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Sofia Vergara Meets The Smurfs

Sofia Vergara's currently starring in America's latest comedy sensation, Modern Family, but she'll be taking time out over the next little while to star in two less realistic projects, with the news that she'll be part of the live-action cast of The Smurfs and part of the voice cast of Happy Feet 2. The word from the Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog is that she's set to play "Odile, a powerful executive at a high-end French cosmetics company who is married to the live-action character played by Neil Patrick Harris." It was previously reported that Glee's Jayma Mays was playing Harris' pregnant wife, so either his domestic life is in turmoil, the earlier report was wrong or the two characters have been confused somewhere along the line. Vergara's also set to take an as-yet unspecified voice role in George Miller's Happy Feet 2, which puts her alongside Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Elijah Wood and Hank Azaria - who's also in The Smurfs. If we had to, we'd guess that her character there will be a sexy, exotic type - but of course that's wild speculation on our parts. Both films are due out in 2011: The Smurfs in August and Happy Feet 2 in November. Source Here

'Modern's' Rico Rodriguez makes Manny his own

IN A SEASON of quirkier than usual sitcom kids, Manny Delgado still manages to stand out. The amorous Colombian-born middle-schooler from ABC's "Modern Family," Manny is a joy to his mother Gloria (Sofia Vergara), a puzzle to his stepfather Jay (Ed O'Neill) and played with a fearless exuberance by 11-year-old Rico Rodriguez, who, it turns out, looks taller on-screen. Told so by a not very diplomatic visitor to the show's Burbank, Calif., set, the young actor replied, in media-savvy fashion: "Really? That's interesting." He then stretched up a hand to demonstrate how much taller he intends to become both offscreen and on. To Read More Click Here .

'Modern Family' actors who play gay couple dish on real life

On ABC's Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet, 38, is the flashy and affectionate Lion King-loving Cameron Tucker, who moonlights as Fizbo the clown. His longtime partner, the tightly wound and Fizbo-loathing lawyer Mitchell Pritchett, is played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 34. Together, they make up one of the most high-profile gay couples on prime time. And like any couple, real or fictional, these two have their pet peeves with each other. To Read More Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Wednesday 3/24

ABC comedy night is back in full, plus there's a special Wednesday episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains , the all new CW series Fly Girls premieres and more! Check out all that's on tonight: 8/7c American Idol on Fox Mercy on NBC Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on CBS - Special Day & Time! America's Next Top Model on The CW 8:30/7:30c The Middle on ABC 9/8c Modern Family on ABC Fly Girls on The CW - Series Premiere! MythBusters on Discovery Channel 9:30/8:30c Cougar Town on ABC High Society on The CW 10/9c Ugly Betty on ABC South Park on Comedy Central Real World: D.C. on MTV Shear Genius on Bravo 11:35/10:35c The Jay Leno Show on NBC What will you be watching?

'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara aims to collect from Gerard Butler, with interest

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara guested on The Tonight Show last night and killed. It turns out she'd met Jay Leno's other guest, Gerard Butler, about two years ago when he was 'like a damsel in distress at the Chateau Marmont' and had no cash on him to pay the valet. Vergara intervened and lent him $60, because she didn't want him to go all night without extra money. [Insert audience Ahhh.] Now, she figures he owes her $300. [Insert audience cheers.] Butler noted that he had tried to pay her back once. 'Oh yeah, when we were with people, and he comes [to] me, 'Okay, here's the 60 bucks for the other night,' she said. 'I mean, at least come with like a respectable sum of money!' Vergara also talked about her 18-year-old son, who she took to Vegas for his birthday because she thinks if he experiences things in moderation without mystery, he'll stay a good kid. 'Gambling, hookers!,' Butler cracked. 'But me with, under my supervision,' she said. 'Maybe that's what you needed. Maybe you can do all that but with my supervision.' To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peeks - Modern Family 1.18 "Starry Night"

A new episode of Modern Family will be airing on March 24 and ABC has released three sneak peeks from the upcoming episode. You can also view promo photos that we previously posted. FAMILY BONDING CAN TAKE ON MANY DIFFERENT FORMS ON ABC'S "MODERN FAMILY". To Read More Click Here .

