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Major Crimes: Getting the Buzz from Buzz Watson.

Ten A.M. on the dot and the phone remains silent. Twenty minutes later, a number appeared on the screen. Its none other than Phillip Keene, star of the hit TNT crime drama Major Crimes. The actor spoke about his illustrious past and dropped some hints about the upcoming sixth season. a place Ive never beenbut would like to go , Keene confessed before the interview began. A lot of production up there too, Keene went on to say. I agreed with him given thatArrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and even episodes of Luciferhave scenes with Vancouver as the   ...Read More...

Major Crimes Season 6: Billy Burke Set for Encore as Slithery Phillip Stroh

Stroh, no! TVLine has learned exclusively that TNTs Major Crimes in Season 6 will bring back Billy Burke as one of the franchises most vile and indefatigable villains, serial rapist, serial killer and sometime-lawyer Phillip Stroh. Burke first portrayed Stroh in February of 2009, during Season 4 of Major Crimes sire, The Closer. He has []

Major Crimes Casts James Martinez; American Woman Adds Sam Morgan

James Martinez ( House of Cards ) is set for a recurring role in TNTs crime-drama series Major Crimes , from Warner Bros TV. Martinez will play Ian Nunez, the sociopathic father of a potential kidnap victim, a man who started a second family without ever informing them he had a son from another marriage. He joins an ensemble cast that includes Mary McDonnell, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Phillip P. Keene and Raymond Cruz. Martinez currently plays outspoken congressman   ...Read More...

Major Crimes almost ended with season finale Wednesday night

Warning: Spoilers ahead from the Major Crimes Season 5 finale Now thats a major twist. Last year when Major Crimes creator James Duff was writing the two-part Season 5 finale which concluded Wednesday night it was originally planned as a series finale. It felt like a fait accompli, that we were packing our... ...Read More...

Major Crimes Boss Breaks Down Finale: I Couldn't Bring Myself to Visit the Set

For longtime viewers of TNTs Major Crimes (and even more so, those who also watchedThe Closer), there was a moment in the Season 5 finale that made you gasp and perhapseven brought a tear to your eye. Unless I am just speaking for myself. But if you are among those of us who got emotional []

Major Crimes Boss Previews Finale: 'Explosive Punctuation to the Season' Almost Ended the Series

Given how Part 1 of Major Crimes Season 5 finale ended, it should come as no surprise that the conclusion (airing Wednesday at 9/8c, on TNT) has some earth-shaking developments of its own. Explaining the decision to close the season with this particular two-parter in which a Marine slayed his father-in-law merely to lure []

Major Crimes Sneak Peek: Provenza Is Hit Hard by a Senseless Death

Will an utterly senseless death nudge Major Crimes Lt. Provenza one step closer to retirement? In the above sneak peek from tonights episode (airing at 9/8c on TNT), Provenza (played by G.W. Bailey) breaks away from a dinner with Patrice, Sharon and Andy to lament to Rusty about the case theyre working, and the unfortunate []

Major Crimes Video: Provenza Tests the New Guy as a Very Dark Case Unfolds

This Wednesday on Major Crimes (TNT, 9/8c), Provenza keeps the new team member in check and Tao makes a horrific discovery all building up to one of the shows darkest cases ever. In the episode Cleared History, the team discovers a one-man geek squad in the middle of his living room with his throat []

Major Crimes Boss Previews Andy's Fate and the Fight for Taylor's Job, Makes Us Very Afraid of Hit-and-Runs

Certain showrunners bring certain traits to the interview table. Marc Guggenheim isnt afraid to call out shippers. Yankees fan Adam Horowitz tries to slip in baseball spoilers. Shane Brennan practically wrote headlines for you (Do not miss the first 45 seconds!). As for Major Crimes creator James Duff? Over the years (The Closers run included), []

Camryn Manheim pushes buttons as steely chief on Major Crimes

Fans of TNTs Major Crimes and its predecessor, The Closer, could experience dj vu Wednesday night. Camryn Manheim (The Practice, Extant) joins the cast in the recurring role of LAPD Deputy Chief of Operations Winnie Davis, a by-the-book cop who locks horns with Major Crimes Division Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell). Its a table-turner for... ...Read More...