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Prison Break Exec Producer Talks About the Series Finale - Featured

Entertainment Weekly has a nice interview with Prison Break Executive Producer Matt Olmstead about why they chose to end the show as they did. You've been warned...spoilers ahead: PB Boss Talks Series Finale Sound off about the finale! Was it a fitting conclusion? Did it anger you? Discuss!

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, May 15, 2009 - Featured

* Farrah's Story (9 pm/ET NBC) Farrah Fawcett's battle with anal cancer began in 2006 and continues today. Over the past three years, the 62-year-old former Charlie's Angel star videotaped her thoughts and chronicled her medical treatments in the U.S. and Germany, using her own home video camera. The result is this highly personal account of her life since being diagnosed and becoming a renewed target of paparazzi and tabloids, which she also addresses. Also appearing and commenting are Ryan O'Neal, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Alana Stewart (who shot most of the footage) and Jim Fawcett, the actress's father. * Prison Break (8 pm/ET Fox) Here's the deal: Christina and Pad Man both have someone Michael wants desperately (the wounded Linc and the pregnant Sara, respectively), and Michael has something Christina and Pad Man want desperately (Scylla). Michael is also being chased by a gazillion cops, and Mahone has his own agenda, so...We'll stop now, except to note that tonight's two-hour series finale is also a Prison Break reunion. (OK, Haywire, Tweener and Bellick couldn't make it back, but you get the idea.) * America's Funniest Home Videos (8 pm/ET ABC) In these tough economic times, vacations are often at the top of the list when families need to cut back. In tonight's two-hour, 19th-season finale, it comes down to three contestants who have already won $100,000, a tidy sum that could certainly fund more than a few fancy getaways. But their travel plans would be solved for decades when one of them comes away with the grand prize: a membership in the Disney Vacation Club, which offers the victor a choice of worldwide destinations for 50 years. * Numb3rs (10 pm/ET CBS) The fifth-season finale is an emotionally demanding hour in which Amita is kidnapped by a manipulative, self-deluded guru (a scary James Callis, best known as Baltar from Battlestar Galactica) who fancies himself to be a modern-day messiah. Amita is the latest addition to his all-female tribe, but he has a specific mission for her. That mysterious mission becomes Charlie's obsession to figure out so he can locate and rescue Amita before it's too late. * Ghost Whisperer (8 pm/ET CBS) With Jim and Melinda finally together again and a wedding on the horizon, it would seem that the fourth season would come to a close on a happy note. But a mysterious visitation by a ghost leads Melinda to fear for the life of her unborn child. Guest stars include David Clennon and Bruce Davison. * Don't Tell the Bride (8 pm/ET BBC AMERICA) It takes a brave bride to give her groom free rein in the planning of their wedding, and that's the basis of this British reality series, which gives cash-strapped couples $20,000 toward their big day - but there's a catch, of course. The bride-to-be is separated from her fiance in the weeks leading up to their nuptials, which he'll plan entirely on his own. From the invites to her wedding dress, it's all in his hands. Talk about pressure! Source Here

