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Khloe Kardashian Officially Dating Lakers Forward

One Kardashian sister loses her boyfriend, the other gains one. Khloe Kardashian is dating Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom, sister Kim Kardashian, who split from NFL player Reggie Bush in July, has confirmed to several media outlet. "They're very, very happy," Kim told People. "They've been together a few weeks, and are literally inseparable. Khloe thinks he's amazing and makes her laugh and smile constantly." Kim even praises Lamar as a "great guy". Khloe and Lamar were spotted clubbing in Los Angeles this week and hitting the hot spot Guys & Dolls on Thursday, September 3 night. "They spent the night dancing and holding hands," a source told E!. "They never left their booth. He was holding her hand and every time a good song came on she would pull him up to dance and steal kisses here and there. There is no denying the chemistry between those two." Lamar Odom is not Khloe's first basketball star boyfriend. She dated Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Rashad McCants last year. Meanwhile, from his former longtime girlfriend, Lamar has three children, one of whom died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at the age of 7 months. Source Here

'I Want a Baby!!!!' Says Kim Kardashian

Accompanying her pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian to shop for baby gear, Kim Kardashian has embraced her maternal instinct and said that she too wants to have a baby. In a post on her official blog, the socialite wrote "I want a baby!!!! OK, so maybe not right now, but I can't wait to be an aunt!" Dishing on her and Kourtney's shopping day, Kim detailed in her post, "Kourtney and I went baby shopping last week! It's really fun but we you have to stay neutral when you're shopping for a baby and you don't know what the sex of the baby is!" She then added, "I found that really hard ... I just wanted to shop for pink or blue, haha! I want Kourt and Scott to find out already!!" Kourtney Kardashian is currently pregnant with her on-again boyfriend Scott Disick's baby. She is expected to give birth around Christmas. Previously the expectant reality TV star has stated that she doesn't know if she'll find out the sex of her baby. "I'll probably find out, but I haven't decided for sure," so she claimed. Kourtney also revealed that she and Scott have not yet decided on a name for their upcoming first child. "I don't have any names that I'm crazy about yet," she said. "I just got a name book that Scott's parents sent me." Source Here

Kim Kardashian to Throw Kourtney a Baby Shower

Excited to embrace her new role as an aunt, Kim Kardashian has been planning to throw her pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian a baby shower. "There's the baby shower I have to plan, the baby is coming. All this stuff is going to take so much time and it's going to be exciting at the same time," Kim told Hollyscoop exclusively. Though so, the reality TV star didn't spill the beans on when and where she is planning to host the affair. No mention was made on who will be invited to come to the celebration. Kim Kardashian took it to her official blog on Thursday, September 3 to share with fans that she and Kourtney Kardashian have just shopped for baby gear. "Kourtney and I went baby shopping last week! It's really fun but we you have to stay neutral when you're shopping for a baby and you don't know what the sex of the baby is! I found that really hard ... I just wanted to shop for pink or blue, haha! I want Kourt and Scott to find out already!!" she revealed. In the same post, Kim also wrote "I want a baby!!!! OK, so maybe not right now, but I can't wait to be an aunt!" Kourtney Kardashian who is pregnant with her boyfriend Scott Disick's baby is expected to give birth around Christmas. She has revealed that she isn't sure if she'll find out the sex of her upcoming baby. Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Disick Ready to be a Daddy

He was portrayed as quite the ladies' man on Keeping Up with the Kardashians , but it sounds as though Scott Disick is ready to turn over a new leaf. It must come with the recently premiered reality series his baby's mom has - Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami . According to E! Online, insiders admitted to seeing Scott's journey towards fatherhood. DASH boutique employee and a costar on the reality series Erica Mena handed over her 2-year-old baby to the guy and saw how eager he was to become a dad. "He got a whole feel for fatherhood--holding hands with my son, playing with him, feeding him a bottle," Mena told the publication. "He was a natural with my baby." We can only hope that he'll be able to deal with his and Kourtney Kardashian's bundle of joy once it arrives. He has a lot to live up to, especially since the 30-year-old reality starlet was dubbed a "role model" by her friend. Mena went on to sing the praises of the mom-to-be, saying "The fact that Kourtney puts everything out there about her pregnancy for the world to know makes her more of a role model." She also goes on to admit that this is how reality really is, with problems far from being sugarcoated by television cameras and the media. Kourtney is apparently doing a great job being a mother being watched by many. "It's realistic and it's the truth," Mena said, "and for a young girl going through the same thing--forgetting to the take the pill, considering abortion--it's nice to know Kourtney is someone a person can look up to in the public eye." It just gets better and better for the expectant mother, as the news of her pregnancy has given her a wonderful reason to get through the day. "She's just embracing her pregnancy, and you can tell by looking at her that she couldn't be happier." Of course, it's also great to hear that Kourtney doesn't have to go through all that alone. It's not just the Kardashian clan who's supporting her, as her boyfriend never fails to be there by her side. What a surprise. "Scott is more excited than anyone," Mena exclaimed. Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Spotlight's Up for Grabs