Modern Family's Ty Burrell Adopts a Daughter

Modern Family star Ty Burrell now has a clan of his own. The 42-year-old actor and his wife, Holly, have adopted a daughter, his rep confirmed to us. No further details will be released. The baby girl is the first child for the couple. Source Here

The Luck o' the Irish: Top 10 Lucky Breaks in TV this Season

It's been a great season of TV so far with much thanks to some lucky breaks for actors finally getting the right show to make their break into TV fame, or break back into TV when it looked all might be lost! Here are my top 10 lucky breaks in the TV world this season, so check them out and add your comments about these or others we've left off the list below. Parenthood - Lauren Graham: While the circumstances were unfortunate leading to Lauren Graham getting the part on Parenthood, it was still definitely her lucky break to get the chance to be cast in this new and very promising NBC drama! Like a number of actors on this list, Graham had one hit show and then floundered to find herself another solid show and role. While she took part in a few movies since her famed Gilmore Girls role, she hasn't had a single show that even made it to the air to give her another go at TV (and being more than Lorelai Gilmore to us fans). So here's to her lucky break, and hoping it lasts! The Good Wife - Julianna Margulies: Like Lauren Graham, Julianna Margulies gained her mainstream fame for a hit show, in this case, ER , and a character from which, in the years after ER, she seemed very unlikely to break free. She made a go of it on the very short-lived Canterbury's Law last season, but finally this season she has found her next nugget of TV gold with the solid CBS hit, The Good Wife . Cougar Town - Courteney Cox Arquette: Unlike the previous two ladies, Courteney Cox Arquette did continue semi-successfully with TV after her "legendary" TV role. But Cox found it necessary, either by her own will or the will of the television audience and/or producers, to go completely opposite from her famed role by becoming a nasty bitch on FX 's not so famous Dirt . She spent a little time on Scrubs trying to edge her way back into the comedy world, but nothing took until her pleasantly surprising full return to TV comedy with this season's Cougar Town . The Middle - Patricia Heaton: Phew! Guess who's no longer that angry mom from Everybody Loves Raymond ?? Heaton tried to jump back into comedy with Back to You last season, which was a good try, but only left Heaton and her still struggling partner for that show, Kelsey Grammer, left hanging and waiting for another chance. Heaton found her lucky opening with the now hit ABC comedy, The Middle which she almost entirely carries along with that janitor from Scrubs . And speaking of, this is a double-hitter of luck, as Neil Flynn is no longer just that janitor from Scrubs! Modern Family - Ty Burrell & Ed O'Neill - Except for the loss for Kelsey Grammer's Hank , the new ABC Wednesday comedy line-up has been a huge stroke of luck as Courteney Cox Arquette and Patricia Heaton finally got their successful breaks back into TV comedy, and Modern Family hasn't been an exception for its stars! Modern Family's now lovable and very well-known Phil Dunphy, Ty Burrell, was also on Heaton's failed Back to You , and for years has been that sidekick funny guy in various films and shows. Now could we love him and know who the heck that guy is more?? Modern Family was also a lucky break back into network (and notable) TV for Ed O'Neill who finally now, even after a number of other TV and film appearances, finally not that guy from Married with Children. Go, ABC comedy, go!! Vampire Diaries - Ian Somerhalder: Speaking of no longer being "that guy from that famous show," we have perhaps the hottest lucky break of them all - Ian Somerhalder. For fans who watch both Vampire Diaries and Lost , did you notice that when Boone appeared in the season premiere of Lost, you thought, "Hey, there's Damon!" Well, there you go - another lucky break out of a seemingly lost cause character rut. Considering Boone died years ago on Lost, it's about time! Community - Danny Pudi & Donald Glover: And now we switch from the seemingly doomed type-casted, to the entirely unknown lucky enough to make their break into TV! For Community, it's not so surprising that Joel McHale and Chevy Chase could hold up a funny show, but lucky cast members Danny Pudi, playing Abed, and Donald Glover, playing Troy, have made known faces for themselves in the TV world when once there were none! They've even taken their roles strongly enough to be the funny post-show short stars, and while Community may not be a break-out hit, it's going strong, and I can only imagine these break-in stars will soon be break-out stars of their own. Glee - The Cast: To continue and supersize the unknown-to-famous status just mentioned about Community - hello world, it's the amazing cast of GLEE! This show made some very unknown, very talented kids super, duper, mega-stars! It's also made some famous bit-part actors like Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, and Matthew Morrison superstars with super solid and recognizable characters as well. Now that seems like a studio that's just crawling with rainbows, gold, and happy leprechauns! Jersey Shore - The Cast: Yes, I'm going there. You can't talk about the lucky breaks of truly talented people in television without mentioning the outrageously lucky breaks into super fame for the reality TV sensation of the nation! So, we may have all watched this because it was a trashy trainwreck we couldn't take our eyes off of, but the ironic-ish lucky break aspect of this is that they became a sensation because of their classless, trashy ways, and now we've gone and made them rich celebrities... oh, wait... Melrose Place (2009) - Katie Cassidy - While Melrose Place is the home of the trashy and rich, the actors playing these rich brats were pretty much unknowns as this show started up. Now while Melrose Place may end up getting canceled, Katie Cassidy is considered the most noteworthy and promising actor of the bunch, so it looks like canceled show or not, she's now in showbiz, baby! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Who do you think has found the luck o' the Irish in the TV business this season?

