Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim and Reggie Spend Valentine's in Vegas

As with most couples this Valentine's Day, these reality celebrities also conform to the tradition and celebrate the night away. For Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress Kim Kardashian and her sports star boyfriend Reggie Bush, this means heading straight to Sin City. The 29-year-old reality TV star hosted the Queen of Hearts Ball at the Lavo club in Las Vegas, and later spent the day with her beau. S he explained their V-day custom to OK! Magazine, saying: "Well every year, we've spent Valentine's Day -- for the past three years, in a different city." She added that she and Bush have never tried celebrating the holiday in the world's Entertainment Capital, so they gave it a go. "We've never done it in Las Vegas so I'm just excited to be here," Kim Kardashian said. Despite the excitement of hosting a lavish Lavo bash, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star admitted that she'd rather just lay low for the day. What would really matter is who she's with, which is, of course, Reggie Bush. To Read More Click Here .

Kim Kardashian Puts Back Fragrance Launch Due to Snow Storm

Kim Kardashian was forced to cancel the launch of her fragrance in New York this week - after flights to the city were grounded due to harsh blizzard conditions. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was scheduled to unveil her Kim Kardashian perfume at a Sephora store in Manhattan on Wednesday, February 10. But her travel plans were halted as the city was pounded by snow and wind - and she was forced to rearrange her flights and drive right into the storm. She says, "I pride myself on never missing anything, but I was snowed in and my flight was canceled." "I flew from New Orleans to Atlanta to Boston. I drove here [to New York] from Boston, missed my Sephora in--tore appearance. But I will be there on the 15th in New York City." Source Here

Kardashian Sisters to Launch Jewelery Line

The Kardashian sisters are tapping into their Armenian heritage to create a new jewelery line. Socialite siblings Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, who run their own Dash clothing boutiques, are teaming up with Los Angeles brand Virgin Saints and Angels to launch a new range of gems for The Kardashian Collection. And the trio of sisters, whose late father Robert Kardashian was Armenian, have turned to the rich history of the Eurasian nation for inspiration. In a post on her blog, Khloe writes, "I'm very excited to finally be able to share some of the fab pieces from the collection with you." "The design was inspired by our Armenian heritage and there's a great deal of symbolism behind each piece. We've all worked very hard on this project and my sisters and I are absolutely thrilled with the way the line turned out! I can't wait to hear what you guys think and which are your favorite pieces." Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim and Reggie Planning "Tropical" Yet Simple V-Day Vacation

A big Super Bowl win and several victory parties later, NFL star Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian now focus on another important event for them: Valentine's Day. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress and her beau are planning their post-game getaway already, and they're hoping for a relaxing break. "Vacation time is here," the 29-year-old star posted on her Twitter. She then sent her boyfriend a message asking, "Where should we go this year? Definitely tropical!" A few minutes later, the Saints' running back responded and agreed. "Yeah def somewhere relaxing and tropical with massages and spa's everyday!" he wrote. But it looks like Kim Kardashian is hoping for something more fun than that. She requested that they go, "[j]et skiing & snorkeling too." It certainly sounds like quite a vacation for the two of them, even though they might have to put it on hold for now. According to E! Online, there are a couple of hectic weeks ahead for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians sibling. Kim Kardashian will soon be busy promoting her new scent, which we heard about last month. We also expect her to make an appearance for New York Fashion Week, where she'll be unveiling her bebe line. What's more, she's also scheduled to host a pre-Valentine's party in Las Vegas' own Lavo. That's probably why the couple is set on having a $100 budget for the highly anticipated holiday. Monsters and Critics reports that this year, she and her 24-year-old boyfriend are hoping to cut costs. Not to mention, time. "Reggie and I said this year that we want our Valentine's Day gifts to be smaller," she said. "We go all out for Christmas and birthdays so we feel like Valentine's Day should just be a $100-and-under gift. We make it just very simple and sweet." Well then, they're probably not going to have their tropical getaway with that budget. Maybe they'll just be happy spending their day at home, tweeting one another from different rooms. Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim "Proud" of Reggie Bush for Super Bowl Victory

It had to be one or the other when it came to Super Bowl Sunday between the Saints and the Colts, and apparently the Keeping Up with the Kardashians camp took home the win. While the side of Kendra Wilkinson and her Basketts wallow in their loss, Kim Kardashian and her beau Reggie Bush are overjoyed. As most of us already know, the New Orleans Saints emerged victorious for the big game. Even though the team is already pleased with their win, it was the 29-year-old reality star who voiced out her own satisfaction at such a reward. Talking to People, the celebrity announced: "I am so proud of Reggie and the Saints! New Orleans deserves this - it's such a huge accomplishment!" In a 31-17 win against the Indianapolis Colts, the New Orleans Saints really do have something to boast about. "Reggie has waited his whole life for this moment," Kim Kardashian exclaimed. "It came and they conquered." To Read More Click Here .

