Mistresses Sneak Peek: Joss' Gossip Bomb Isn't Explosive to April

Mistresses Kate may be well on her way to the gold medal in Thuddingly Terrible Relationship Decisions in the summer TV Olympics, but her absence from the latest coffee klatch at Maison Sur Mer actually turns up the dramatic volume. After all, with the wacky Aussie in absentia, Joss can finally reveal to BFFs April []

Mistresses Exclusive: Are Joss and Harry Going to Elope?

  Are wedding bells ringing for Joss ( Jes Macallan ) and Harry ( Brett Tucker ) sooner than we thought? Next week on Mistresses , the recently engaged couple are heading to Vegas thanks to one of Harry's new restaurant investors, and their lavish new digs inspire Jos to come up with a crazy plan. ...  Read More...

Mistresses Photo Preview: Fight Club

Karen and Robert take their relationship to the next level on Mistresses Season 4 Episode 3 . Will she ever find an appropriate suitor? Let's hope not, this way is so much better. April seems to be getting some good news from a mysterious male figure. Is this about her art, or could she be selling the shop? Now that she's focusing on her art, she doesn't really need to keep running it anymore. ...Read More...

Mistresses Photo Preview: New Girl, Big Trouble

Harry's sister, Kate, makes a surprise appearance in the news of Joss and Harry's engagement, but she comes with her own secrets, and her on troubles, on Mistresses Season 4 Episode 2 . Meanwhile, Karen continues her book launch with her new agent, Barbara (guest star Tia Mowry) while sparks continues to fly between her and her new manny. Will Karen give in to him, or will she keep their relationship strictly professional? Will Karen's strong personality clash with Barbara's over the details of her launch?...   Read More....

Mistresses Mega Buzz: Joss Has a Dangerous Way of Coping with the Trial

  Hooray! Joss ( Jes Macallan ) survived Wilson ( Jarod Joseph ) holding her at gunpoint in Mistresses ' Season 3 finale -- but she is far from okay. Season 4, which premieres Monday, picks up a year after the incident, with Joss testifying at Wilson's trial. She's ...   Read More...

Mistresses Sneak Peek: Did Tia Mowry's Barbara Just Question Joss' Sanity?

From her initial moments in Mistresses Season 4 premiere, Tia Mowry-Hardricts literary agent BarbaraRutledge asks the kinds of questions that will resonate with fans of ABCs nutrageous summer sudser. Was that guy really wearing a caftan and a wig? Mowry-Hardrics character asks Jes Macallans Joss about her dangerous encounter with Calistas deranged, gun-toting assistant Wilson []

Mistresses Adds Gilmore Girls Vet in Major Recurring Role

Is Mistresses Karen Kim about to break the Internet? Yunjin Kims deliciously disastrous character is taking her search for love online in Season 4 but it sounds like things might get a little strange once David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls, Proof) points and clicks in her general direction. Sutcliffe has been cast in a major recurring []

Mistresses Season 4 First Look: Karen Gets Booked At Long Last

Shes had an affair with a terminally ill (and very much married) man and later, his son. Shes worn questionable wigs during questionable encounters with strangers. She tried on a thruple for size. And now,Mistresses Karen Kim looks like shes ready to put three seasons of dubious decisions to good use. In the following first-look []

Mistresses Photo Preview: What's Next?

Are you ready?! Mistresses Season 4 Episode 1 kicks off May 30 at 10/9con ABC, and we will meet up with these ladies a year after Joss was held hostage by Wilson, Calista's crazy assistant. Clearly this traumatic event will have taken its toll on Joss, but how exactly? Will Wilson be convicted? What happened that night and how did Joss escape? What happened to Calista? The character will not be returning this season, which is a shame, because she was a great addition. Mistresses Season 3 was perhaps the best of the series, how can Mistresses Season 4 match it?   Read More...

Mistresses Preview: What is Harry Hiding?

Mistresses Season 4 kicks offMay 30at 10/9con ABC. Last we saw of the ladies, they each had just a few things going on. April confessed her feelings for Marc, while Karen found out she was pregnant with Alec's baby, after watching Vivian die. Meanwhile, Joss was being held at gun point byCalista'scrazy assistant. Will Mistresses Season 4 pick up where the show left off, or will we flash forward?   Read More...