Well, they wouldn't really be famous if they didn't hog the spotlight. The Kardashian sisters seem to be taking turns under the fame radar, with Kourtney being pregnant and Kim supposedly getting back together with Reggie Bush. As for Khloe, well, the outspoken star still has her mouth open for more comments about her krazy family. First off, let's hear it for Kourtney. She can't stop showing off that baby bump of hers, and she can't wait for the arrival of a new Kardashian in their lives. The reality star recently appeared on the cover of Us Weekly with fellow mom-to-be Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next Door . Kourtney told the publication that she still wasn't sure if she wanted to know the sex of the baby just yet. "I'll probably find out, but I haven't decided for sure," she said. She also discussed how difficult it is to think up names for the kid and that she's currently consulting a book given by Scott Disick's parents. Khloe, meanwhile, is in full support of her sister. Their new series Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami just started, and things are getting busier with the baby on the way. Still, it's great for them that Kourtney has her boyfriend to fall back on at these times. On an interview with TV Guide, they talked about how the pregnancy will affect the show. As we all expected, it's probably going to turn into the Kourtney Kardashian Hour. "It's going to be everything Kourtney is going through up until the birth," Khloe explained. "It's more of a family situation anyway, so I think it's perfect timing." Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, just won't be beat. Now that her sisters are handling the reality television aspect of their careers, she's headed for something quite different. It doesn't exactly involve a reunion with her NFL romance Reggie Bush, but this turn of events is definitely a surprise. Or not really, since we know she's been blogging for ages. Celebuzz reports that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians socialite has landed the job of becoming a Contributing Beauty Editor for OK! Magazine. She starts off the task this September as New York Fashion Week pushes through, which means more attention for this girl. "I'm really looking forward to being a part of the team at OK," Kim admitted. "Now the types of tips I've given on my own blog can be seen by an even wider audience. I've always loved beauty, so opportunities like this and the upcoming partnership with Lighthouse feel like natural, perfect fits." Wow, if she keeps up this pace there won't be any jobs left for anyone else. Source Here

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 3 - 'Hangover Helpers'

Khloe holds auditions at the boutique to find a date for Kourtney; Kim visits her sisters and gets pressured into getting drunk. Watch & Discuss: Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami: Season 1, Episode 3 - 'Hangover Helpers'

Khloe Kardashian: Kourtney was "Miserable" Without Scott

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian started their E! reality series Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami as swingin' single sisters, but we'll soon see just how hard it was for mom-to-be Kourtney to be without her baby's father. "At first, I was trying to fight a lot more [to get Kourtney to date], but then I realized she was just so miserable without Scott," Khloe tells TVGuide.com of her sister's break-up with boyfriend Scott Disick, 25. Kourtney, 30, has since reunited with Scott, but she admits that she struggled with the dating scene. Kourtney Kardashian: I forgot to "take my pill" "I hate dating. I find it to be really unnatural," Kourtney says. "I don't think it's real, and I don't think you are yourself on a date. Once you're comfortable with someone, then going on a date is great. But when you don't know someone, it's awful." Khloe, who claims to be very different from her sister, says Kourtney is "very socially awkward" when it comes to dating. So, to help Kourtney forget about her ex, Khloe held open auditions at DASH to find her big sis a suitable bachelor. Kourtney was not amused, Khloe says, but the two have since put the argument behind them. Now, they're gearing up for the newest little addition to the Kardashian family. Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will be thrilled to know that Kourtney's pregnancy "will definitely be a major part" of the upcoming season, according to Khloe. "It's going to be everything Kourtney is going through up until the birth," Khloe says. "It's more of a family situation anyway, so I think it's perfect timing." Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami airs Sundays at 10/9c on E!, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians kicks off its fourth season later this year. Source Here

