mean-tweets-trump-supporters/?rss=breakingnews

Jimmy Kimmel Hears From Donald Trump Voters; Kellyanne Conway Discusses Damage Control

One day after reaching out to speak directly to Donald Trump voters about his bonkers Tuesday press conference in defense of the fatal white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel shared some of the many responses he received via social media. Last night on our show, in case you missed it I had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump. I explained that I understood why they did it, but encouraged those who, deep down, feel   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2017/08/jimmy-kimmel-donald-trump-voters-kellyanne-conway-video-1202150792/

Jimmy Kimmel Suggests That We Make Trump King: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

'We need to set him up in a castle, maybe in Florida. Lead him to the top and then lock the door to that castle,' the comedian says, 'There's no way he turns that deal down.'   ...Read More... http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00112866.html