Farewell, 'Prison Break': Series Finale Airs Tonight - Featured

So, it's the end of the road for us, Michael and Lincoln. I honestly didn't expect it to last this long, but we've had a pretty good run--many ups and downs, many surprises, many flips, many deaths, and everything else in between. But really, now. Who would've thought that Prison Break would last four seasons? It is, after all, initially the story of a man who intentionally gets himself imprisoned so that he can break his wrongfully-accused brother out. Unless they wanted Michael to attempt breaking out for four seasons, which would be ridiculous, this show was good for, say, a season or so. But many factors meant this was to stay, not to mention the stuff that you enjoyed--perhaps ogling at Wentworth Miller, for instance. (I had to say that. Sorry.) And then it became clear that there's a lot more to the show than just, well, a prison break. The Company was bigger than initially thought. The Fox River Eight became the focus, until some ended up dead or stuck inside Sona. Michael and Sara ended up together. The Company's still at it, and now, we're all tracking down Scylla, trying to take down the people that started the entire thing in the first place, and not without a few bombshells in the process. Yep, the fact that Michael and Linc aren't brothers. The cancellation, the producers said, was a creative decision more than anything. The story's been told, and it'd be weird if this stretches out for longer. While some think it should continue, and some thing the show's lost its plot in the middle--why would the supposed brothers get themselves in trouble so often anyway?--I've got to say Prison Break has succeeded, and for four years, we were hooked, somewhat so. It's been a good run, and it's a good thing they're ending it on their own terms. Which brings us to tonight's two-hour series finale. Things aren't exactly going well for Michael when we left them last week: Christina's shot Lincoln, asking for the Scylla, while T-Bag's captured Sara, asking for the Scylla. A decision's got to be done in the next five hours--that's the time frame his mother had in mind--or else all of what Michael's gone through will go down the drain just like that. What will he choose? Will he finally dismantle the Company? What is the end game? Will everything ever be normal, or whatever poses as that, for everyone? Then again, they said it wouldn't be a happy ending for all. Prison Break wraps everything up tonight from 8pm on Fox. And, for perhaps the last time, adios. Source Here

Finale Fever: SideReel's Top 10 Favorite Season Finales, Part 2

24 - Season 1, 11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. Sorry to admit it, but I lost interest in 24 near the beginning of last season, and have been unable to get back into it since. That being said, the show has had some great seasons, and though people debate which one is their favorite, none for me have ever outdone the thrilling first season, and its thrilling conclusion. Spoiler alert The death of Jack's wife (followed by the now infamous silent countdown clock, reserved for only the most solemn of '24' events) was simply the most unexpected, surprising and fantastic ending that I could have possibly fathomed. Unlike other shows, this shocking event also taught us that important people actually die in 24, which made future seasons all the more exciting. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 2, Becoming (1 and 2) I knew I wanted to put a Buffy finale on this list, and I had a difficult time choosing between Season 2 (the one I ultimately selected) and Season 3 (because Graduation was pretty awesome too...). However, I decided that nothing topped the delving into Angel's past and Buffy's realizing that she would have to kill him (Angelus). Then throw in that Angel's soul gets restored after all, but Buffy still had to send him to know, to save the world (as Angel's blood is the only thing that will do the trick). Man oh Man, talk about tragedy. This was definitely Buffy at its finest... Alias - Season 1, Almost Thirty Years Episode after episode of Alias 's first season would conclude with a giant cliffhanger that made you go crazy waiting for the next week to arrive. So, it shouldn't be surprising that nothing outdid the Season 1 Finale's cliffhanger. Spoiler Alert The giant Rambaldi device is destroyed by Sydney, simultaneously releasing a ton of water. While Sydney manages to get through a closing door and escape the tidal wave, Vaughn is seemingly left to drown. However, most importantly, Sydney finally comes face to face with "The Man" and her season ending words are..."Mom?" (who mind you, was supposed to be dead; thus, Mom is not only not dead, but alive and evil). Friends (1994) - Season 4, The One with Ross's Wedding (1 and 2) Since our finale list has been heavy on the dramas, it's only fair to recognize a comedy finale. Friends had a few great season finales (also loved Season 5's One in Vegas), but I am especially partial to this one, as it also happened to be the first episode that I ever watched of the series (what a great way to start)! This episode was a comedy of errors in relation to all things Ross's wedding, culminating in his marriage-ruining "Rachel" slip at the altar. However, I also loved this finale as it was the beginning of the Chandler/Monica pairing, which provided great new direction for the comedy in its later seasons. Prison Break - Season 1, Flight Like 24 , Prison Break for me was a show that couldn't maintain the excitement of its earlier seasons. Nothing outdid the show's first season (in my opinion), which you might have guessed, climaxed when the guys actually achieved the show's title and broke out of prison ! We had some serious violence in this episode; I will never forget T-Bag's hand getting hacked off. Other huge revelations: Sarah ODing, Steadman's alive!, the President gets assassinated and the guys don't catch their plane, thereby setting up Season 2. What have been your favorite season finales?

