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'NCIS' Episode 13.17 Photos: Errors in a Case Interrupt the Team's Personal Plans

Official episodic photos for NCIS season 13 episode 17, "After Hours," airing Tuesday, March 1. From CBS: "The NCIS agents? personal plans are interrupted when each of them catches errors in a seemingly cut-and-dried closed case. Also, McGee and Delilah (Margo Harshman) argue over the importance of not discussing work during dinner, while DiNozzo bores his date with shop talk."

'NCIS' Episode 13.16 Photos: Tony Visits Jeanne When He Finds a Lead Involving Doctors in Sudan

Official episodic photos for NCIS season 13 episode 16, "Loose Cannons," airing Tuesday, February 23. From CBS: "Doctor Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer) experiences the rush of an NCIS case after he is assigned surgical duty to Gibb?s suspect and finds key evidence. Also, Dinozzo pays Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson) a visit as he chases a lead involving doctors in Sudan."   Read More...

'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Does Tony Have What It Takes to Join the REACT Team?

It's time for another joint operation on NCIS in "React," as both Joe Spano and Leslie Hope return as Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell and Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter, respectively. In this episode, the Secretary of the Navy's daughter is kidnapped, and the NCIS team partners with the FBI to track the case, figure out the motive and bring her home. Plus, McGee's childhood friend is the NCIS Special Agent, Valerie Page, in town to help the team with advance tactics training.

NCIS First Look: Are Tony and Jeanne in the Mood for an All-Nighter?

Tony + Jeanne + dim lighting = ??? Some three months after their most unexpected reunion, NCIS Tony DiNozzo and Dr. Jeanne Woods ne Benoit will again have cause to reconnect, as seen in this exclusive photo. In the Feb. 23 episode of TVs most watched drama, titled Loose Cannons, Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) []

NCIS Actress Pauley Perrette Attacked By a Homeless Guy...Again

  Poor Pauley Perrette just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to dealing with strangers in L.A! TMZ reports that for the second time in three months, Perrette got attacked by a mentally ill person - this time after giving money to a guy in Hollywood.    Read More...

'NCIS' Episode 13.15 Photos: Fornell Returns as the Team Partners with the FBI

Official episodic photos for NCIS season 13 episode 15, "React," airing Tuesday, February 16. From CBS: "When Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter (Leslie Hope) learns her daughter has been kidnapped, the NCIS team partners with the FBI to track the case, determine a motive and bring her home. Also, McGee?s childhood friend, NCIS Special Agent Valerie Page (Christina Chang), is in town to assist the team with advance tactics training."    Read More...

[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Abby Puts a Twist on a Valentine's Day Message for Bishop

The NCIS case in "Decompressed" presents a bit of a challenge for the team, especially when it comes to getting to the body. Plus, it's time to celebrate Valentine's Day. In this episode, a deep sea diver is murdered on the job, and the problem comes with the location of his body: inside a high-tech decompression chamber, where it must remain for four days, with his suspected co-workers.    Read More...

Taye Diggs to guest-star on 300th episode of 'NCIS'

Taye Diggs will guest-star on NCIS 300th episode, where hell play a Marine suffering from PTSD, CBS announced Monday. Davis character, Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, is going through a music therapy program ina rehab facility after suffering traumatic injuries during an ambush attack in...    Read More....

NCIS: 300th Episode to Feature Taye Diggs in Musical Role

Taye Diggs is bringing his incredible talent to NCIS' 300thepisode. CBS announced today Diggs would join NCIS Season 13 as a guest star in a pivotal role that will require not only his acting skills, but his musical talents as well. Diggs will be playing a Marine suffering from PTSD on this important episode. The Marine, Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, is going through music therapy as treatment for his PTSD after suffering traumatic injuries during an ambush in Iraq.    Read More....

NCIS Episode 300 Casts Taye Diggs in Pivotal, Musical Role

NCIS has enlisted Broadway vet Taye Diggs for a pivotal, musical role in the series 300th episode. In the landmark hour of TVs most watched drama (airing March 15), Diggs will play Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, a Special Ops sniper who suffered traumatic injuries and PTSS after an ambush attack in Iraq. For the []