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Clan Cheering on the Saints for Super Bowl

If cheering alone would take home the victory for this year's Super Bowl, then the New Orleans Saints are mostly likely the winners. Thanks to the whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians family, there's plenty of support for the team's very own Reggie Bush. As the current beau of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, he's been dominating sports and entertainment headlines this season. Of course, she's not the only one giving him her attention. Even Kris Jenner, the mother and manager of the 29-year-old celebrity, was rooting for the Saints. To Read More Click Here .

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Khloe Evades Arrest Over 2003 Speeding Fine

She may be lucky enough to shake the hand of President Obama, but Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian belongs behind bars. Well, it's supposedly for a seven-year-old speeding ticket she forgot about. Still, a bench warrant for her arrest has been issued back in 2003 and she hasn't paid it any mind since. TMZ reports that the 25-year-old reality TV celebrity wasn't able to pay that speeding ticket before, and it didn't even appear in her 2007 DUI case. It wasn't in her record, on the arrest, and wasn't on the prosecution either. It was also said that she continued to receive traffic tickets over the years as well, but the warrant went by unnoticed. That's either a stroke of luck or she really did intend on forgetting about it. With her busy schedule and a rushed wedding, who could even remember a speeding ticket? To Read More Click here .

Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker

Socialite Kim Kardashian has won a permanent restraining order against a man she's accused of stalking and harassing her for months. The reality TV star took legal action against Dennis Shaun Bowman in January amid concerns he believed he was romantically involved with the beauty. In court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Kardashian recalled how the obsessed fan began contacting her on social networking site in September 2009, before moving from Georgia to be near her Calabasas, California home. Kardashian went on to claim that Bowman had begun showing up and acting bizarrely at her promotional appearances in the Los Angeles area and sending threatening messages about her boyfriend, American footballer Reggie Bush. She was granted a temporary restraining order against Bowman last month but the case returned to court on Wednesday, February 3 when a judge placed a three-year ban on the alleged stalker. Neither Kardashian nor Bowman were present for the hearing. The protective order will remain in place until 2013, reports Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim Auctions Fashions for Haiti

Celebrities have been thinking up creative ways to help out the victims of the Haiti disaster, and joining them is Kim Kardashian. The reality star dug deep into her closet for clothes to auction off, hoping that selling them would really aid those in need. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians socialite announced how she'll be doing her part to donate proceeds to the cause. Kim told E! Online that her eBay event will kick off next week and will feature several of her slightly used fashions. That usually means they've just been worn once and already stored in the star's dresser. "We're doing huge eBay charity auctions," Kim Kardashian revealed. The announcement was made during the launch of her new footwear line, ShoeDazzle. It was held last week at the Los Angeles Century City mall. "I have an eBay store called Kim's Closet," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star continued. "Me, Kourtney, Khloé, my mom, Reggie, and I think Lamar have all put up a whole bunch of auctions that launch next week, and it all goes to Haiti. It's our shoes and our clothes. Get cute clothes and help out Haiti." In the past years, Kim Kardashian and her family have always been involved in charity events like these. A couple of years ago, they held another fashion auction to benefit the Dream Foundation. The organization is one that grants wishes for terminally ill adults, another cause the reality star is passionate about. Another charity effort made by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars is the boxing match in 2009. The game was held once again for the Dream Foundation, and Kim even suffered a black eye for that. This time, Kim may not be getting in the ring for charity, but will still do her part in helping out Haiti. "At the end of the day, we did this for charity and that's what counts," the star blogged in the past. It really is admirable to see this family pooling their resources for the less-fortunate. Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Khloe Shakes President Obama's Hand at White House

Khloe Kardashian might already consider herself lucky, with two reality television shows and a whirlwind wedding to Lakers athlete Lamar Odom. But things got even better for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. She managed to head over to the White House and come face-to-face with the President. Afterwards, she posted the news on Twitter and got everyone excited about it. Yes, typical Kardashian fashion. Anyway, NBC Los Angeles reports that the 25-year-old reality TV star and her husband took part in honoring the Lakers' 2009 NBA Championship at Washington, D.C. The event gave them the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama. A photo shoot was in order, as the team posed with the President. He was then presented with a #1 Lakers jersey by Kobe Bryant before moving towards the rows of guests watching the event. President Obama spotted Khloe Kardashian among the visitors, along with Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant. Both of them managed to shake his hand, and obviously the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was thrilled. Before she managed to bask in the presence of the President, Khloe tweeted: "About to meet PRESIDENT OBAMA! This is unreal." The reality star then updated her account right after, being even more giddy at what happened. "Such an amazing day! I just meet Obama with my husband! :)" she wrote. As part of their remarkable experience, Khloe and everyone else were given a tour of the presidential grounds on Pennsylvania Avenue. It certainly is an honor for this Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrity. Whether or not we'll be seeing this on her show is another matter, but knowing this family there might be a chance. What's more, Khloe's sister Kim could be making her way into the White House as well. If ever her boyfriend Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, we may be seeing another Kardashian shaking hands with President Obama. We're bound to hear about it over Twitter too. Source Here