Khloe Hopes Kim Kardashian Will Get Back Together With Reggie Bush

Reality TV star and socialite Khloe Kardashian is hoping that her sister Kim Kardashian will get back together with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Attending the 5th annual Miss Malibu Pageant benefiting LudaCares on Sunday, August 23, she shared to E! News, "I hope they get back together. Reggie's like my brother ... Even when they broke up, I still talked to Reggie all the time. We're still really close." When asked about Kim and Reggie's recent reunion in New Orleans, Louisiana, Khloe revealed the two actually are still missing each other. "I think they're still figuring it out," she noted. "Nothing bad ever happened in their relationship. Kim's busy [and] he was starting training camp. They just needed time." "And obviously they'd been together three-and-a-half years," Khloe added. "They love each other. Everyone sees it. I think they just miss each other." Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush began dating in 2007. They were often spotted putting a united front in numerous public events. However, in late July, Kim had her representative confirming that she and Reggie had decided to go separate ways. The reason for their break-up was kept under wraps though. Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Beans on Kourtney and Scott

It was just last week that we announced that Kourtney Kardashian is indeed expecting her first child. The star of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami didn't want to reveal the identity of the baby's father at first, but speculation has already pointed out who. As we all suspected, it was Scott Disick. In the past, Scott had his shortcomings. Kourtney thought he was cheating on her, picking up hints on how he constantly spends time with other women. Apparently, all that has changed now that this Playboy's going to be a daddy. Kourtney appeared on NBC's The Today Show last week to discuss the good news of her pregnancy, but she couldn't help but spill even more details. Kathie Lee Gifford, one of the hosts, told her to hold back: "Your mother said not to say!" Unfortunately, the reality TV star felt the need to declare the news. "It's Scott. My ex-boyfriend. Who is now my boyfriend." After breaking up in January, it looks as though the two hurriedly got back together again since Kourtney's due in December. That was fast. "He's very excited," she revealed. "When I found out, I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. I was so confused. But he was so for it and so excited from the beginning. We're really happy." Of course, the rest of the family shares their enthusiasm over yet another plotline to be followed by Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kourtney's sister Khloe told Us Magazine at how changed Scott Disick is ever since news of the baby surfaced. "[H]e's always been obsessed with Kourtney," she claimed. Khloe also said that these days, Scott is "definitely becoming more maternal." She was later corrected by Kourtney who referred to her boyfriend as "paternal." There's no doubt that a baby will bring something new to their lives, just like the mom gaining about ten pounds as of now. "I'm embracing it," Kourtney said. "I like when my body changes. I like seeing it. I run around naked all day at home. I think it's like a beautiful thing." Source Here

Kourtney Kardashian: I Forgot to "Take My Pill"

Kourtney Kardashian's unplanned pregnancy was the result of bad memory: The eldest Kardashian says she got pregnant after forgetting to take her birth control pill. "This probably sounds so dumb, but there's so many times I'll forget to take my pill and I don't think it's that big of a deal," the 30-year-old, who's due around Christmastime, told Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show. "It's just so stupid." Kardashian, who confirmed that the baby's father is her on-again boyfriend Scott Disick, thought she might be pregnant when she got "really nauseous" and her breasts became "huge and they were so sore." So taken aback by the unexpected news, Kardashian said she charged her sister, Khloe, with telling their family. Her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, had the "most realistic" reaction. "[He said], 'You guys are acting like you're getting a little puppy dog! You need to take this seriously.' ... He freaks me out the most," she said. Younger sister, Kim, was surprised as well because she always thought she'd be the first to have children, Kardashian said. Kim, who recently split with Reggie Bush, even had baby names picked out. "I don't think she was envious, but who knows. Kim gets mad if I get, like, the car that she wants. She, like, freaks out," Kardashian said. "Out of all of us, I was definitely the last one that was even thinking about it." Source Here