‘Portlandia’ Premiere Brings Brooklyn to the Upper West Side

Brooklyn hit the Upper West Side for the season three premiere of "Portlandia."

'Portlandia' video: Vagina pillows help celebrate the show's pre-season Christmas episode

"Portlandia" Season 3 does not debut until Friday, Jan. 4, but the crazy show about a crazy town will return briefly in December with a pre-season, winter-holiday episode. And if you ever wondered what to get your Portland-based friends for their Christmas and/or non-denominational solstice celebration, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein may have all the answers you need.Even if your friends do not need more vagina pillows.Yes, that's right -- vagina pillows. The unusual home-decoration accessories are important to the video preview released by IFC. Featuring Toni (Brownstein) and Candace (Armisen) of the Women & Women First bookstore, the video also introduces Bobby Moynihan ("Saturday Night Live") as Candace's son, Robert. There is no way to choose individual highlights of "Vagina Pillows" -- except for maybe Candace's gender non-specific grandchild proving his or her identity in a graphic, liquid fashion -- so we will have to make do with some quotes:"It's sort of unsweetened maple...

Portlandia Announces Season 3 Guest Stars

Portlandia is quickly becoming to go-to spot for Hollywood stars. Joining Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in IFC's off-beat sketch comedy for Season 3 season are...