Series Finale Spoilers

The two-hour Prison Break finale is just right there--this Friday already?--and there's still a lot of questions raised, especially with the episode that aired last week. Lincoln's shot, Sara's in captivity, and Michael's got to choose between the two. And we all know the finale won't give happy endings to at least two people. So, what exactly? I fear I don't have answers, but there are some clues as to what might happen. Which means this--the next paragraphs contain spoilers. Consider that a warning. Okay. Surely you've heard about some details that SpoilerTV leaked out--that Michael will die. Apparently, the flash-forward last scene in the finale will see Linc, Sucre, Mahone, Sara and her kid visiting Michael's grave. Apparently, the events surrounding the death will be expanded in the extra two episodes that will be released on DVD. Apparently, he decided to sacrifice himself to save Sara, because he figured he'll die anyway, with him having a tumor and all. That sounds pretty valid, but I thought, they can't just give this one up that easily, right? The only thing I can definitely vouch for is that there will be more than one death in the finale. E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos leaked that there'll be two male deaths, and two females will be taken hostage. She also says a female character will bite the dust. (Speculation alert: Christina?) Add to that the character who'll take a bullet to the chest (Linc?), the character who returns to Fox River, and the character who ends up in an electric chair, and we have more questions all of a sudden. Perhaps the big question, especially for MiSa fans, is this: are they going to have a happy ending? I thought they would, but suddenly everything's up in the air. "We literally cried tears of joy at the present-day ending of Prison Break," Dos Santos spilled in her column. "The future ending of Prison Break, on the other hand, brought a different kind of tears. There's quite some time between the present and future endings, so technically, Michael and Sara do have a happy ending." And they say that time gap is roughly four years. Hrmmm. If she's referring to a different Michael--will the kid really be called Michael?--then you can imply what I'm thinking here. Ahh, the heck, let's just watch it this Friday. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek from PRISON BREAK Season 4 Episode 20 "Cowboys and Indians"

Pandemonium erupts at the hotel following the assassination, and Christina puts the final pieces of her plan together. Meanwhile, the General makes good on his threat, and Michael is forced to choose between saving either Lincoln or Sara in the Cowboys and Indians episode of Prison Break airing Friday, May 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on Fox. (PB-420) (TV-14 L, V) Source & Video

Prison Break Series Finale Promo Photos

Bunch of promo photos from the two hour series finale of Prison Break. Some of the pics contain spoilers. Click me!

Watch a sneak peek from PRISON BREAK Season 4 Episode 19 "S.O.B."

Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina, who drops a bombshell regarding Lincoln. Lincoln races to stop Christina's deadly master plan. T-Bag must prove he is a Company man in the S.O.B. episode of Prison Break airing Friday, May 1 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (PB-419) (TV-14 L, V) To Watch The Preview ClicK here . Source Here

Lane Garrison Released from Prison

Former Prison Break star Lane Garrison has been released on parole, E! reports. The actor was released from the California Correctional Institute in Tehachapi, Calif., Wednesday. He began serving a 40-month term in November 2007 after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter and two misdemeanor alcohol-related charges stemming from a 2006 car crash. The accident killed a 17-year-old boy and injured a 15-year-old girl. Garrison, who was in a substance abuse treatment program in prison and served as a peer mentor to inmates, earned enough good-behavior credits to warrant an early release, according to Terry Thornton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Garrison, 28, will now enter an in-patient rehabilitation center to shorten his probation. Last week, Garrison agreed to a financial settlement with the families of the victims. Source Here

She Bangs! O'Keefe Turns Sitcom Trick, Returns to Prison - Featured

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is going from Prison Break bad girl to sitcom working girl, with a guest-starring turn on this Monday's The Big Bang Theory (8 pm/ET, CBS). O'Keefe gave us a look at exactly who of the Big Bangers she'll "do business" with, as well as shared a glimpse at her return to prison. To Read More Click Here .