Tammy One Tells Ron She's Here to Help on 'Parks & Recreation' Premiere (VIDEO)

While it took all episode to get there, we finally got the much-anticipated encounter between Ron and Tammy 1 ( Patricia Clarkson ) on the season premiere of 'Parks & Recreation' (Thu., 8:30PM ET on NBC). It was certainly worth the wait, as it sets up what's sure to be an interesting storyline. Ron Swanson is being audited. Tammy 1 gave him an envelope with IRS on it, but does that mean she was serving him the papers, or providing him the help she said she was there to give? Is she an IRS agent, or did Ron mean something else when he said she ruins lives? We'll have to wait to find out those answers, but what we don't have to wait for is to see Leslie transition from the most dedicated public servant to the most dedicated candidate in a political campaign. With Andy just hired on as her new assistant, to help around the Parks Department during her campaign, we see a recipe for disaster -- and hilarity.

PARKS AND RECREATION “I’m Leslie Knope” Season 4 Premiere

PARKS AND RECREATION  "I’m Leslie Knope" Season 4 Episode  1 airs tonight September 22 on NBC at 8:30pm. Episode Synopsis:  Leslie (Amy Poehler) has to either break-up with Ben (Adam Scott) or follow her dream of running for office . Ann (Rashida Jones) is forced to dispense medical advice after making an unexpected diagnosis. Meanwhile, Ron (Nick Offerman) prepares for the return of his first ex-wife, Tammy One (guest star Patricia Clarkson). Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Jim O’Heir, Retta and Rob Lowe also star. Read More...

'Parks and Rec': Sneak peek!

If you’re a fan of  Parks and Recreation  and are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s season 4 premiere (NBC, 8:30 p.m.), then we  literally  have the perfect gift for you. Yes, it’s a scene from that episode, featuring one of TV’s funniest couples, April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt). Press play to see April juggle jobs as acting manager of the Parks  department and life manager for Andy, as he tries to figure out whether he should go work for Tom (Aziz Ansari) at 720 Entertainment. And if you try telling us that you’re too busy to watch it right now, then we declare everything that  you  are saying is stupid.

'Parks and Recreation': See Ron run in the opening of the season premiere

The clip up above is the first minute or so of "Parks and Recreation's" season premiere, so if you're not interested in seeing it until Thursday (Sept. 22), don't hit play. You might also want to stop reading.For those of you still here, you'll see a very different Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) in the clip than the one we've come to know. To put it simply, he's a little panicked.The premiere picks up just a few minutes after the end of last season, when we learned that Ron's first ex-wife, Tammy One, was back in Pawnee. Her presence won't really be felt until the second episode, but just the sight of her sends Ron into a spiral.How bad is it? So bad that he leaves behind a supply of beef, which he asks Leslie (Amy Poehler) to tend to in his absence. "Parks and Rec" premieres at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC. What do...

'Parks and Recreation': Relive Leslie and Ben's forbidden office romance

Leslie Knope has a decision to make in the season premiere of "Parks and Recreation" -- the job or the guy?Leslie (Amy Poehler) has always dreamed of running for office, and she was presented with that chance in last season's finale. If she does run, though, she'll likely have to break it off with Ben (Adam Scott), lest their against-policy inter-office romance come to light. And just look at them -- they're so cute together.Their romance is the subject of the video above. It's a compilation of stolen glances, awkward/adorable interactions and other moments from their star-crossed time in Pawnee, and it's a good appetizer for the season premiere, now less than a week away."Parks and Rec" returns at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday (Sept. 22) on NBC....

Chris Pratt Says 'Parks and Recreation' Season 4 Is the Best Season Yet

Chris Pratt may be the nicest guy in Hollywood. Hell, he may be the nicest guy in the history of the world. Best known as the lovable goofball -- and one-time jerk; we'll get to that -- Andy Dwyer on the critically acclaimed NBC sitcom 'Parks and Recreation,' the affable Pratt now finds himself co-staring opposite Brad Pitt in ' Moneyball .' Or, as Pratt bluntly puts it, "What the f*ck am I doing in this room with this guy?" At the Toronto Film Festival, Moviefone's Mike Ryan caught up with Pratt for a wide-ranging conversation that covered his 'Moneyball' role as catcher-turned-first baseman Scott Hatteberg, and the evolution of his 'Parks and Rec' character Andy, from a**hole to puppy dog. Check out the best 'Parks and Rec' bits after the jump, then head on over to Moviefone to check out the conversation in its entirety .

'Parks and Recreation' premiere pics: What will Leslie decide?

If you're looking for answers as to which way Leslie Knope leans in the season premiere of "Parks and Recreation," you won't get much help from these pictures. Maybe.That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. We're willing to wait and see the episode, titled "I'm Leslie Knope," to find out whether Leslie (Amy Poehler) stays with Ben (Adam Scott) or breaks up with him to pursue a spot on the Pawnee City Council. Although based on the shot below, we're feeling a little uneasy about the romance.Granted, that could easily be Leslie not declaring for office as it could be her announcing a candidacy. Or her trying to thread the needle and both come clean about her relationship with Ben and run for office. Maybe Ben is just out of frame, flanking Leslie on the other side of the podium the way April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) are on the side we...

First Look at the Tammy vs. Tammy Drink-Off on 'Parks and Recreation' (VIDEO)

Tammy vs. Tammy in an "old-fashioned prairie drink-off?" Holy shot glasses, the new season of 'Parks and Recreation' can't arrive fast enough. In the video below, we get our first glimpse of Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1, Ron Swanson's first ex-wife, for whom the adjective "formidable" seems inadequate. We also see Paula Pell as the intimidating Tammy Zero, the mother of all Ron Swanson goodness (are we a little disappointed that Ron's mom, the O.G. Tammy, if you will, doesn't have her own awesome mustache? Discuss in comments). In the four-minute behind-the-scenes clip, which features the 'Parks and Recreation' cast talking about what's to come when the show returns, the Tammys sit down for the aforementioned drinkoff, and unwisely, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) tries to keep up.

'Parks and Recreation' Season 4 preview: Tammy Zero-free but still awesome

Earlier this week a bootleg version of NBC's extended teaser for Season 4 of "Parks and Recreation" popped up online. It contains a few things missing from the official video, which you can watch above.Most notably, the network-approved cut excises any glimpses of "Tammy Zero," Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) mother. Paula Pell is playing the original Tammy in an early episode, but the network apparently decided to keep that under wraps (for those of us who didn't watch the other version). What we saw of Pell in the bootleg looks pretty funny, but her absence from the promo hardly matters -- plenty of good stuff remains, including our first look at Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 (Ron's first ex-wife). You'll also see Ron's evolving facial hair after the torch-lighting incident in last season's finale, a peek inside Tom's (Aziz Ansari) Entertainment 7Twenty, Andy (Chris Pratt) being Andy and new haircuts both flattering (Aubrey Plaza) and...

'Parks and Recreation': Patricia Clarkson Debuts As Ron Swanson's Ex (Video)

If viewers thought Tammy II ( Megan Mullally ) was scary with her aggressive sexual advances and manipulating ways, they will not know what hit them when Tammy I appears in the new season of Parks and Recreation. A new promo for the NBC comedy introduces Tammy I, played by  Patricia Clarkson . As the first ex-wife of Ron Swanson ( Nick Offerman ), she returns to Pawnee, and messes with Ron’s head. "Tammy One and Tammy Two could not be anymore different," Offerman says. "Tammy Two, played by my wife Megan is a raging hellcat who uses her sexual wiles to control Ron." Read More...