This Week's Top TV Moments: 24 Rattles, Modern Family Rolls and More!

This week of television included lots of moving and shaking: The Oscars proved that an awards show about movies is no place for dancing. House 's Wilson frolicked as a woodland nympho, er, nymph. The winds of change came to Big Love . A suicide bomber went splat on 24 . And the gifted players of Modern Family mimed their way to the funny. Welcome to Top Moments: Bodies in Motion Edition. 10. Worst Place for Dancing: Interpretive dancing has never been a good idea at the Oscars. As producer Adam Shankman's talented hoofers hot-foot it across the stage, are we really supposed to be thinking about a bomb squad, an animated fox, a floating house, a snarky sleuth and blue-skinned aliens - all at once? You don't see scenes from The Hurt Locker on dancing awards shows. Enough. 9. Best Confrontation: On The Real Housewives of Orange County 's reunion show, Bravo's Andy Cohen forces Slade to own up to some of his less-than-ethical behavior. First, he goads him into admitting his relationship with Tamera. When Slade says he chose not to be on Housewives after he and Jo split up, Andy sucker-punches him by telling him that there'd be no point for him to be on the show without Jo. Cut to awkward silence. 8. Best Nostalgia Trip: New episodes of 90210 and happy memories of Beverly Hills, 90210 return to TV the same night Tuesday. Ian Ziering pops up on CSI: NY as Gabrielle Carteris guest-stars on Criminal Minds for a clever nudge-nudge exchange with her on-screen daughter: "You know, I did go to high school at one time," Carteris says. "Yeah, like 50 years ago," her daughter snaps. To Read More Click Here .

TV ratings: 'Idol' cruises Wednesday, 'Top Model' solid

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, March 10, 2010 The return of "America's Next Top Model" did pretty well for The CW Wednesday, but that didn't carry over to the network's new reality show "High Society." "American Idol" was off some from its season average but still carried FOX to the night's top spot; the network averaged 14.15 million viewers and an 8.3 rating/13 share in primetime. CBS (10.5 million, 6.6/11) came in second, followed by NBC (6.8 million, 4.5/8). ABC finished fourth with 5.65 million viewers and a 3.6/5, while The CW (3.2 million, 2.1/3) trailed. FOX also rolled to a win among adults 18-49 with a 4.9 rating. CBS, 2.7, grabbed second in the demographic. ABC's 2.2 was good enough for third, beating out NBC's 1.8. The CW earned a 1.3. To Read More Click Here .